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This tea was fun. It was a lightly flavored vanilla black with a very light orange finish. It was perfect for my afternoon light reading of the Aunt Dimity series.


Flavors: Vanilla

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I am jealous of anybody that lives anywhere near Philadelphia. It seems like you have some pretty awesome tea shops. We literally have no unique shops near me. The only tea room that I know of just serves Bigelow with springs of mint. Which is fine. I would love to have a shop like The Random Tea Room near me.

Enough of my ramblings. . this was a fantastic maltly slightly astringent black tea. I really liked it. As it cools, the astringency became more pronounced and that part I wasn’t to keen on. But overall a decent cuppa.


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Not sure how I did it, but I went thru an 1oz of this fast. Sipdown!

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I love the name of this one. I am one that does have a cup of coffee some mornings instead of going with tea. Some days I just need an extra push.

This tea was a tasty blend of black tea, puerh, vanilla, and butterscotch. All of those flavors came thru nicely. I didn’t pick up any hazelnut so I’m going to play with the parameters a bit more. The tea leaves remind me of butterscotch candy.

A yummy way to wake up that’s for sure.


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Steeped this one up and from the smell alone I could tell I wasn’t going to be a fan. One sip and this isn’t bad but this isn’t one I want to finish the cup. I didn’t realize this had rooibos in it. I was blinded by the cool artwork on the package. AGH!


Blinded by the cool artwork… an all too familiar trap :-) Better luck next time!

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This tea has the “WOW” Factor. It really does.

This tea reminds me of those caramel apple green suckers I used to eat all the time when I was a teenager. I think they still have them-just can’t remember what they are called.

Delicious caramel with green apple notes and a lovely green tea base. I’m in green tea heaven! Really Recommend this one. Iced or hot, this was a tasty tea.


Flavors: Apple, Caramel, Sweet


I think Charms made them?


Tootsie pops caramel apple pops I believe


Caramel Apple Pops! That’s what they were called. Now I want one :)

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I don’t drink a lot of oolongs but I think that needs to change. This was a nice smooth oolong. Almost malty. Pretty good. I had this in the form of a tea sachet. I could see myself wanting to get more of this.


I was so excited yesterday when my tea cup from Bulgaria showed up! I love this beautiful tea cup. I don’t have anything like it and now I feel “fancy” when I drink out of it. I’ve nicknamed it “Beauty”. Is that weird I named my tea cup?


Happy Tuesday all!


it’s a great looking cup!

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Every once in a while you come across a tea that has the “Wow” factor. A lot of teas taste pleasant and are enjoyable, but they don’t have that knock you off your feet kind of good going on. This does. I have never had Soursop Tea before and I couldn’t believe how good it was. This tasted just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch without the sugar overload. You have to let it simmer for about 15 minutes but after that, you are greeted with some kind of deliciousness.


Flavors: Cinnamon, Sweet


sounds really neat!


Sil I have a box that was returned to me for you. The post office was being nit picky. I will throw some of this in for you.


stupid post office. :( sorry to hear that!

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Fresh Raspberries and juicy peaches with a delicate white tea base. Really like this one. I’ve had this blend before but those tasted flat and stale. This one tasted bright and fresh.


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Oh where to begin. Its been a crazy couple years. My life has completely been turned upside down but I’m very happy where I landed. I’m finally in a great place-Living with an amazing guy and his hilarious yet full of attitude twin teenage boys, and my two adorable kiddos in Central Illinois and there is no other place I’d want to be.

Now on to the tea: I love all kinds. I’m not a huge fan of red rooibos but I love green rooibos. Beyond that, I’ll try everything once or twice to make sure I didn’t bumble up the steepings. If you are interested in something from me, just holler at me. I’m always up for trying new tea blends or sharing with others!

Check out my blog at http://www.cuppageek.com/

Recently, I was added to the SororiTea Sisters. I’m very excited and grateful for this new adventure to begin. Check us out here: http://sororiteasisters.com/.





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