Yay, first tea from my Secret Pumpkin – thanks Short Sorceress!

I decided to drink this not knowing what it was (and I’ll continue drinking it forever just because… I wanted to make the Lamb Chop reference). This tea smells delectably like chocolate. It brews up a weird combination of green and brown… like brown with a layer of green on top. The flavor is primarily rich, thick chocolate, reminiscent of ZenTea Rooibos Belgian Chocolate. There’s something else here too – mint maybe? The mint comes out much more in the aftertaste. I actually rather like this. Which is surprising because Butiki’s Peppermint Patty is very similar in concept and I did not enjoy that tea at all. Maybe it’s the creaminess of that tea that didn’t work for me? This one tastes more like mint chocolate than peppermint patty. Not something I would drink every day but definitely a solid dessert tea.

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