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Thank you, Martin, for the adventure of having 24 new teas this month that are not available here! It has been great fun!

I love all the little reminiscences on the wrappers – someone did a great job of capturing the spirit of Christmas with just a few lines of writing each day. And the art work is pretty, too.

I switched it up and did Sonnentor this morning and will do Fortnum this evening. Both are herbal, but I am more likely to be sharing a whole pot this evening. Ashman woke up with a migraine but we threw everything we had at it and he feels much better, but we didn’t have breakfast together.

This is, like the others, a somewhat generic herbal tea but this time the licorice root is much more noticeable. I like licorice root so that is okay! Next I taste the Ceylon cinnamon.
The base is not too strong, a mix of mostly lemon balm and apple, with marigold, which I don’t really taste. Surprising, because marigold flowers have a pungent aroma and you would think it would be forceful in tea.

A good cuppa as I take a break from cooking!

Thank you, Martin!

Martin Bednář

You are welcome! I am glad that you liked the most of the teas; though they weren’t somehow exceptional. Just a different blends of herbal, when the most were tasting very similar to each other.

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drank Entspannungstee by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes


Oooooh, this one is really lavender forward and I like lavender! This is a wonderful tea for relaxing on the eve of Christmas Eve.

Most of the Sonnentor herbals taste very similar, with just or two standing out because of some special ingredient. The lavender sets this one apart. Lemon balm is the first ingredient listed but lavender is the first aroma and taste I perceive. It doesn’t really last as the aftertaste, though. That resembles pretty much all the other herbal blends.

Hopefully the parsley and fennel will help with my overindulgence of warm cheese spread on crackers tonight.

Evol Ving Ness

Warm cheese and crackers is always a hit. Enjoy!

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drank Schutzengel by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes


Hmm, I think this is one of my favorites from this advent!

Schutz means protect and Engel means angel. So Schutzengel means Guardian Angel. Lots of good herbs and spices here – coriander, fennel, spearmint, anise, and lemon balm, as well as apple, rosehips, and cornflower. Most of these are good for the tummy, I think.

First sip was so round and sweet I thought it had licorice root but there is none. I guess the apple is just that sweet. It steeps up a goldy-brown and really isn’t too tart or overpoweringly minty. It is a little drying but not puckery as too much rose hip can be. The more I drink the more earthy it tastes.

Mild cup and very chill.

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This is one of their “Wieder Gut!” teas, an herbal remedy for what ails you. I suppose tummy troubles like indigestion are likely around this time of office parties, family dinners, and seasonal sweets.

The taste is quite mild, maybe a good thing if your tummy is suffering. They describe it as spicy floral but other than very soft spearmint and a hint of Greek Mountain tea, I didn’t find it spicy. One would expect the heat of ginger in a tummy tea. None here. Even the marigold is mild.

I didn’t have a tummy ache, so I don’t know how good this would be at soothing one, but it is a pleasant, easy to drink no caffeine cup for bedtime!

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drank Winternacht by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes


This is the first one that really turned red! I have been leaving the bag in on all the herbal blends.

Even so, it is not too tart for me and I am glad this is the first tisane in this advent that really has this profile. I get mostly hibiscus and very little spice, to be honest. It is an easy bedtime cup but nothing to write home about – if you have had a mild hibiscus tea, you can imagine this one.

Martin Bednář

I wrote it is mostly herbal, didn’t I?


You did!

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drank Basen KräuterTee by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes


This is a basic, mild herbal tea, easy to drink and also one you have to pay attention to if you really want to notice it, because it is easy to drink it forgetfully. Does that makes sense?

It doesn’t help that I ate a half pack of lavender CHoward’s candies. The aftertaste made me think the tea was floral at first until I realized I was tasting lots and lots of lavender! Ha ha!

An herbal with no chamomile and no mint is somewhat unusual. I liked it!

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drank Grüner Glückstee by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes


Although this is a green tea, you could have fooled me! There is a lot of other stuff in this one, and that is what I taste most.

