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Kinda Random but Yes, it works! (Cholesterol)

Just thought I’d mention it here but I started drinking tea during the summer months of this year in an effort to consume more water (weight loss effort). Well, in addition to being more hydrated, I have now lowered my cholesterol by 17 points (also increased HDL and lowered LDL) with no real other effort. I’m not a medical doctor or anything, but really the only thing I’ve changed was the introduction of tea.

So yay for tea! =)

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CelebriTEA said


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mrmopar said

You should check out the benefits of puerh. My cholesterol is way down since I started.

Any recommendations? I’m worried about the fishy notes I hear of in the puerh reviews.

I saw this article recently regarding Pu’er and lower cholesterol. Apparently it contains cholesterol lower elements, which is really cool. http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-1169-PU-ERH%20TEA.aspx?activeIngredientId=1169&activeIngredientName=PU-ERH%20TEA

CelebriTEA said

I am waiting to try more of the Pu’erh!
Can’t wait to see what you put in the package ;-)

mrmopar said

Go for some that is a couple of years old. And for shou or cooked try to stick to a big producers like Dayi or Haiwan or Boyou. If you want to good local sourced shou you have to check out Mandala and Verdant they both have excellent choices. As for sheng or raw there are lots of good ones. The main drawback is that most sheng should be at least 5 years old before drinking. When it is under this age it can be really astringent and have a harsh tobacco note. Aged sheng over 5 years is a different animal altogether. It will have lots of nice flavor notes to it. jeweledthumb if you check my cupboard you can read some notes on puerh. CelebriTea I haven’t forgot, I just told the better half we got to get something together tomorrow. It will include some sheng and shou. Some from the same year and some from different producers with a similar theme. I think dragons and tigers (themed) tea will come your way!

CelebriTEA said

Dragons & Tigers sounds seductive.
According to Chinese astrology I am a wood snake
and that is compatible with Dragons ? :-)

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