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This was such a lovely experience. Jasmine is such a specific flavor and fragrance. It works nicely with the white tea. While steeping, the smell of jasmine is nice and not overpowering. The jasmine isn’t as strong when you first taste it, but the flavor lingers giving a lovely aftertaste that is floral and familiar. This would make an excellent evening tea with a good book and some nice sitar music playing in the background.


Glad you liked it, man. I agree that the jasmine aftertaste is pleasant.

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This smells so good while you’re steeping it and while you’re drinking it! I really like the strong cinnamon flavor, but I can see how some might be put off by it. I am disappointed only by the lack of vanilla flavor, but I added a tsp of vanilla honey. Works nicely with it and gives a little extra vanilla boost. Definitely being harshly judged on here. Samples can do that though.

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So much of the tea experience is the way it smells. This tea smells so wonderful, it is one that just begs to be enjoyed slowly. I’m working on finding rooibos teas I really enjoy and this is one of them.

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A good black tea. The blueberry flavor is nice. It isn’t overpowering, but certainly present.

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This is a nice tea and one of the few Celestial Seasonings teas that works for me. Great as a morning tea for friends who are over early or for myself when I’m out of my other yerba mates.

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I’m a huge fan of white tea. I am not a huge fan of Celestial Seasonings. I should have known better, but the idea of pear white tea (now that Republic of Tea no longer has one) was irresistible. Like most, I was disappointed. White tea has to be steeped in a different way, but this still didn’t make a great cup. The pear flavor was too subtle and it seems they tried to compensate for that with vanilla. Vanilla overpowers the pear and isn’t terribly strong itself.

The idea was a good one, but is hardly perfect. I’d like to see a redone version with more pear, no vanilla, and higher quality tea leaves. You usually get what you pay for. $2 tea is still $2 tea. Anyone who had a bitter cup, make sure you use less than boiling water and only steep for a minute or two. Better white teas will still be good if you steep them longer, but this one gets quite bitter.

1 min, 30 sec

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Nice tea for those mornings when I can’t get warm. Who knew that yerba mate and cocoa would work so nicely together? I don’t use any milk, but I’ve recommended doing so to a few people who had trouble getting past their notions of hot chocolate. They’ve liked it a lot that way.

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drank Breathe Deep by Yogi Tea
10 tasting notes

A friend got this for me when I was under the weather. I think it is great! Helps out with breathing, but also tastes lovely too. Everything in it works together to make a very comforting cup.

Now I get this out anytime I’m having breathing issues or when I just need something comforting to drink. Very nice tea.

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drank Yerba Mate by Guayaki
10 tasting notes

I love this yerba mate! It has been absolutely essential in getting me through some early mornings. I like it best steeped far longer than other teas. I’ve been known to leave it for 15-30 minutes before drinking it. Honestly, this is only one of 3 different yerba mates I’ve tried, so that world is still wide open to me.

I like this with a little powdered agave nectar. It’s like drinking the Earth.

8 min or more

30 min???


Well, yeah. See… I often get distracted and forget I’ve got tea steeping. Sometimes that is tragic, but in the case of this one is was a nice discovery. The earthy quality just got stronger and I like that. I haven’t ever had it get too bitter, but I have had it get too cool. Cold yerba mate is more tolerable than cold coffee, but still not great.

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The “witty” tea tag and silly tin failed to distract me from the fact that this black tea was mediocre at best. It reminded me of those motel room tea bags of non-specific origin. Sure they’re tea, but they’re the tea nobody else is willing to use.

Still, this one got a few points for not being horrible. And maybe there was something amiss with the sample I received. If I try this one again and find that I was wrong, I’ll revisit my review.

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Tea Bio: I love tea, but I’m something of a tea snob. I don’t always know how to articulate what it is I like about the teas I prefer, but I know that I like them. I have a fondness for really cheap iced teas… much like my love for diner coffee, but when it comes to hot tea, it just has to be a good quality tea.

I don’t like milk/cream/soy milk in my teas. Any of them. And that not only includes Earl Grey, but goes especially for it.


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