The first thing I notice is the mouthfeel of licorice root, which I happen to like. The only thing is, you are supposed to have only a limited amount if you have high blood pressure, and mine does, sometimes. Anyone know just how much is safe? I am sure this one cup wonkt hurt, but how much it too much? Three cups a day? Four?

The second thing I taste is ginger, that bit of heat and tingle. Next comes lemongrass for me.

I really don’t taste the cinnamon. It must be pretty mild. And after having our first celebration of Christmas with half the family today, I am too tired to dig out more! But it is a nice cup to sit and relax with now that everything is cleaned up and put away.

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drank GlücksTee by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes


We had a beautiful warm day today but I was cooking and preparing for “first Christmas.” I never made it outside to enjoy it. After grocery shopping tonight, it was still quite warm and after bustling around putting away groceries I was not in the mood for anything hot. So I decided to ice this!

It looks like the blend has changed a little since Martin had it two years ago. The sentiment on the wrapper is still the same. I love the little short stories or memories on each one! They are a tiny snapshot of Christmas.

Martin lists chamomile but my box says apple mint, lemon balm, peppermint, blue mallow, daisies, blue cornflower, and marigold. It could be that one of these is another name for chamomile?

I made a cup of hot tea (Christmas Wreath by Lupicia) for the Ashman and a glass of this, sweetened and iced for me and we sat in the rockers and enjoyed the warm evening.

I think the lemon balm came out most for me, followed by apple mint and peppermint with the floral tastes rounding out subtly. It was just what I wanted, a refreshing drink to enjoy while relaxing.

It was good enough to make me want to ice more of these if we have more warm days, and we are supposed to hit 73 tomorrow and 76 Saturday. The next two in the advent don’t look like good icers to me, though. We will see.


Sounds like a tea that would be delicious hot or cold.

I’m jealous of your warm weather! We’re having several nights in the single digits (°F) and it looks like the snow is here to stay for a while. We’ve reached the point where I’m going to have to give up my beloved flip-flops and pull out my snow boots…or just stay inside drinking tea until spring.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a commercial tea with apple mint in it! I have plenty from the back porch garden and should take advantage of it more often.


DrowningMySorrows – Oh my! I honestly cannot imagine that much snow for that long! And so cold! I would be weeping. Maybe you can become a snowbird and migrate south for winter!

gmathis – I really liked it! I have never seen it for sale at garden centers here, might beg a few seeds off of you sometime!

Martin Bednář

Well, I haven’t noticed chamomile as well. And apparently by their website chamomile is not in as well. I guess I will remove it from the list here. Maybe it was there back then.

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drank Bratapfel Tee by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes


Reading the description of baking an apple on the wrapper makes you really want a baked apple…

With all of the herbal blends in this advent (I think only three of the teas are not) I am leaving the bag in the cup as I sip. This one is decidedly apple, with a bit of gentle cinnamon. Almost every herbal apple tea I have had was more like a chamomile tea with added apple. This one is really an apple tea with no chamomile fighting for attention.

The body is thin as I find most dried fruit and herbals to be, and it makes a pleasant bedtime cup. Because of the flavor this is trying to evoke, a baked apple with cinnamon and brown sugar, I think most people would enjoy it even more with sugar or honey, but I just generally don’t add sweetener and am almost always disappointed when I do.

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drank Darjeeling by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes


My first darjeeling ever was baaaaaad because I didn’t make it properly. I discovered that I liked cooler water, short steeps, and enjoy second and Autumnal flushes. My favorite black teas are still Chinese, but I can enjoy darjeeling now.

This one is really unusual. It is herbaceous like the herbal teas. Is it just like this or has it absorbed flavors while stored? It is also a bit floral. I am drinking it while eating a Lindt Stracchiatelli and it goes really well. When I ran out of chocolate I could detect the briskness I expect from darjeeling, but there really is floral taste and a hint of mint.

Overall, it was a nice cup of tea!

