What-Cha Group Buy * Shipped 10-7!

I will do this the same way I did the YUNOMI group order, except I will not be in the UK getting goodies like I did in Tokyo for the Japanese teas.

I only had one negative remark about the YUNOMI group order which will not be an issue anymore. All the information about that is here: http://steepster.com/discuss/10680-yunomi-group-order-box-up-for-grabs-6-slash-9-slash-15

Aiming for the price range of $25 to $30 (everyone gets the same)

August 30 Updated 9-1
Some of the teas have been decided on!

10g Kenya Silver Needle
10g Thailand Sticky Rice Oolong
10g Nepal Pearl Oolong
10g China Anhui Huangshan ‘Yellow Sun’ Yellow Tea
10g Azerbaijan Azercay Green Tea

The following are new and secret teas that What Cha has never had before and not even I know exactly what they are, but I did get the information on their base.

10g black (handmade!)
10g black
10g green

Add some pu’ (additional $3 if wanted)
10g Thailand 2011 Shan Raw Dark Tea
10g Vietnam 2007 Wild ‘Dark Forest’ Ripe Dark Tea

September 1

Here are the dates that I am going to work with:
Initial Signups until September 6th
All information for order up on September 13th
Order being placed September 20th

& from there I give What Cha the time they need :)
I will pay for the entire bill upfront due to conversion and all that (I can provide a screenshot of the transaction to anyone who wants to see it), so please be sure that you let me know before September 20th if you need to drop. I won’t ask that you pay until October 1st if possible, but I’m really flexible so just message me when the details about the cost come out.

September 6th
Price has been computed and it sits at $25 per person
If you’re interested in the pu’erhs you will need to let me know prior to the order, it is an additional $3

September 14th
As all the details are being finalized, I will pay What Cha upfront for the entire order on September 19th. All the Paypal and conversion will go through my transaction so sending money as a friend via Paypal will be the best option to pay for your portion. Feel free to contact me via private message for details if you’d like to do it prior to when I send out the instructions message to everyone around the 24th/25th when all the money clears on my end to What Cha.

Participates 12, 6 with pu’
Liquid Proust pu paid
The Columbus Tea Lovers (going to host an event) paid
Allen Smith
Ubacat pu paid
Nichole paid
Christina pu paid
Kayla paid
Dr. Jim pu paid
Leah Naomi paid
Daylon R Thomas paid
vdreilly pu paid
Bravotwo pu paid
corban123 paid

79 Replies

If you are interested please reply to this comment.
I’ll be using the same thread as this progresses and would like it to be nice and neat :)

yssah said

what teas will possibly be in it?

Nicole said

Probably out. I know exactly what I want and how much of it – my bad. Did not look at the Yunomi thread to see how that had worked. :) I fail at reading today.

Details won’t be known until I have a headcount so I can look at their tasting records to come up with a solid list.

There will for sure be a variety; meaning I will talk with What Cha and looking at reviews here to see what would be best after seeing who is interested.

The goal, just like with YUNOMI, is to provide a wide coverage of the teas available at a nice price.

Per Amanda’s recommendation: The Kenya Silver Needle is at the top of the list.

I’m holding off on pu’erh until I know the audience. Oolongs will for sure be a part of this :)
As of now I am hoping that one aged and one non-aged will show up, we shall see.

Kayla select said

I am interested, what a neat opportunity :)

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What-Cha said

I’m very excited at the prospect of a group buy and just started talking with Andrew with regards to the format and tea selection.

I’ve got a few very special and rare teas up my sleeve which I would love to include.

Some of which are top secret and even I don’t know, so we must trust the master behind What Wha (which I do!)

Ubacat said

Okay, maybe I would be interested. You got me with the rare and special teas!

Eeek. . Enablers, all of you! I’m in.

Yes, rare/unique teas are definitely worth a look. Plus, copying Ubacat just makes everything easier. ;-) Consider me interested.

Dr Jim said

I’m thinking I would be interested.

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I am interested

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Totally in. You know what I like.

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I think I’m interested :)

Also, Andrew, it’d be neat to see some yellow tea incorporated too – since What-Cha has a pretty impressive selection of yellow tea and they’re definitely less common.

What-Cha said

If Andrew can’t find room to incorporate one of the yellow teas in to one of the ‘regular’ choices, I could substitute the mystery green tea with a mystery yellow tea, which would come from the same country.

I’ll be doing the best I can to put together the ‘What Cha Skittles Box’ :)

The goal is to provide a wide array of tea in regards to origin, taste, and even appearance :p

Dr Jim said

This keeps sounding better and better.

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I would love to participate. Please include me on the extra pu-erh as well.

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Ubacat said

Looks like a nice list. I’m glad I’m in!

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Bravotwo said

Indeed a nice list! Count me in as well (including the pu, which I’d love to try)

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Dr Jim said

OK. I’m in; both the regular package and the puerh.

Ubacat said

I am in for both too!

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