drank Choco Blues by TeaTaxi
1792 tasting notes

Sipdown! I suck for not being around much lately, and that’s largely due to the fact that I’ve been slacking on the tea-drinking front. I need to get back into making cold brews and/or enjoying some hot tea whenever I’m home. I polished off the rest of this with some milk and while it was good, it won’t be worth a repurchase.

This has been the first BF, well, ever (as a Canadian) that didn’t result in crazy tea orders. I swear I couldn’t find anything interesting? Or perhaps I missed out? I have, however, been going crazy on cosmetics and skincare. Ugh. A lot of the money I made at my previous job has been going to that stuff.

Did I mention that my last job was a management position at Sephora? Some days I still regret leaving, but it was the cattiest, most passive-aggressive work environment, unsurprisingly, that I have ever experienced. It would have been the most perfect, temporary job before finding a career-oriented one had it not been for the way that damn place is ludicrously run.

Anyway, another tea bites the dust.

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