teaplz said

Need help picking a tea? Introducing the Tea Randomizer!

Hi guys!

So I figured I’d be the first to tell you about an awesome little application that my boyfriend (now my husband, as of 8/11/12) made for me. I always have tons of trouble picking out which tea to drink with my very large cupboard. So my boyfriend put together a little program that will randomly choose a tea in your cupboard for you!

The randomizer is located at http://www.jaydeee.net/pickatea.php so give it a try!

You just type in your username (not your display name, but the screen name you use to log into the site), and it spits out a tea that’s in your cupboard for you to try. Don’t like the selection? Try another. It might take a couple of seconds to load up your selection, but still, it’s pretty awesome in every way possible.

So give it a try. Again, http://www.jaydeee.net/pickatea.php

You can click on the link to the tea and it’ll take you to the appropriate Steepster page!

Let me know what you think! Everything should be fully functional.

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Angrboda said

YAY! That is awesomely cool! ::bookmarks::

Janefan said

hey, that’s pretty cool. Maybe steepster should add that to the site!

That’s magic!! :)

teaplz said

Wheeee, thanks guys!

Just to reiterate, you need tea in your cupboard for this to work. I mentioned it in the above post, but I just wanted to clarify again.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Cofftea said

I just saw that on FB! I love that!

fcmonroe said

Works like a charm!! Love it. Thanks so much for sharing.

Aw, the boyfriend is a keeper, teaplz.

Ricky admin said

Now why isn’t he on Steepster posting up some reviews =D

Thanks for the tea randomizer =)

Carolyn said

This is really cute. It’s fun to do it with one’s own cupboard, but it’s even more fun to randomly select things from other people’s cupboards.

Caitlin said

This is really cool. Its first suggestion was one of my favorite teas!!!

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