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teajoteas said

How does tea fit into your morning routine?

In our house, we can’t function until we’ve had at least 2 cups of hot traditional indian chai first thing in the morning…workdays and weekends. Yep, we’ll take the time to boil the water, add the loose tea, spices, milk and boil some more. Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s worth it to us! What do you do?

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Claire said

Most days I start by having a small cup of coffee (sorry folks), and if it’s a school day I will brew up some tea for my to go mug.


forsythia said

I also have coffee in the mornings. Tea later in the afternoon.

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Azzrian said

I used to be this way with my Turkish Coffee. It took a while to prepare but was so worth it. These days I have to start with a black tea then I go to a matcha – then its a free for all from there.

I would love to try one of your traditional indian chai!

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Babble said

I actually drink water the first thing in the morning when I wake up, because I was told that’s the best thing for your health before you start eating. Once I get my meal going, I usually break into one of my cold brews from the previous night.

Angrboda said

I have heard that too once, about the water before breakfast. I can’t remember where I heard it though. It makes sense though, because the body might be wanting to be hydrated after the night. Especially if you’ve been warm while sleeping.

Azzrian said

Ah indeed – I have water beside my bed all night long. So I grab that first thing while preparing the tea lol

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Angrboda said

I don’t usually have time to have tea before going to work. I’m not particularly a morning person, so I prefer to sleep in that little bit longer and prioritize breakfast instead and then make tea when I get to work. It’s only about 45 minutes all in all, half of which is a nice long walk, so it’s okay. Before I moved up here I would make some in my travel mug and drink it on the train, but these days I live a lot closer to work and travel by bus where you are not allowed to eat and drink, so I can’t do that anymore.

On weekends and wednesdays, however, when I’m not working I usually make tea within a few minutes of having got up and before bothering with breakfast. Typically going for an unflavoured Chinese black or a dark/roasted oolong for the first cup.

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cuppaT said

A hot matcha latte after a small breakfast each morning helps to both wake me up and ease me into the day. (I generally check the computer and make my daily to-do list while sipping.) As Azzrian said, it’s a free-for-all from there, ending with a mug of rooibos before bed.

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My tea habit is much like Angrboda’s. I don’t want to wake up early for a proper cup of tea so I just chug (no time to spare!) leftover tea from the day before or water if no tea is available. Then I attempt the catch my train. Sometimes I have to run to make it. :p I make tea when I get to work as my computer is starting up. It’s a slow little thing so I have plenty of time. I’ve got a David’s Tea Perfect Glass mug there so I can brew whatever I want as long as it’s Western style. I get lots of comments on my mug cause of the filter. I wonder how people will react if I bring in a gaiwan like I want to. heh

I used to go on the train with a thermos or travel cup of tea, but those types of containers always changed the way the tea tasted so I’ve given up on them.

Anyways, the tea I want first thing is always changing. I’ve been known to start with honeybush before breaking into some oolong. Or starting with matcha and then going to herbal. I do what my cravings tell me to! The only restriction I give myself is to watch the caffeine intake.

I’ve had the same issue with tumblers making tea taste strange, but I got a glass one from David’s and I’ve never had an issue with it.

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Percy said

I hope I don’t offend anyone’s steeping sensibilities admitting this, but I wake up, boil water for a cup of loose-leaf Earl Grey, and let it steep for however long it takes me to shower (~10 mins). Then I drink it straight and hope I have enough time to steep a second cup.

I will marry the first person who wakes me up with a properly made cup of Indian chai though. That sounds amaaazing…

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tperez said

I LOVE a good cup of authentically made chai! :D

Unfortunately, tea doesn’t usually fit into my morning schedule as well as I’d like it to. Most of the time I drink coffee in the morning for the sake of time and caffeine, but sometimes I’ll soak my chai spices over night so its ready to go in the morning.

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I try not to drink tea with food too often, as I end up losing the flavour of the tea… plus I need breakfast to settle before taking in any caffeine. That means I’m at work when I make my first cup! because I’m swamped, I usually make two at a time, esp if one is a new tea I’ve never tried before (just in case it’s not what I wanted)
Anyhow, in the mornings it is often a black tea, but that really depends on my mood. Sometimes I’ll pick an Oolong because I want to steep it throughout the day.
In the evenings I’ll have some sort of herbal tea.
I gotta say though, I love a good home brewed chai. Makes me feel so at home! no matter the time of day :D

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I’m always super thirsty in the morning and tea doesn’t really feel hydrating to me, so I try to start with water. If I have enough time, I’ll brew some up and take it with me to class, but only after I’ve already had breakfast!

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