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drank Vianney Side Up by Boba Boba
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This is the featured Boba of the month for September at Boba Boba, and it’s pretty different sounding from the rest of their menu so I had to try it the last time I was there…

They don’t specify exactly what the “Canoe Lake” in the blend is, but I think it’s actually a tea by the same name from Pluck Tea – it’s the only other tea I’ve seen with a name like this and, since I actually own it, I can confirm that the taste of the bubble tea definitely overlaps with that blend…

It’s really weird and interesting, and I’m happy I tried it because it’s different than any other bubble tea I’ve had before. However I’m not sure if I really liked it and I wouldn’t order it again – so I’m glad it’s just limited edition. The flavour is best summarized in there main parts: Smoke, maple, and apple. The smoke is coming from the Lapsang in the Canoe Lake tea, I believe. This is why I think that the company should have clarified more what the “canoe lake” in the tea is because Lapsang/smoke is a SUPER polarizing flavour and there’s nothing in the “recipe list” for this Boba that would lead you to expect it to be smoky if you’ve never experienced the pluck blend before. It’s a bit misleading…

I happen to like Lapsang a lot but even I was weirded out by having it cold in bubble tea format. Imagine if you didn’t like Lapsang!? That’d be strange.

The maple is lovely though, and it compliments both the smokey flavour and the apple quite well while acting as a bridge between those two flavours. It was the best part of the bubble tea, for sure. The apple was bright and a little bit tart, and that through me off at first because it was strange to be tasting a more meat-y smoke note and a tart, crisp and juicy apple but the maple really helps connect the two. Other things going on in the bubble tea are really just the condensed milk which adds some sweetness and creaminess. There are other things in the ingredients list, like oolong, but you don’t taste them so I don’t know that it’s worth talking about them. As far as I’m concerned, they’re filler.

Really interesting boba though – I continue to be impressed and fascinated with this location! Can’t wait to see what they do for October! Spooky season!

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drank Manny Colada by Boba Boba
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Also from the new BBT place I’ve been enjoying – it was the “Bubble Tea of The Month” for July, and I liked it quite a bit, though I do enjoy pina colada type flavours a lot

- Very refreshing
- More coconut/condensed milk than pineapple
- Manages to be creamy and rich without feeling heavy and sugary
- Pineapple is sweet, natural and a perfect pop of flavour
- Has just a hint of roasted oolong


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This is from a super cool new bubble tea place here in Montreal. I mean, there are many cool bubble tea/boba places, but I’ve been going to this one quite a bit recently with my pair of bubble tea obsessed friends…

This is a hojicha & cassis (aka black currant) bubble tea; I couldn’t picture how those two would work together but I was pleasantly surprised by this seemingly mismatched combination!! The cassis was so tart and fresh, that it really contrasted nicely with the smooth and more roasty/nutty hojicha! I’m having a lot of fun exploring this menu!



That’s such a fun naMe! And black currant and hojicha… I’d definitely try that.

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