drank Candy Cane by Tea Geek'ery
1792 tasting notes

Achoo! Please don’t tell me that I’m getting sick. I’ve been sneezing quite a bit today, I’m sniffly, and my throat is a little sore, plus over the past few days, I’ve been experiencing that dull, almost-not-even-there headache that you (at least it happens to me?) can get with an oncoming cold.

Guess now is a good time to have this. Icing this resulted in a minty fresh beverage with a kiss of vanilla. I cannot taste the rooibos in this. There’s a lingering icy feeling on my lips and in the back of my throat from the peppermint, and some lingering sweetness from the spearmint. Very tasty but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get more.

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