December 4th.

Here’s another one that I feel interested in. I have no need for anymore flavoured rooibos, really, but if I did this would be the sort of flavour that I might choose.

It smells very strawberry jam-y. I can’t smell any cream, but I can smell loads and loads of strawberry jam. It smells very lovely. After steeping the rooibos comes through, making it equal strawberry jam and rooibos, and I feel like I can detect a whiff of cream as well, but not much. Mind you, cream isn’t really something that has a smell as such, is it?

The flavour is actually quite close to the smell of it. Half strawberry jam, half rooibos base. There’s a softness to it, which I suspect must be the cream addition. It’s hard to tell at this point because the tea hasn’t cooled down enough yet. I find it’s very difficult to taste stuff when it’s piping hot and often flavours develop further the colder the brew gets, so I’ll have to show a little more patience. Promising so far, though.

This one doesn’t actually change much in flavour when it cools, but I can now feel, rather than taste, the cream in it. It lends a certain softness which is difficult to define and I probably wouldn’t have identified it if I hadn’t known about it.

Another good one. I’ll be enjoying the rest of this, I think.

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