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OFFICIAL Stash Sales Thread

There have been quite a few people selling off tea from their stashes (instead of swapping) lately, and I am probably not the only one who feels like all the separate threads are starting to clutter up the boards a bit. I have OK’d this thread with Jason, and it is officially ok to list teas from your stash for sale in this thread.

Some rules to keep things running smoothly:

1) NO TEA COMPANIES. This thread is for private individuals that wish to sell teas from their stash that they no longer care for. If you are selling your own blends or you are a tea company, this is not a place to post!

2) Please list the amount of tea for sale, and if possible, the price you are asking. This gives people a better idea of how much they can spend.

3) Please list where you are located so people have an idea about what shipping may cost them.

4) Please use only this thread for listing your items for sale. Do not start your own thread. When you update your sales list, you can post a new comment to your post here and it will bump the sales thread to the top.

Hopefully this works out like the swap threads and keeps things tidy. Please let me know if there are any other rules you think should be added to the list.

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Dinosara said

updated list below

Hi! Is the cherry and strawberry and vanilla loose leaf or in the tea bags?

Dinosara said

Hi Abby, they are loose.

I’m interested in the breakfast EG I’ve heard it’s pretty robust! I assume it’s loose by the size. Please “follow me” so we can chat more logistics.

Dinosara said

Sure thing, please follow me back and then we can PM.

bearah said

I am interested in the Strawberry & Vanilla if it’s still available!

Dinosara said

bearah – it is available. Sent you a PM.

teatiemz said

Hi! I’m interested in the Sakurambo and the decaf Momo. Shall I PM you? I’m also in Eastern US

Dinosara said

Yes, I have followed you, please follow me back and you will be able to PM me.

Dinosara said

Updated list!

Dinosara said

Updated my list with a new Verdant rooibos blend

Sil select said

gah. i totally cancelled my blends box and now…now i WANT.

Janie Teo said

hi all, i also have plenty of teas, kept aside and can’t drink them all. this thread is great. But i must say those teas i have are all without the wrappers which i had taken away for my collection and trading with other collectors. I store those teas in zipbag. If there are any of you interested to buy please pm me and i will let you know what flavor i have with me.

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Lala said

Just wanted to say great idea on this thread!

Pyroxy select said

Seconded. This is brilliant. :D

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mrmopar said


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Looking to sell as an entire lot. Also posted this in trade – so whichever one takes it is fine. Probably $15-20 plus shipping.

7 Tea Bags Stash Pumpkin Spice Decaf
1 Stash Orange Spice Black
1 Harney and Sons Ceyond and India Orange Pekoe Mellow Black
16 Stash Coconut Mange Oolong
.5 Ounce (or so) Tealicious Acai Berry White
.5 Ounce Dragon Well Tealicious
1 Ounce Teavana White/Herbal/Rock Sugar – Wild Orange Blossom Blend
1 Ounce Argo Tea Ginger Peach
Persimmon Tree Tea White Guava Small Tin
All D&B Teas are maybe .5 ounce sample.
Deflefsen and Balk Earl Grey Bergamott Decaf
Deflefsen and Balk Decaf Black CeylonOp Chocolate Truffle
Deflefsen and Balk Pomegranate Decaf Black
Deflefsen and Balk Blueberry Mango Black Decaf
Deflefsen and Balk Decaf China Sencha
Deflefsen and Balk Orange Black
1 Bag Harney Earl Grey Supreme Black
1 Bag Harney Organic English Breakfast Black
2 Bag Numi Savory Beet Cabbage Green
1 Ounce Argo Tea Masala Chai
1 Bag Numi Savory Tomato Mint
1 Bag Numi Savory Carrot Curry

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VariaTEA said
Message deleted by author.
TeaLady441 said

OK, I think I’ll take your CS Cookie Sleigh since I keep thinking about it. :p
And you’re Mint Cacao sample!

How much would shipping to US be?

VariaTEA said

It all depends on how much you want. I have had packages that cost me $1 for a stamp and I had packages that cost me around $8/$9.

MoonShyne said

Hi there, I’m in Keswick Ontario and would love to buy some tea . It’s great your local! I’d like:

Teavana Mudslide,
David’s Ceylon Star,
David’s Mint Chocolate Rooibos,
David’s white chocolate frost,
David’s Alpine Punch,
Caesars Vanilla Cream Pie,
Cleopatra Chai,
Butiki Maple pecan oolong,
American tea room coco loco.

I’m new to tea and this is a great way for me to try some out. My postal code is L4P 3T2, let me know how much the tea and shipping will be and we can figure out the details :) Thanks!

VariaTEA said

Hey MoonShyne, can you follow me so I can message you about details?

bearah said

I’m interested in purchasing some tea. Please follow me back so we can figure out details? :)

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Ali select said

With all the holiday sales and whatnot, I’ve gone a bit overboard with tea! Clearing out some teas that I’m just not into.

Shipping from US to US only at this time (I ship using USPS online as my post office is tricky to get to without a car :( Sorry!) and taking Paypal only.

