rabbysmom said

To squeeze or not to squeeze, that is the question.

When using tea bags, do you squeeze them before removing? I’ve heard pros and cons. I tend to not squeeze black tea bags, because I’ve heard it just leaves a bitter taste. But I do squeeze my green and herbal teas. Why? I have no idea. What about you?

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Well, only if It’s not strong enough for my liking I will squeeze from time to time…it’s all in preference, I suppose.

teaplz said

I don’t squeeze.

To go along with this question: dunking. Do you dunk, or do you not dunk? I usually just let the teabag sit in there.

Angrboda said

To answer both questions.

Dunking: If I’m in a hurry, yes, because although it doesn’t really, it just feels like it’s going faster.

Squeezing: Usually not, when I can just dump the used bag directly in the bin. If I have to be careful not to drip on other people’s tables and tablecloths and such, I’ll squeeze a little bit.

Auggy said

Squeezing… only enough that it doesn’t drip on the way to the trash can.

Dunking… only if I’m bored because it gives me something to do while the tea steeps.

LENA said

ditto on all of this! ha!


Cofftea said

Haha! Yep! But IMO dunking lifts the bag out of the water and takes away from the steeping time.

LOL , I squeeze and dunk for the same reasons !

teafiend said

I’ve been told to never ever squeeze, something to do with the leaves get bruised and releasing more bitterness/tannic properties.

I usually squeeze, just to avoid drippage. I probably wouldn’t if I used good bagged leaf, but on the rare instance I use bags, it’s a crappy tea. As for dunking, I rarely do it.

I squeeze so I can get more liquid for my money. I’ve never encountered any changes in taste from squeezing or not squeezing — unless the tea bag explodes.

Cofftea said

I don’t dunk. I don’t squeeze tea that comes in prepackage tea bags, but I do squeeze bags I fill myself because they’re really messy. But I try not to use bags of any kind if at all possible.

rabbysmom said

Thanks for the feedback! So it seems to be a personal preference overall, I guess. As for the dunking, I usually don’t.

Jason admin said

I try to stick to loose leaf, but I still have a decent variety of bags.

Dunking: No. But that’s only because I get a strange sense of satisfaction of brewing tea without having to do anything, like I’m being twice as productive. Set it and forget it! (but don’t actually forget it = Bitter Tea Face)

Squeezing: No. Never felt the need to. I guess working from home with only your puppy and cat to judge you doesn’t promote the most socially attentive behaviors. But I could see myself doing it only to prevent drippage.

Cofftea said

You work from home??? I’ve been praying for a job that would allow me to work from home from for the past 6 years as I am in a wheelchair and do not have the finances to afford a car and the modifications required and I live out in the country so there is no public transportation. Are there any possibilities at Steepster?

Jason admin said

Sorry to hear about your situation. I hope things improve and you find something that fits you. Unfortunately, we don’t have any openings at Steepster for the time being (we’re proud that there have been so many inquiries) but we will certainly let people know if something opens up.

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So you wheel to work?

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Cofftea said


No I didn’t. Aside from non ADA friendly/compliant buildings and bathrooms my life has been very blessed. I don’t always know what it is, but I find comfort in knowing that every situation I find myself in is part of God’s Perfect Plan and at the least He will use even my most horrible times to glorify Himself. I am currently unemployed.

rabbysmom said

You glorify Him just by talking about Him :) Thanks for being so real. :)

Cofftea said

Being “real” not only glorifies Him, but helps me keep my sanity! If there was no God and thus no reason for or nothing good that’s supposed to come from my situation, that’d be the real hell.

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