2018 Sheng Olympiad

(International folks please feel free to reach out about shipping cost)

and so the people spoke, $50 was an acceptable buy in so LP bought twice the amount of ‘four am’ from Mr. 2Dog for the upcoming 2018 Sheng Olympiad. Months went by and just 24 hours before posting information to the event a month earlier than last year because of request and logistics, money had already been figured out, something had moved me to reach out to somebody and so I did. The result of reaching out to that person (Phillip) ended up resulting in me investing in his new company and in return gifting everyone else who is part of the event; it must also be noted that Phillip is also paying a porition of everyone’s cost for the additional samples to. There might be 2 or 3 teas from Yiwu Mountain Tea added to every single package which for some will be a complete surprise because not everyone reads the info here!

Please check out some of their blogs https://www.yiwumountaintea.com/blog

So one of the coolest parts about this year’s event is being able to purchase the maocha in advance which opened up the ability to have some more exclusive touches to this event. Those exclusive items include the WMD ball, four am pill, Slumbering Dragon ball, and selected Jingmai tree balls.

If you don’t know much about this event, check it out:
The first… with many fun conversations revolving around some ‘stuff’ and an awesome YouLe vertical tasting between 2005/2009/2015. Never forget the TU Bang Wei… never. A wonderful year that lead to a lot of learning when it comes to logistics. This event also brought about some great exposure for what I do.
Second year was a whole new game. The beginning of this post has pictures on what goes into making this event happen which has resulted in the way I do things now; talking 60hours of packing before. The focus here was on Bang Dong and it was the year I… got special balls made; Cywn keeps an eye on my balls https://deathbytea.blogspot.com/2017/01/bang-dong-and-balls-sheng-olympics-2017.html
Not to mention this was the year I was able to help lend a hand to Bitter Leaf Teas as they were somewhat new! This year the total count went from 50 to 100 and it led to less pictures and write ups to more time focused on reaching out to people and my relationships and personal research on material and the potential for everything else I am hoping to do for/with the community.

a few more places to look:

2018 includes stuff from White2Tea, Bitter Leaf Teas, Crimson Lotus Tea, Yang Qing Hao, Yiwu Mountain Tea, and Farmer Leaf Teas. A total of 100’ish grams here for each package… there’s so much more I could write about, but I am really hoping all the conversations cover about everything I could say.

Extra Credit
If you haven’t watch any of William’s videos… get on that! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOgkLFmMkJLSEP9-n6hZ08A

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1Cm1_xq2Uw&feature=youtu.be What should I do this year?
Please ask questions!
The 90 to 100 slots will go fast, but if you know of any blogger/youtuber/someone you would like to cover this event please let me know. I am all about exposure as this event grows I know I can figure out something to involve more as puerh becomes a hobby for more and more!

If I missed something feel free to add it, this event is for you all and the best part about it is the friendships made, the knowledge gained through the resources that are found through it, and the overall community coming together to drink the same great stuff that I stand behind as being fantastic sessions!

PS!!! Please spread the word!!!

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Just a reminder that we will be using #ShengOlmypiad and #2018ShengOlympiad


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If somebody would like to link the teas below here so it’s on the front it would be appreciated : )
Here’s the YQH https://steepster.com/teas/yang-qing-hao/71552-2004-zhencang-chawang-jen-tsang-cha-wang-special-reserve

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meowster said

Is it possible to request (random) substitutes if we already own some various samples?

For instance, I literally just bought the alter ego sample from Bitterleaf and have the entirety of the 200x ‘A’ due to sponsoring.

This is a great question. So I may have to message you, but in case somebody has the same question.

This would be a bit hard to keep track of, but it is doable. I think what would be needed is to figure out the cost per person for the specific tea and then figure out what I have on hand to substitute.

Part of me wants to say no because there will already be 2 to 3 samples that the $50 does not cover and ask for you to gift somebody, but not everyone has some random friend interested in puerh.

Let’s see anyone else +1s this so I can put a plan together

meowster said

Out of curiosity is the Slumbering Dragon made from 2016 or 2017 material?

If it’s 2017, I also have a sample of that lol…

It’s 2017, but that is exclusive; the ball form. You could EASILY trade that with someone as it’s a solid tea let alone the fact that each year it sells out. Wild Kunlu disappears quickly. I bought 1kg of maocha this year and the price almost doubled from last year which is crazy!

meowster said

Good to know! Lol I still don’t know that much about pu erh other than what my taste buds tell me…

Anyway, should I make the purchase on your website now? or wait until the substitution question is resolved?

Either way, I’m super excited (especially about the WMD!). Thanks again for doing this!

If you’re new and got the sponsor box… You’re spoiled already! (A good spoiled too!)

In this case, send me a message. We will figure something out.

Bitterleaf said

One thing I’ll note is that the sample of Alter Ego in the Olympiad is the 2017 production, which won’t be available through our site until next year.

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Well thinking I can finally participate been wanting to but always seemed to be a bit late. No questions here but looking forward the conversations to come in the future.

Welcome aboard for this upcoming year’s trip! When it sold out last year it was pretty interesting having so many try to join.. Then this year the group buys were filled within days! It’s hard to predict how many are going to join, but now that this is my only group or yearly deal… I will try to make sure everyone can be included!

Be sure to follow those who join and keep an eye out for the reviews to cross comment with everyone. Lots of fun, also helps to read their brewing parameters

mrmopar said

I’m in for a spot.

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I went through some math for international shipments.
I’ve come up with $61usd shipped for those. This would be PayPal and I will need to account for each one via Excel. Please message me if interested.

Some will exceed that $11 shipping and others will be under, but this is my solution as of now. Next year I may be able to configure things a bit better; especially with over 8 countries last year and I know it’s more this year!

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Kirrae said

Thanks for including international this year too. There are a few interesting things going on here on Steepster that we miss out on. If anyone new is not sure about sending money via paypal, I can just say that I never had any issues with it and everything arrived safely.

Anyways, count me in please!

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Philip Lee said

Thanks, LP! I’m really happy to be able to (partially) sponsor this event with extra samples and help share Yiwu tea with more people.

It’s great to share with the tea community and your support to this group is fantastic… enough so to also forgive the misspelling of my name! haha!

Okay, I better get back to packing those samples now otherwise I’ll be late for shipment… :P

Philip Lee

Look at that, already made an error!

Looking forward to your additions!

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Just an update for myself for future reference. First 24 hours of being posted (Wednesday to Thursday): 19 spots paid for on the site, 6 spots held for a group, and 4 spots held for international shipping.
Posted on IG, Facebook, and Steepster. 174 visits to the listing.

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Lizzibabe said

I’ve got my order in! I’m excited!

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South Korea, Germany, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, France, Canada, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Sydney, Hong Kong, USA

Only a few days posted and I am pretty sure this will have the most coverage out of all the years!

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