Martin Bednář

I blame that it has absorbed the herbal notes. But not sure, of course :)

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drank Neujahrstee by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes


Well, this advent has taught me one or two new German words and also a new flavor.

When I started steeping this, I smelled nettle right away! I am not nearly as good as some of you at identifying aromas and tastes, so I was pretty happy with myself.

Once the cup has finished steeping, the nettle aroma has died away. I taste the linden first and the spearmint with it but not strong. This is a little more floral tasting than the other herbal blends so far.

Overall, it is a nice relaxing cup for bedtime!


Have you been learning German?


I took several years of German in high school and won a fluency award, and the. one semester in college. Many many years passed before I used German again! I taught elementary German to my daughter and for her final lessons we read Im Westen Nichts Neues together, translating as we went.

Now I am teaching three young ladies who are homeschooled and who have also been my music students. I emphasize, I am teaching basics only so don’t be impressed! Ha ha!

We had a lesson today and focused on Christmas words and German holiday traditions. Their mother gave me a copy of A Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady in German for Christmas!


That’s really neat! I find languages so fascinating and I’ve been learning Danish for a few years now (I have Danish ancestry, so my interest developed from that).

I alway like to hear about other people’s journeys with languages too!

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Sonnentor Advent Day 12

I am not a fan of really hot ginger and thought this tea would be a struggle since it has so much ginger in it, but I am actually liking it, far more than I expected, in fact!

I was really feeling peckish but it is past bedtime and I should not snack this late, but realized I had not yet had my Sonnentor. Tonight ginger sounded good to me, which is not usual. And this is probably one of my favorites of this assortment so far, probably because I can really taste a few distinct things instead of getting mostly generic herbal flavor.

Ginger is the star of course, coming in at 33% of the blend according to the box. Lemongrass is listed second and is also what I taste right behind the ginger, and I like lemongrass. (Ashman thinks it tastes like Lemon Pledge dusting spray. Not that he has eaten Lemon Pledge, just thinks it smells the same.)I like the way the lemongrass swells at mid to late sip. I also like licorice root and I know I am in the minority here on that, but it is nice here and not too strong. I had to look for it. The cinnamon is softer than I expected. I would not have guessed it as an ingredient if I hadn’t read the box.

Nice one!

Martin Bednář

Sadly, it seems to be discontinued.

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drank Brennnessel by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes


Well, I can say with great relief that this tea tastes better than the teabag smells.

I didn’t know what Brennnessel meant. But after I opened the pouch and smelled it I needed to know what I was getting into. There was a lovely story on the wrapper about vanilla but this was not vanilla scented. So Brennnessel means nettle.

It smells like Sucrets according to Ashman. It smelled like fishy puerh to me. With a hint of Sucrets. Ashman smelled no fishy musty odor. Until I steeped it. Then he agreed there was something going on.

The taste is not bad at all, though. As I sip I still get the fishy aroma but the flavor is just herbaceous. This isn’t an herb I would normally go for unless I really needed it for a specific medical use.

Martin Bednář

Oh dear! I haven’t realised it is that bad. But same here, nothing to enjoy, but good if needed for medical use.


Nettle can smell like fish food flakes to me, nutritious.


I used to drink nettle for my knees, but I find that strengthening the knee muscles is more effective. So it’s the stair master for me. I always thought nettle had a nutty and grassy taste.

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I am loving the little notes the company put on every teabag wrapper! Martin has typed them all in his reviews, but reading each one as I prepare the tea really adds a nice little peaceful touch with a little extra Christmas magic.

This one has spearmint which I generally prefer over peppermint. I thought the thyme might make it overly savory but really even the mint was light. Spearmint and chamomile were the main flavors I tasted. I have felt stressed for some reason today and I don’t know why, so I welcomed this tea and its gentle soothing!

Thank you, Martin!

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I saw that today’s tea is the first TEA rather than herbal blend, so I decided to have it early as I was feeling sleepy this afternoon.

