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I like tea. Except ‘normal’ tea. That’s boring.

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I am here to help

Quill Amory 5 followers

I really love tea! And alligators!

K S 310 followers

Having a passion for tea and living in rural America is a tough combination. ...

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I am fond of tea and like to draw teapots.

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I’ve always had an interest in tea and it became a passion when I moved...

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Blogging about Japanese green tea. Have a tea bought in Japan and you can&#82...



blah blah blah, come on people, not every tea can be ranked 80+. Rant, rave; but honestly not every tea you drink can be ranked the same, otherwise you defeat the point of giving the grade!

So as other people have broken down their ranking systems, I am doing the same.

90-100 = I’m quite happy to buy again
70-89 = Acceptable representation
50-69 = Wouldn’t order again
20-49 = Meh
10-19 = Average tea bag ranking
0-9 = Needed to brush my teeth immediately



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