This is the same material as the single sessions, but I really wanted a cake, and CLT was kind enough to oblige. Thank you so much Glen and Lamu! I really enjoyed this experience.

1st steep: Soft, but bright and fruity – perhaps del monte fruit salad… but the one without cherries. very sweet – feel alert immediately.

2nd: This steep has a bit of an edge – sort of peppery on the aftertaste. dances on the tongue – hard to describe – feel immersed in the taste-experience

3: very strong returning sweetness – does not seem to fade

4. need to poop. Sorry to those of you who don’t want to hear that, but I’m recording my experience here, and some teas have that effect on me. The taste (of the tea) is like fresh forest air. clean and crisp. with sweet notes floating on top like a birds song. I feel the effect of this tea mostly in my head, but some warmth in my shoulders and upper back as well.

5. Feeling very stimulated as I start this 5th cup. This is a potent tea. The texture is thick and smooth like melted butter, the flavors open and airy… like standing in the woods with my mouth open. the note of sweetness (rock candy now) is just delightful.

6. now I’m getting a mineral taste, like pottery, and a faint nuttyness… like cashews. The returning sweetness may be stronger than the taste when the tea is actually in my mouth.

7. The flavors have now all rounded out and melded together so they seem like one continuous flavor… this frequently seems to mark the beginning of late steeps to me, as if the taste profile is now fully developed… or something. also, my pen is having a hard time keeping up with my brain, and I keep starting to write the next word before I finish the current word, so there are many scribbles on this page.

8. mineral and bazooka joe bubble gum. Laser focus.

9. I’ll try not to complain about “long” steeps everytime I write tasting notes… but almost a minute!?! cummon! mmm… delmonte fruit cocktail again.

10. My co-worker just stopped by my cubicle to comment on how I’m sitting. Fully reclined in my office chair (as far as an office chair reclines) straight lounging… with my teacup held approximately at eye level, perhaps a just hair above. The real joy of this tea is in between the sips – big, mouth-filling sweetness. I just might still be tasting this tea tomorrow!

11. I think I’ve said enough. I’m going to put my pen down and enjoy these last few steeps without thinking too hard about it.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 7 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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