3 Tasting Notes

I was tasting this tea today 5 grams in my 80ml Novak teapot. Honey sweet and abricot style of good age puerh. So far I prefer more stonefruit profile than the apricot style but yeah this tea has a powerfull thickness, a little sour but in a good balance with the sweet.

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Got this sample from the Sheng travelling box and this is my first tried ever drinking a chawangshop lineup. I cant really describe the aroma, very particular. The tea is sweet, floral and also find some hay taste to it. I also like it’s not bitter. Little mouth coating and lingering. Long sweet after taste, very good overall. Good energy, got some tea drunk effect up in my head. Nice looking big leaf and green

Flavors: Floral, Sweet


Cotton candy! I have the new one awaiting to be brewed.

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