[INT'L] International tea swaps! I don't care where I send it!

As the title states, this thread is intended for those who want to try tea from all around the world.

If you don’t mind sending your tea across international waters, feel free to post here.

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cteresa said

Courtney I would be interested in one of those (particularly the guayasa) though I am afraid I got no matchas. i just followed you, if you are interested, do send me a mail.

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I’m happy to swap internationally. Feel free to PM me if you’re interested :)

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Lala said

I have 2 oz. minus 2 tsp of Teavana Blueberry Bliss that I do not like. Willing to swap anywhere.

Is this still available to swap? If so feel free to browse my cupboard. :)

Lala said

Still available. I will send you a PM.

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Sil select said

Taking down my swap for the time being while i reorganize my cupboards and prep for the next set of swap teas that i’ll put up for grabs :) thanks to everyone who offered to swap with me!

Courtney said

Hey Sil, I’d love to try the 52Teas Breakfast Smoothie and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Honeybush, as well as Della Terra’s Cinnamon Crackle, and maybe a bit of David’s Quangzhou Milk Oolong. Was there anything in my cupboard that interests you? I believe we recently did a swap so I hope so haha :)

Sil select said

I’ll send you a pm :)

Cavocorax said

I’d be interested in a few as well!

Could I try the raspberry truffle matcha, chai matcha, the orange chocolate from lupicia, tangerine spice from kally, and the malted chocomate?

Let me know if I have anything you want try!

Sil select said

Updating the list as I swap things out, so anything listed is still available. Yay for happy swap times!

I’m interested in:
Peach Cardamom – 52 Teas
Apricot Guayusa – Butiki teas
Pineapple Cilantro Cream – Butiki teas
Cola Chai – Kally Tea
Prince Vladimir – Kusmi 50g
Raspberry Truffle Matcha 50g

Check my cupboard and see if anything interests you :)

Sil select said

I’ll update the list again once kitty and i settle on things :)

Sil select said

List updated accordingly :)

Fiddling said

I’m interested in the Salted Caramel, Long Life Oolong, Cranberry Pear, and Pineapple Oolong and sampling the Pink Flamingo, Quanzou Milk Oolong, Organic Tie Kwan Yin.

Let me know if anything in my cupboard looks good to you. :)

Sil select said

I’ll send you a PM fiddling, we can work something out :)

Sil select said

Updated with teas no longer available :)

KallieBoo! said

If you’re still interested in swapping I’d love to try Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Cotton Candy black 52teas, Vanilla Sky Steep City, Salted Caramel David’s. If there is anything in my cupboard let me know :)

Sil select said

Sent you a PM Kallie

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Beeblebear said

I’m new in here and hope I’m doing this right…

I’ve got 23g of Mrs Doyle’s Chill Out Tea if anyone is interested in trying it. There’s not much in my cupboard at all so I’ll take anything I haven’t tried yet in return.

You can read about Mrs Doyle’s here, should you so desire – http://www.mrsdoylestea.ie/

I’d be happy to trade with you if you can find anything on my shelf you would like to try. :)

Beeblebear said

Ooh, thankyou. I shall go and have a look :)

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Okay, must swap. Too many new teas coming, need to clear out some of the ones I probably won’t drink.

52teas’ Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish
Della Terra’s Blueberry Crumble
Butiki’s Pineapple Cilantro Cream
DavidsTea’s Perfect Pear
DavidsTea’s Merry Cranberry
52teas’ Shamrock Tea
52teas’ S’mores Genmaicha
DavidsTea’s Buttered Rum
Granville Island Tea Co.‘s Mango Rooibos
Granville Island Tea Co.’s Tuscan Pear Rooibos
Granville Island Tea Co.’s Surprise Rooibos

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I am interested in the:
-52teas’ Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish
-52teas’ Shamrock Tea
-DavidsTea’s Perfect Pear
-Butiki’s Pineapple Cilantro Cream

Please browse my cupboard and see if you can find anything you are interested in :)

You must not be following me, I can’t message you. I will take a look through your cupboard, I’m sure we can work something out. :)

Ooops I’m sorry I thought I was following you already. I just sorted that problem out.

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I simply have too much tea and promised my husband I would cut down my cupboards as they are over flowing. So I have a large collection to swap out, willing to accept tea swaps, postage money or maybe anything you have to trade (jewellery, lip balm, anything you make yourself). In other words I’m not fussy and I’m going to be very generous with my swaps.