I steeped it at 185F for three minutes and it is a rich, deep, golden color. The taste is pretty much what I would expect – hay and a tiny hint of sweetness from the floral notes. It was a decent bagged white tea and certainly produced a stronger cup than expected. It perked me up to stay awake for the afternoon, but now I am sitting in front of the Buck Stove and feeling mighty dozy….

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drank Guten Morgen by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes

Sonnentor Advent Day 8

Yesterday I said that these herbals were much the same. Only one has had really noticeable tartness from hibiscus and rose hips.

This one seems to have a little more flavor than last night’s tisane, and although it touts itself a morning blend, it went nicely with bedtime snack and I know it will not keep me awake. Many of these blends have been chamomile forward, but not this one.

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Here I was so happy about night time herbals, didn’t check the translation (I knew Hol Dir but not Schwung) and made this only to discover that it means Get Some Momentum. Ha ha! I am pretty sleepy so hopefully it isn’t going to work like an energy tea tonight. Clearly I should have had it this morning!

It has chamomile in it, so maybe they were counting on the spearmint and hyssop to pep people up just by the minty freshness, but I find mint calming most of the time and the chamomile will probably just amplify my already drowsy state.

Tastewise – honestly lots of these taste much the same, this one being a little drier than some of the others, but chamomile kind of makes itself known in a blend in a big way and my tastebuds are not keen enough to get a huge difference. It is definitely minty, too.

Again, a pleasant final evening cuppa to sip on as I read my last chapter before bed.

Martin Bednář

I hope it doesn’t woke you up at all.

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drank Advent by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes

Sonnentor Advent Day 6

This one was not in the database and is no longer listed on their site as far as I can see.

The ingredients sounded really great, but alas, all I taste is rose hips and hibiscus. I really wish I had detected the pear and vanilla. I am okay that the cloves were hiding.

I didn’t notice until several days in that all but one of the Sonnentor advent teas are herbal and caffeine free, which makes it really nice to have a regular morning advent tea and an evening advent tea that won’t keep me up!

I didn’t mind the hibiscus too much in this one. It was tart but the others have been varied and not just assaulting me nightly with tartness. With a little leftover popcorn and the last of a chocolate orange, it made a good bedtime snack.

Martin Bednář

Apparently it’s hidden :/

This is it, because their English translation is weird and wrong.


An all-herbal calendar sounds perfect to balance the large amount of caffeinated teas in my stash. Maybe I’ll give Sonnentor’s calendar a try next year!

Martin Bednář

There are a few classic teas in derk, but I think zhat two or three only.

But I highly suggest giving them chance. They were available on Amazon, but I can buy them for you as well.


Martin: on the box it literally says that the name of this tea is simply Advent. Is it the same as Santa’s Secret?

Martin Bednář

It is. I wrote wrong name back then I guess. Because I kept everywhere German names, but here. No idea how that has happened.

Santa’s Secret is Advent tea.


Okay! I understand! :)

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drank Schönen Feierabend by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes

Sonnentor Advent Day 5

No note from Martin? Was this one not in the advent two years ago?

We had a busy day, driving Hugo the Lion Heart back home to Superanna’s house about an hour away and Ashman finishing some repairs there. Back home again and there ironing to do, next week’s lunches to plan and prepare, supper to make. Anyone else feel:tired just from riding in a car?

Now it is nearly bedtime and I am just getting around to my advent tea and it is a really good one for tonight. The name the way it is used in day to day speech basically means “beautiful quitting time” but feier means celebrate and abend means evening. So I can think of it as celebrating just having the evening to relax now.

This is pretty nice! The linden is softened and sweetened a bit by the floral ingredients and honestly I feel relaxed and chill.

These teas do not have the wow factor,so,far that I got from the Cuppageek herbals, but they are still a nice cup to sip on.

Martin Bednář

It was in, but I did a note in Random Steepings (here: Apparently I was sick back then and that’s why I did not made a separate entry.

