I LOVE jasmine tea and this tea in particular has a sentimental spot in my heart. Years ago there was an amazing guy I had casually mentioned my love of jasmine tea to. Being the thoughtful man that he was, he picked out a bag of this jasmine tea for me on a visit to the Tea Embassy and gave it to me on our first date. I had forgotten that I had said anything about it and was impressed that he made note of such a small detail in our conversations. I remember that tea tasting better than any other jasmine I had experienced. It was clear and crisp and strong. Such a pure jasmine taste and I believe it was my first loose leaf tea experience too!

Recently I went to the Tea Embassy and picked out a bag of that same tea. I took it back to the home I share with that man, who I still think is just as amazing (if not more) and the family we now have. I’m excited to try that tea and see if it holds up to my memories of it.

When I open the bag, the dry tea has such a strong jasmine smell to it almost like I’m sticking my nose in a flowering jasmine bush! The instructions on the the bag say to steep for 2-5 minutes and I did only two for the first steep. Wow, it’s still just as bright and crisp as I remember. I can’t taste any tea, just jasmine. It almost borders on the line of soapy in it’s intensity, but I have always like over the top floral flavors. It isn’t bitter like some jasmine teas I have had, but now days I’m much more careful and aware of over steeping unless I have to walk away from my steeper for a while (which is what happened on the second steeping). Second steeping was a little tongue puckering in it’s intensity, but adding cream and sugar made it an enjoyable drink again. I adore this tea and am glad to be reunited with it! To me, this tea is love.

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My name is Dustin and I like tea.

I’m an added flavor kind of tea fan. I want my tea to remind me of cookies and cakes with coconut and almond slices with a hint of chocolate drizzled on top. I want dancing ponies and flying monkeys shooting off fireworks! I like a little sugar in my tea. I love caffeinated tea, but since I limit myself to one cup a day, I have been exploring more rooibos and honeybush teas. Rooibos now = meh and I have upped my caffeine tolerance. BRING ME CAFFEINE!!!!


Austin, TX

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