I am also willing to split the amounts so if you only want a few bags or grams of something that is fine :)

Whittard of Chealsea – Green Tea/Green Peach – 100g
Clipper – Organic Assam – 75g
Dragon Tea House – Premium Dian Hang – 25g
Canton Tea – Sri Lankan Lemongrass – 25g
Heath & Heather – Green Tea & Lemongrass – 20 x Teabags
Heath & Heather – Apple & Cinnamon – 10 x Teabags
Yogi Tea – Choco Chai – 70g
Twinings – African Roibos, Strawberry and Vanilla – 13 x Teabags
Heath & Heather – Rosehip & Hibiscus – 20 x Teabags
Heath & Heather – Nettle – 17 x Teabags
Heath & Heather – Camomile – 17 x Teabags
Heath & Heather – Fennel – 10 x Teabags
Miles Tea and Coffee – Original Black Assam – 115g
Temple of Heaven – Special Gunpowder – 115g
Clipper – Cloud Nine – 8 x Teabags
Clipper – Love Me Truly Organic Chai – 8 x Teabags
Clipper – Zen Again – 12 x Teabags
Clipper Rise & Shine – 4 x Teabags
Clipper – Green China Tea – 115g
Twinings – Camomile, Honey and Vanilla – 50 Teabags
Teapigs – Chilli Chai – 10 x Teabags
Twinings – Green Tea with Orange and Lotus Flower – 15 x Teabags
Clipper – Organic White Tea – 45 x Teabags
Heath & Heather – Camomile and Honey – 16 x Teabags
Heath & Heather – Peppermint – 10 x Teabags
Cha-Yi Tea – Genmaicha – 29g
Infussion – Schisandra Chinensis – 18g

Cavocorax said

I’d be interested in the Simpli Licorice and Vanilla, Pekko Orange Blossom Oolong, Twinning Fennel, and some of the Clipper/Miles Assam. Also, some of the other Clipper teas too! I’m not sure what I have that you might like, but barring that I can send you postage money. I also have a leash access to a DavidsTea!

I’m sure we can work something out :) Sending you a message.

cteresa said

Kitty, I am interested in the Pekko teas, or the all ammount or for some of it. I can do postage money or tea swap (surely if you send some teas out, you can get some teas back in). Swapping for crafty stuff, lately been refurbishing some tins for tea (a warning, the air tight ones are pretty small, good for 50-60 grams of tea only with paper – but it´s pretty basic stuff.

Dag Wedin said

What kind of tea is zimbabwe white?
I´d be interested in some Jin Xuan Oolong.

Dag Wedin – The Zimbabwe White is listed as being Pai Mu Tan ‘style’.

Here is a link to the Steepster page for it where it has more information on how it’s grown etc.


Let me know if your still interested :)

Dag Wedin said

Oh, that white seems interesting.
I´d be interested in perhaps 20g of that and the milk oolong.

Check my cupboard if there is a tea you would like to try :)

Dexter said

Kitty do you still have the Della Terra – Cappuccino Caramel Crunch – 38g available? I’d be interested in swapping or paying postage for it.

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I’m interested in the following:

Butiki Pistachio Ice Cream
52Teas Weeping Angel
52Teas Pineberry Honeybush

Is there anything on my swap list or shelf that you would be interested in? :)

Courtney said

The Weeping Angel is actually gone, I was actually just about to cross it off. I’m more than happy to send some Pineberry HB and Pistachio Ice Cream though :) I’m just going to check your cupboard now.

Hallieod said

I have the rest of a package of Weeping Angel I got from sil, and would be happy to pop it over to you! (I didn’t like it anymore than she did, but it was fun to try.)

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Message deleted by author.

I’m interested in the following:
Three Lemon Green, DavidsTea
Carrot Cake, DavidsTea
Pure Vanilla, DavidsTea
Gui Fei Oolong, Butiki Teas
Rouge D’Automne, Mariage Freres

Let me know if you see anything in my swap list/cupboard that you would be interested in. :)

I’d be happy to try anything that’s leftover after KittyLovesTea has had her choices. I’m trying to extend the range of teas I’ve tried, so this is a good opportunity for me! I can do a sample of most of the teas in my cupboard currently (there are only a few one-cup exceptions) — do you want to have a look and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to swap for?

darby select said

Check out my cupboard and see if anything interests you. I’m interest in the David’s teas.

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