Your Top Five?

I’m interested to know what everyone would list as their top five teas of all time. I would encourage you to consider the following – representation of different types of tea (ie not all black, etc) and from different companies as well (not all from Davidstea), and maybe even a mix of the teas you would drink regularly if they were more affordable and your regular go-to teas. These don’t have to be in order, just your top five in general!

It would be cool to see what the longtime drinkers /expert reviewers put on their lists! Also a neat way to introduce newbs like me to some teas I may not have otherwise known about.

I know I could go read everyone’s reviews to look for the highest ratings, but that doesn’t always translate into the ones you drink regularly :)

I guess here are mine, at this point in my tea journey:
(In no particular order)

- DavidsTea Vanilla Orchid
- Della Terra Cafe Vanilla
- Harney & Sons Paris
- DavidsTea Coconut Oolong
- Butiki Creamy Eggnog

I really love reading lists!

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Sil select said

This really isn’t top 5 because i am one of those people who doesn’t have stable favourites. It’s my favourites at this particular point in time when this is my mood. subject to change in 3 secs :)

Laoshan Black – Verdant
Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black – Butiki teas
Caramel Matcha – Red Leaf Tea
Oolong Creme – Sloane Tea Co.
Queen Catherine – Harney & Sons

(apologies for the number of straight blacks…they make me happy. I did at least pull from a few companies otherwise the list would have been verdant, butiki, butiki, butiki, butiki, verdant)

Yes, I totally understand, more like a screen capture of your current rotation :)
And see, I still wonder how a straight black would taste any different than another straight black so it’s good to see those on your list!

yssah said

Cool! Feel free to post your preferences here as they change. That would be so fun to know, haha.

I like knowing about good straight blacks and it is fine to name the same companies over and over if you really prefer their version of that tea :D or if you want you can name the other company in 2nd place haha

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Oh man, I’ve got to try that David’s Coconut Oolong you mentioned!

My list-
David’s Tea- Banana Dream Pie
Butiki Teas- Watermelon Xylophone
Den’s Tea- Sencha Fuka-midori
Mad Hat Tea Co- Coconut Bao Zhong
Jasmine Pearls (I didn’t specify a tea company because so far I have liked ALL Jasmine Pearls I’ve come across)

The coconut oolong is to die for!! I will have to try that Watermelon one from Butiki!

I wish I could swap samples with you but I just ran out of Watermelon :/

Sil select said

Stephanie – that’s ok, what she really needs to do is place a giant order with Stacy and pick up a ton of teas lol grin


If I had unlimited funds I’d have ordered way more from Butiki! A bit at a time :)

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Hmmm. I’m just going to list my top go-to teas off the top of my head. If I dig through my cupboards I’d probably come up with something different.

Graveyard Mist—52Teas
Tangerine Creamsicle—Butiki
Good Morning Sunshine—Butiki
Cranberry Black—FavaTea
My Morning Mate’—Teavana

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S’mores- Della Terra
My Morning Mate- Teavana
Cream Earl Grey- Vermont Liberty Tea Company
Red Velvet Cake- DAVIDsTEA
Hot Cinnamon Sunset- Harney and Sons

If I was staring at my cupboard I might have a different answer but these are my classics and my treats that I love more than most teas off the top of my head :)

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Dr Jim said

This list is based on ratings. I’d have a different list if based on the teas I drink the most.
1. 4 Seasons of Spring (Mountain Tea)
2. Mountain Picked Oolong (TeaVivre)
3. Himalayan Splendor (Teavana)
4. Medium Roast Tie Guan Yin (Mountain Tea)
5. Keemun #1 (TeaVivre) This is my favorite everyday tea.

I should also give an honorable mention to the Enjoying Tea decaf Darjeeling and Harney’s Vanilla Comoro. They don’t rate as highly as the others, but are my two favorite decafs (and I drink a lot of decaf).

yssah said

pls post the teas you drink the most too!

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Emily M said

Blue Beauty Oolong – Teasource
Da Yu Ling (prepared in gaiwan)- Butiki
Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black – Butiki
Watermelon Xylophone – Butiki
Yunnan Beauty (prepared in gaiwan, not western style)- Mandala

They aren’t really in order, but it’s hard to choose the best. I have a lot of favorites! They are all good for different times and moods…so my top five (even though rated highest) might not be my top five everyday.
Honorable mentions to the milk oolongs I’ve tried (I love them, so) and to the Strawberry Oolong from Teasource.

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inguna said

Ripe Pu’er Mini-Tuocha Variety Package – Mandala Tea
“Wild Monk” Tea – Mao Cha – Mandala Tea
Spring Darjeeling – Adagio Teas
wuyi da hong pao- Adagio Teas
Assam Banaspaty – David’s Tea

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Maria said

Jade Blend – Physique Tea
Watermelon Xylophone – Butik
David’s Tea- Banana Dream Pie
Palladium Blend – Physique Tea
Onyx – Physique Tea

Now I have to go look up “Physique Tea” because I’ve never heard of that before

Cavocorax said

There’s a whole thread on Physique Tea here: and it’s not positive…

physique tea isn’t too bad for flavor, but the bags do not perform well. They don’t filter out grainy sandy bits and I’ve had the leaves burst the bags open. I reviewed their teas on my blog,
I’d buy Jade Blend if it came loose and a reasonable price. The prices are kinda steep for what you get.

Good to know, thanks guys!

Maria said

Ohh my didn’t know about this thread is pretty hard!! you know what they say haters gonna hate…. My honest opinion is that Physique Jade blend is really good very tasty and aromatic and actually the bags are thicker compare to other teas and they last for about 4 cups, that´s my experience. Awkward Soul so you are saying that I should try it with out the bag? btw love your review :)

Sarah P said

I got a couple samples of the blended teas from the Sundance Film Festival in a gift bag. After reading this thread I went to go pick up what I got and check out the bags. Looks like they have two different types they are using- the blended ones are different than the Onyx one (its not blended). Maybe its a machine quality thing. Awkward Soul- I like loose leaf too so I just pulled the bags open… tada- loose leaf. Your blog name is soooo cute! Oolong Owl- Love it

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Cavocorax said

Going by my heart and not my shelf I’d say:

Verdant – Laoshan Black (now I understand why so many people have tried it and rated it highly
Zen Tea – Coconut Oolong (similar to DavidsTea but I like this more)
Zen Tea – Phoenix Pearl
DavidsTea – Mother’s Little Helper
Butiki – Raspberry Truffle

Do you have a website link for Zen Tea?

I second that! Anything “better” than DavidsTea Coconut Oolong is worth investigating :)

Cavocorax said is the website.

-Note: I had some of DavidsTea’s Coconut Oolong today but brewed it more like an oolong (80C) and I found it was a lot closer in taste than Zen Tea’s version. And they are based on the same type of leaf so there may not be much difference. :| (I just don’t want to disappoint anyone – I may have to swap my favourites out but they are very similiar).

yssah said

if anybody doesn’t have a ZenTea account yet, pls use my referral link. thanks!

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I’m a type where my tastes change as well, and I prefer selection over staples. Right now, here’s my recent top 5

Watermelon Xylophone – Butiki Teas
Coconut Grove – Steep City Teas
Lemon Chiffon – Della Terra Teas
Flowery Pineapple Oolong – Butiki Teas
Ginger Zinger – Steep City Teas

(so many whites and all fruity!)

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