1140 Tasting Notes

drank Hua Ki by Lupicia
1140 tasting notes

Exclusive Hawaii Lupicia Blend! This one is loaded with fruity chunks, I had one giant ball of fruit that weighed 3 grams.

The flavor is very fruity as tastes like the ingredients mango, papaya, and pineapple. The base is a malty black. This tea would make a really good iced one!

My sadness is there is another mango papaya in the Hawaii collection, Kuuipo, and 2 other teas that have mango, papaya, and pineapple (so 4 teas out of 8) and 3 of those are the same black tea base. For the entire collection of 8, all are fruity teas except for one – Malama. I wish there was more variety between the collection. As I drink through the set, I’m getting a lot of “tastes kind of samey as the other blend”.

I reviewed a few others awhile back on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/exclusive-lupicia-hawaii-original-tea-blends-collection-lupicia-oolong-owl-tea-review/

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 7 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

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This one smells amazing! Very sweet apple and the tea is mostly apple chunks.

I over leafed this sucker and brewed hot. The flavor is sweet, very distinctly juicy golden apple that has been baked lightly (not apple mush flavor). There’s hibiscus in there for colour, adding a golden hue, but doesn’t add any tart. This one is also weak flavored, if you were hoping for strong turkish apple this isn’t it.

My beef with this tea is the green tea is totally lost. They should of just turned this into a herbal as the green in it is doing nothing. I fed this tea to my tea hating husband and he liked it as he tasted no tea flavor. That said, it’s a tea for kids or people transitioning into tea from soda/juice. If you like apple herbals, this tea is worth a sampling.

EDIT: I just made this iced with the remainder of the sample I purchased. Nope, tastes worse iced as it came out sweeter (to be expected) but has a very artificial taste. minus 10 points.

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec 7 g 10 OZ / 295 ML

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This tea tasted just like me smashing a dried up whole coconut on my counter then steeping it. Lots of coconut flavor and a thick texture. It’s got a coconut skin flavor along with some chocolate. The honeybush is in there but it’s got that usual weak tasting base.

This steeps up with a lot of residue. I steeped Coconut Ice late last night and this morning I went to make morning tea and there’s a coconut oily ring in my cup and my tea strainer was really oily as well. Clean your tea ware well after this one!

I’m happy to of tried this tea, but I won’t buy it again. It needs a little something something. More chocolate? Rum? Pineapple? A heavier tea base?


I vote rum!


Aw. I love the idea of tons of coconut taste but I hate that residue.

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Nope nope nope. Admittedly I oversteeped it. I set my timer for 4 minutes but I accidentally set it for 4 hours. I realized this like 10 minutes in.

Turns out, despite oversteeping the tea was very weak. It was watery, pretty sweet (from the rock sugar that is in the blend), and kind of nutty chocolate with coconut. A pretty boring taste. Maybe I got a bad scoop from the DavidsTea store staff. I was hoping for a more rich, heavy black tea taste.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more 7 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

I always have to overleaf and oversteep this. It’s not overly strong. I do like it as a desserty tea though.

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OMG what is this oolong sorcery?!?!?! Clover Patch oolong?

This oolong has a potent aftertaste, probably the most potent tea so far. I think the entire block could smell my tea breath. It’s floral, fruity, citrus, buttery, linen, custard and wet leaf. Later infusions the aftertaste is stronger than the tea. I really enjoyed the tea, though I didn’t get many infusions. I would of sold my first born for more if it was more roasty and higher oxidized, but that’s just personal taste.

Full review on Oolong Owl. Review also has the other W2t club teas – Fresh and Aged Dahongpao http://oolongowl.com/august-white2tea-club-featuring-dahongpao-and-clover-patch-oolong-tea-review/

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec

I was going to try this one tonight, but I opted for Duck Shhh instead. I think I’ll dive into the Clover Patch tomorrow, from your review it looks like it’ll be a nice Friday night treat!


whoa sounds amazing


Sounds incredible! To the wishlist!


