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This is my second ever linden tisane, the first being from Martin.

When I was feeling poorly about my vaccine, I drank a cup of his and rallied enough to eat.
This time my issue is sinus. We have had hot weather, and last night it dropped to the 40’s, and by morning the upper 30’s, pretty fast. We sleep with the window open when it isn8t raging hot and when I woke up the left side of my head was fully stopped up.

This has the honey sweetness and smoothness of the last linden, but I feel like this one had a camphor quality to it. I do believe it did me some good! Both sides of the snoot appear to be taking in air now.

I think I need to scout out some linden to keep on hand for my frequent stuffy episodes from my allergies.

Martin Bednář

Well, maybe this one was better quality, more intense as crushed, or/and whatever. I am glad that this one helped you as well.

Hopefully you will be able find a good Linden :)


I liked the flavor of the Czech Linden best! I may have added more leaf when I made the one you sent, and this one was much finer with smaller particles. I have ordered the Harney one but I don’t think it will have such large leaves as yours, Martin. We shall see.

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I started this job, what almost 4 months ago, and it’s a great shift — 4am to 1pm — but I have the hardest time falling asleep by 8pm despite the physical nature of the work, heavy lifting at the gym and limiting both how late in the afternoon I drink tea and how often I have beer. Five hours of sleep is not enough! My left eyelid has been twitching for a week.

It was a beautiful Sunday yesterday. I talked to my aunt briefly who is currently traveling in France. She asked if I wanted anything and I was like oh… OH!! Dammann Frères Tilleul tisane please!! I have to wait a few weeks for her to return to California, so in the meantime I went on a quest for linden tisane with my housemate. Welcome to Sebastopol, her old stomping grounds, home of Guayakí Yerba Maté and Traditional Medicinals. She took me to this herb shop that’s been there since the 70s? We picked up some chrysanthemum, red clover, comfrey, elderberries and linden.

I suspect this linden is sourced through Starwest Botanicals. I have reviewed that linden before, purchased from Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco. This one seems fresher, though — sweeter, more floral, thicker, more… everything… but less pungent. Maybe since Rosemary’s Garden is an herbal specialist that would have higher product turnover as opposed to a gargantuan grocery co-op. Anyway, the brew cleared my sinuses, opened my lungs and put me right out.

Praying this wonderful flower from Rosemary’s Garden helps to regulate my sleep until my aunt comes home from France with the absolute best linden tisane.

Flavors: Flowers, Herbs, Nectar, Sweet, Thick

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

Yeah that sleep needs to happen.


Have you tried Harney’s Tilluel? If ues, how did it compare to Dammann?


Linden differs wildly for me. Even though it’s minimally processed, like tea, it tastes different depending on source location, environmental factors and probably how long it’s been sitting around.

Harney’s website says they currently source from Provence. I think Dammann Frères sources also from Provence, a village called Carpentras. I had the two a few years apart but I remember Dammann Frères having a lot of big pompom blossoms and intact leaves. It was very intense in the best way possible. A sweet and thick elixir.

Harney’s site last year, when the world was deep in pandemic, stated they were having difficulty sourcing. What I had has pretty much all cut/sifted leaf, couldn’t see flowers, idk if it was from France. It was very good but pretty drying and didn’t have the same thickness, depth or intensity as DF’s.


I ordered some so here’s hoping!

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