The loot: http://imgur.com/V5FqgHv

-Box of Wizzotzky Signature Green Tea (bags) – a few taken out – $3
-Teatulia Earl of Bengal (bags) – 4 left – $1
-Guayaki Yerba Mate (loose) – 8 oz bag, 2 tbsp taken out – $5
-Adagio White Tropics (loose) – 23g $2
-Earth Teaze Coco Chai Rooibos (loose) – 50g – couple tsps taken out – $3

Would appreciate a $5 minimum (just to make shipping/packing materials worth it)! Shipping is actual cost, I will weigh and use your zip to calculate.


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Message deleted by author.

Interested in the Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush, the Phoenix Pearl, the Brioche Free, and the Pumpkin Creme Brûlée. I’m also in the U.S.

Do you still have teas available? Can you please post prices by each choice, so I can decide which I want? Thanks.

TraceyC, I do still have teas available! Could you follow me so we could discuss in the messages? Thanks!

NayLynn said

I’m interested in Maharaja Chai Oolong/Samurai Chai Mate Blend with Rock Sugar and Coconut Chai tea

I am now following you ;-)

Updated my list! ~

I am interested in a few. Sending you a PM.

Updated list!

You got me again, QueenOfTarts. I want a bunch of them. 52 teas French Vanilla, All of the Herbal Infusions, Della Terra Birthday Cupcake, Butiki (both), TeaGuys (all 3). Please message me the amount or should I just mail you my paycheck. LOL

NayLynn said

I think I may need both bags of Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha and my husband could always use more Maharaja Chai Oolong & Samurai Chai Mate Blend with Rock Sugar.

Updated my list! :)

I’m interested in the
⁺ Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish
Caramel Pumpkin Marshmallow
⁺ Eight Candles

Updated my list!

Interested in:

Butiki Teas
⁺ White Rhino – 1/2 oz/8 cup pouch, minus about 2 cups’ worth

Herbal Infusions
⁺ Marshmallow Snowflake Earl Grey – unopened 1 oz pouch

Mandy said

I would be very interested in:
52 Teas:
⁺ GenmaiChai
⁺ Maple Cheesecake Ti Kwan Yin
Butiki Teas
⁺ Nutmeg Cream
Herbal Infusions
⁺ Vanilla Bean Cacao Tea

Updated my list

Hi again,
I would like:
The Republic of Tea
⁺ Plantain Coconut Green Rooibos – teabags
Harney & Sons
⁺ Black Currant Iced Tea – 4 2-Quart Teabags, stored in clear plastic bag
Della Terra Teas
⁺ Chocolate Pumpkin Pie – sample, minus 1.5 tsps
Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse
⁺ White Peach White Tea – loose, will come in resealable bag
Butiki Teas
⁺ Brown Crystal Sugar – 2 oz, minus a tsp
⁺ Caramel Vanilla Assam – 0.5 oz
Please PM me the total. Thanks.


Still have north winds?

whatshesaid – I do! I’m following you if you want to send me a message if you’re still interested. Thanks!

Can you message me what you want for the Blood Orange Smoothie, Six Summits, raspberry riot, and rooibos garden? Just wondering and those sound interesting. Thanks.

Interested, depending on price! thanks!
Teavivre – Guang Dong Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea – unopened sample
Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro – 7 loose teabags, will come in resealable bag
52Teas Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake – unopened pouch
Tea Guys – what is the size on their samples?
⁺ Sweet Pumpkin Spice – unopened sample
⁺ Maple Sugar – unopened sample
⁺ French Vanilla Bean – unopened sample
⁺ Chocolate Delight – unopened sample

Any of these still available?

Christeana1 – Yes! My list is current! :)

Did you get the fig rose before teavana took the nuts out of the blend?

No, it appears that there are nuts in the Fig Rose that I have.

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Updated 1/28 to reflect purchased teas and new additions.

I have a few teas that I’m not enjoying as much as I’d hoped. Each has roughly a teaspoon taken out of it, but they’re all in their original packaging. I’ve listed individual prices, but I’d like to include a $3 charge to partially cover shipping costs. Of course, if you want more than one, I’ll gladly package them together. I’m located in the U.S., which means that anyone outside of the States will probably up the shipping price. I’m willing to haggle somewhat on pricing, and I’ll accept Paypal.

Butiki -
Irish Cream Cheesecake (1/2 oz) – $5
Pumpkin Creme Brulee (1 oz) – $4

I’m interested in the Champagne and Rose Cream, the Tamarind Pop, and the Pineapple Oolong! I’m in the U.S.

Got’cha, bluebelle. I went ahead and sent you a message so we can hammer out the details. Thanks for your interest.

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I have a big tub now that I know I don’t like so I’m throwing this up here. These are unopened and in original packaging unless otherwise stated. You pay shipping. I am located just outside of Seattle.