Interesting. I am so glad I brought all the DHP with me to Vegas :P


Did you get the Lin’s roaster at the Expo? Maybe roast your own…;P

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Love this pu’er! It was nice and fruity with peaches, apricot, cream, and edamame notes. The balance of thick texture, bitter and dryness made me very happy. I got 13 infusions.

I drank this together with CTL’s 2014 Planet Jingmai Sheng

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/crimson-lotus-tea-20142015-jingmai-sheng-comparison-tea-review/

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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MMMM giant sheng ball! I got 17 infusions out of this beast, though the first couple were too weak to drink. I failed at following instructions on loosening the ball with long rinses.

The flavor is citrus, linen, cream, woodsy cedar, sap and artichokes. A very fun sheng to steep due to the shape!

I drank this together with CTL’s 2015 Midas Touch Jingmai Sheng

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/crimson-lotus-tea-20142015-jingmai-sheng-comparison-tea-review/

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec

I really enjoyed this review!

What size gaiwan did you use for Planet Jingmai? I’m a little worried that 3oz might be to small.

Awkward Soul / Oolong Owl

I used a 120ml. Works for the pu’er formula I like of 1 gram for 15ml.


Thanks for the tip!


Formula, I like that.

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I got 4 grams of this from the Pu’er TTB! Gah, so tiny and I wish I had another gram or two to get the ratio better for my gaiwan.

Great taste too – it’s quite peachy fruity, bit of lemongrass, hint of smoke and a bit of dryness to add some fun. The mouth feel is very oily, more slick than my recent drinking of w2t 2 late, and I love it.

I liked this until I fell asleep and oversteeped it to death. Bitter hoot of dooooom! Great cha qi too. I’m considering buying some, though I have so much 2015 cakes right now. tea problems.

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 4 g 3 OZ / 75 ML
Crimson Lotus Tea

4g is just a tease! :-)

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This is the pu’er for peeps who like it sweet, mouthfeel crazy and lots of crazy feels. I got notes of peach, cream, metallic, savory, butter, herb, spearmint, and floral. The texture is mouth fluff oily and heavy making for a great addictive sip.

I quite enjoyed 2 Late. I like it a touch more than Poundcake, but that’s more of a personal preference thing – both are fantastic teas of the same price.

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/2015-if-you-are-reading-this-its-2-late-sheng-puer-from-white2tea-tea-review/

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec

I think I like it more than Poundcake too.


I also like this one more than poundcake #tongperson :)


I need to taste both this and poundcake against each other again, but I think I like this one more. Of the two, it’s the one I have a cake of :)


I think OolongOwl’s parameters here are good advice for both teas, to go lighter on the temps. My obs is that the teas pressed after the unusual rains are wetter, the leaf doesn’t hold up as well to high temps. But that is likely to change after a few months or a year when th cakes are drier.

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This is the reblend from the 52 Tea kickstarter, made by Liberteas (Anne)! I never had a chance to drink the original, but I always wanted to as this blend just sounds wild enough for my liking.

This tea indeed works – it’s fruity citrus. There’s some pineapple and lime flavor, with a grassy lime finish. The sencha is smooth, probably from the marshmallow root. This tea is really good iced as well. A super fun tea!

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/lime-jello-salad-green-tea-from-52-teas-tea-review/

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

Omg OolongOwl…subtitle the blog “going where no tea drinker has ever gone before.”

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I was raised on floral oolongs and green teas, mostly “beauty” teas. Early on as a kid, I can guzzle an entire pot of tea (or two) at a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.
These days I like adventurous and interesting tea blends. I’m fearless in trying new teas! I’m into oolong, pu’erh, white, green, black, guayusa, mate and herbals. I’m not into red rooibos but I keep buying it anyway.

The tea brand that got me started into loose leaf teas was DAVIDsTea. I used to live in Vancouver Canada and had access to their shop, however that is now limited since I moved to southern California.

However, the perks of living in the US is ultra cheap, fast shipping! Since then, my tea stash insanely expanded.

Other stuff I’m into that sneaks into my tea notes: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, metal music, drawing, painting, cooking, photography and nail polish.

BTW, my Steepster cupboard is not even close to accurate and I track my teas on a spreadsheet. Last update 573 Teas – August 2015.


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