Where do you suggest to buy Pu-Erhs? Who do you not suggest?

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ssajami said

Some of where I get mine:

Verdant tea
Yunnan Sourcing (HUGE selection)
Dragon Tea House (Ebay)
Bana Tea
Hou De

Be careful purchasing from unknown shops on ebay. I’ve heard there are lots of fakes.
Personally, the idea of fakes frightens me, mostly because I am sure I am not knowledgeable enough to even tell the difference. So I stick with shops that I know and trust.

Thank you

Puerh Shop

Teas, Etc and Teavivre have nice selections.

K S said

China Cha Dao

Javan said

I just discovered last night that Yunnan Sourcing now has a US website in addition to their regular website. This may help if you are in N America. Address is http://www.yunnansourcing.us/store/. Awaiting some wonderful (I hope) pu-erhs.

I ordered from here. I will keep you informed. Thanks again….

Thank you everyone….

I’ve got a pu-erh sample I’ve yet to try. Got it from my usual supplier, Upton Tea Imports. It’s some of their mini tuo cha cakes, if I remember correctly. Will probably try it tonight as I’m still rather curious.

Thanks for the Yunnan link, will be checking that one out.

Lu Yu said purple tea is the finest of all. I will check it out…. Mercerville, I might actually drive there.

seule771 said
ashmanra said

I will be getting some puerh from purepuer.com for Christmas. We have purchased the teaware from them and their service was so personal and so amazing that we are getting more this year and trying the tea as well. I will post reviews once I get it. They sell teapots, gaiwans, brushes for maintaining Yixing pots, puer picks, puer knives, puer teas, and lovely bamboo trays.

Thank you. I will check it out….

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