(AS OF 2/10/14)
Pineapple Bacon Rooibos – 2oz – $4
Pineberry Honeybush – 2oz – $4
Ginger Pumpkin Cheesecake Honeybush – 2oz $4
Very Big Hill Dew – 2oz – $4
Witches’ Brew Chai – 2oz – $4
Gingerbread Smoke – 1.75oz – $4
Napalm Ferret – 2oz – $4
Strawberry Daiquiri Honeybush – 2oz – $4
Gingerbread Coffeecake Green – 2oz – $4
Cinnamon Roll Honeybush – ~1+ oz – $3 opened in plastic bag
Maple Bacon – sample – $0.25
Coconut cheesecake honeybush – sample $0.25
Pina Colada Honeybush – sample – $0.25

Fauchon –
Caramel and Jasmin – 1/3 of tin $1 (can include tin for additional $1) opened

Stash –
Cinnamon Apple Chamomile – 8 bags $0.25/bag
Orange Starfruit – 4 bags – $0.25/bag

Fusion Teas –
Chamomile Vanilla Bean – 1.5 oz minus 2tsp – $3 – opened, original packaging
Chocolate Cake – sample (~0.5-1oz?) – $1.50
Carrotcake – sample (~0.5-1oz?) – $1.50

Ovation Teas
Raspberry Earl Grey – ~15oz – $1/oz – opened.

Adagio Teas –
Lapsang Souchong – 3oz – $5
Rooibos (red) – 3oz – $5

Coffee Match –
Tea Phusion – 3-4oz bags one opened, one unopened, mystery black tea – whatever you’ll pay for it.

Nature’s Tea Leaf –
Black Tea with Lemon – ~0.5 oz – $1 – opened

Della Terra Teas –
Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Rooibos – 2 oz $4
Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie Black – 2oz – $4
Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie Black – sample – $1
Fireside Spice – sample – $1
Chocolate Chai Pu-erh – sample – $1

Teajo Teas –
Red Bush Chai – sample (10-12 cups) – $1

Bluebird Tea –
Honey Bee Beautiful – 60g – $4

Grshwendner (sp?)
1387 Ginger Rooibos – opened sample – $1

Culinary Teas –
White Chocolate Chai – opened sample plastic bag – $1

YokoTea – samples $1 each
Good Vibrations (ginger peach black)
Polarity – (Organic Hibiscus Tulsi Blend)
Divinity (x2) – Organic Rooibos Coconut Chai
Fire (Chai Black Blend)
Harmony (Organic Fair Trade Tulsi Chamomile Blend)
Forever Young (Organic Tulsi Herbal Spice Blend)
Aspiration – (Fruit & Floral Herbal Blend)
Nectar (Organic Ginger Peach Honey Black Blend)

How big are the samples from 52teas + Della Terra? I might be interested in a few. Following you.

DTT samples are pretty generous, I checked on their site and they’re 1oz. I dropped the price on the 52teas samples since they’re 1-2 servings.

Dustin said

Has anyone called dibs on the Fauchon tea yet? I’d love to give it a go.

Dustin – nope. It’s still open.

darby select said

Ill take the Fauchon with tin…follow me.

If Dustin doesn’t end up taking it, darby.

EDIT: Which he has.

I will take a bunch of these to try:
Witches’ Brew Chai – 2oz – $4
Coconut cheesecake honeybush – sample $0.25
Pina Colada Honeybush – sample – $0.25

Fusion Teas –
Carrotcake – sample (~0.5-1oz?) – $1.50

Della Terra Teas –
Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie Black – sample – $1
Fireside Spice – sample – $1
Chocolate Chai Pu-erh – sample – $1

Teajo Teas –
Red Bush Chai – sample (10-12 cups) – $1

Culinary Teas –
White Chocolate Chai – opened sample plastic bag – $1

YokoTea – samples $1 each
Good Vibrations (ginger peach black)
Divinity (x2) – Organic Rooibos Coconut Chai
Fire (Chai Black Blend)

If I counted correctly, I believe it totals $15. I will follow you.

2 questions… (1) is the raspberry earl grey still up for grabs? And (2) are you willing to seperate it into smaller than 15oz or are you looking to sell the whole amount?? Thanks for any info in adavance:)

Yes, 13 oz of it is still up for grabs and yes, I didn’t really think anyone would want 15 oz of this so it’s easily separable.

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As I have a few things hanging around that I am thiniing of selling, so I will post some here. If they go well I might just list more later.

Verdant tea~ 3 bucks each, all sample size bags
Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell green
Sun Dried Jingshan Green
Spring Harvest Laoshan Green

Teance~ .5oz bags. 2 bucks each
Imperial Pu-erh
Dafang Green

Zen tea ~ probably about an oz. This package is open with some missing, I just didnt like it. Price negotiable

Puerh loose leaf

I learned the hard way that greens and puerh teas just aren’t for this girl. Please let it benefit you. You will pay shipping. 3 buck in the states and 5 for Canada. Outside of those will depend on the country. Message me or post here if your interested.

Kat said

I’m interested in some of your teas. I’ll follow you so we can talk about it via message.

Followed you back. Drop me a line.

Interested following you.

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