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drank Frosch im Hals by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes

Sonnentor Advent Day 4

I don’t have a sore throat, so I don’t know if this would really soothe a sore throat any more so than any hot cuppa would, but I do know this is a pleasant little herbal cup.

I like the taste of linden well enough, and the additional herbs in this just made it even nicer. I am enjoying having herbals that don’t pound you in the face with strong mint or tart hibiscus/rosehips EVERY SINGLE CUP.

These Sonnentor herbals thus far are mild and pleasant.

Martin Bednář

Maybe it is different point of view of European and US tea blenders? I am very glad that you are enjoying those cups :)

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Sonnentor Advent Day 3

Quite a while back I tried making golden milk and I hated it. Then I tried a turmeric tea that a friend was drinking for health and I really couldn’t get into it. I thought this tea would be like that.

I pre-planned for disaster. Should I just make it in milk? Make a latte? Add eggnog? Would that be horrible? Horribler? Ha ha!

I decided to steep it in just a bit of water and sip and depending on how it went I would top up with either more hot water or add milk and sugar.

But when I tasted it, it was actually good! As Martin put it, it is an easy drinking spice tea and I had no trouble at all sipping it down. This was well done. No additions needed.

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drank Kaminknistern by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes

I drank this one with supper and I wish now I had tried it by itself so I would have better notes on it. We had a tomato based tortellini soup and the flavors were pretty strong and I am afraid they drowned out some of the flavor of this tea.

The name means “fireplace crackle”. One might expect a lapsang for that! But they went for cozy factor instead. Rose hips, apple, hibiscus, apple, orange peel, Ceylon cinnamon, and essential oils of orange and vanilla. Those last two are flavors I adore, especially together! But mostly I got the tartness of rosehips and hibiscus and oddly enough I thought I kept tasting black pepper and didn’t realize it wasn’t in there until I had finished the cup and checked the ingredient list! I think the food was drowning out the flavors and the hibby poked a stick in my tongue and the tartness came across as pepper.

Not bad at all, not nearly as tart as most rosehip and hibby tea, just kind of fruity spicy. I wish I had tasted more orange and vanilla, but that’s my fault for having it with supper.

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drank Gute Laune by Sonnentor
2726 tasting notes

I think my neighbor across the street probably heard my gasp when I opened the mailbox today, for inside was a package from Martin, plump with tea! It is the Sonnentor Advent Tea Calendar! Martin was able to send the box it came in flat, and I reconstructed it back to its original condition and packed the teas in! Wow, thank you, Martin! It was a complete surprise!

Since today is December 2nd, I decided to play catch up and drink two of these today. Gute Laune means good mood in German, and this tea is easy going and easy to drink.

I can’t say any one thing stood about it, except the utter lack of hibiscus and licorice root, which seems to be everywhere when you buy herbals. I agree with Martin that the apple mint does not really add a minty flavor. This tea was overall mild, easy to drink, pleasant enough, but no single flavor stood out to me. Just herbaceous and pleasant.

Martin Bednář

I was checking all yesterday that it will be delivered, but nothing. Apparently it wasn’t scanned as delivered — I sent it registered.

But I am so happy it has arrived and moreover not so late! It was stuck in Prague export for a week, so I was afraid it has been torn (as it was truly packed up) and they will return it back to me. I hope you will enjoy the flavours and teas, however, most of them are herbals.

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Interesting to find this tea over here, but glad to find it :) At least I don’t have to add another tea, which would end with one single tasting note.

My soul is again a bit too crazy today. I am overthinking everything again and overall feel somehow miserable. In a week I will have an exam (if I won’t postpone it) and I need to study much much harder but I couldn’t find a way to do it.

Anyway this tea is from big bags section again and it seems it is not available anymore. It doesn’t taste anyhow special. It’s decent herbal tea, but somehow okay only and there isn’t some distinctive flavour at all.

Flavors: Herbs

205 °F / 96 °C 6 min, 0 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

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