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Herbal Honeybush Rooibos Blend
Blue Cornflowers, Coconut, Honeybush, Lavender, Natural And Artificial Flavouring, Rooibos
Coconut, Creamy, Lavender, Rooibos, Wood, Apple, Honey, Straw, Floral, Vanilla, Flowers, Perfume, Rose, Cream, Caramel, Chocolate, Earth, Marshmallow, Toasty, Smooth, Frosting, Nutty
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Loose Leaf
Caffeine Free
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205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 15 sec 5 g 11 oz / 322 ml

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Worth singing about
We’ll never forget the day Jessie Farrell came into our store looking for lavender tea. The red-headed country star was on a quest. She wanted something comforting, energizing and antioxidant-filled that she could drink all day long. Together, we came up with this pretty blend of lavender, rooibos, coconut and cornflowers. Try it. You’ll understand why she wrote a song about it.

Price per 50g: $7.50

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DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

201 Tasting Notes

1186 tasting notes

Last cup of the night. I was making Bday Cake by DavidsTea but the bf didn’t like the maple smell, so I poured it out haha. This one took its place. With a splash of milk, this tastes like a decadent coconut dessert, almost like cream pie. Yum. Definitely no sweetner required lol. Anyways, off to bed, work tomorrow then my first exam in my after work course! Eek! I’ve at least been studying tonight :) see previous notes on this tea!

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15942 tasting notes

Maybe it’s a little sad or needy of me, but I was wondering why no one had liked or commented on my tasting note of Jessie’s Day from earlier today – sure it wasn’t witty or anything, but not one like? So I went through my tasting notes and low and behold – Steepster ate it! Makes sense…

Anyway, I woke up last night/this morning (like 4 AM) with this ridiculous craving for lavender so I made a large mug of this, gulped it down and promptly went back to sleep. I must have been really out of it because when I got up today and went to the kitchen there was rooibos all over the counter! Like, enough for a mug or two (thankfully I have tons of this since I received it as a Christmas gift from two people). I think I must have missed the tea ball a couple times…


haha I was so sad reading the first paragraph and was like “how did I miss this?!?!”


Haha, we definitely weren’t boycauting you! aww

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357 tasting notes

I’m finishing off this sample today. I can see myself maybe picking up another simple size of this in the distant future, but it certainly won’t be a cupboard staple for me. The flavor is unmistakably lavender with a complimentary coconut taste. Not bad, it’s certainly different than anything else that’s currently in my cupboard.

My step-sister is visiting from China and I’m helping to throw her a baby shower this weekend, so my reviews may be a tad on the sporadic until all the hustle and bustle of the event is over. I’m elbow deep in making party favors, banners, and planning games. Surrounded by mess but armed with my mug of tea…all is well.


I like this one if I am feeling blue,


BAH…my keyboard got me and I cant edit my other comment! But as I was trying to say when I am feeling down this is a good pick me up tea. Certainly different I hesitated trying it for the longest time but it’s not too bad.

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6444 tasting notes

So I took a sip and my mother looked at me and said “you don’t look like you are enjoying that” and to be honest, I am not. I loved it for so long but my last few cups just haven’t been all that pleasant. I am noticing it is a pretty thick tea and the combination of flavors is bordering on being just a little too lotiony for my tastes.


your tastes have changed, quite logical while exploring more and more teas.

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1598 tasting notes

Another sipdown! I’m down to 106 now – not too shabby! This was nice. I’m always a bit nervous about lavender because I associate it with grandmothers and soap, but this was really good.

I just packed up 19 teas for my sister as a Loose-Leaf starter kit (with instructions, perfect spoon and perfect mug). I’m so excited and I hope she likes it. I tried to mix the traditional teas like Earl Grey and Assams, with all the fun flavoured ones that a lot of people start with. I hope it’s not too much. :| I will probably wait until Sil’s package arrives because I know she sent me some DavidsTea samples and some of those might be nice to pass on as well.

106 is nice, but I’m worried I’ll be up to 150 soon (which would be a record). I’m expecting samples from Jessiwrites, JackieT, Sil, TerryHarpLady, and Kittena, and I’ve got orders now from Verdant, Butiki, Steappe Shoppe, and Harney & Sons. And 52 Teas. Yikes. That sounds like a lot when you type it all out. I spaced it out though – that’s probably ALL I ordered this month.


That is a lot of tea coming your way! Awesome!! Btw, I like this tea too. Haven’t had it in awhile though….I should have a cup. :)


Yeah. It’s a little out of control? (That’s the Steepster life!)

And yeah, I’ll probably restock some of this again. In a few months!


haha…and so the slide upwards begins…. i remember when i jumped from 100 to 150….and then it was suddenly 200 and then omg terri made me hit 300…. lol


Can I like this twice? Awesome post! I keep giggling. (Not a girly giggle though. Please!)


Hahaha. :P I wish I could like commments!


you know your cupboard is just going to be worse when you get to toronto… especially if i sucker nxtdoor into joining the ordering craziness lol since that’s SIX! people to join in the fray :) Also…you should totally rent a place near ours lol


Hahaha. I better get a job that pays enough to support this influx of tea. (Steven Smith order, anyone?)


Wow. Twist my rubber arm why don’t you? Cavocorax, Sil has enough tea loving neighbours. Move to Aurora. Is only 30 minutes north by car and ..I’m having a hard time converting these people up here. Plebs, I tell you. It’ll be nice to have you.


I think my bf was thinking of one of the smaller communities (like King???) north where it might be cheaper to live and less crazy, and then we can take the train to TO for work/school.


Oh – isn’t Aurora like one train stop away from King? :O
(And it takes me like 50 minutes to get to work now in Vancouver with transit, so the idea of taking ONE train is sorta appealing). How is Aurora?


haha actually the other girls are all in guelph – they just drive in for an hour. IB is somewhere in the boonies as well lol.

We’re at avenue/wilson and my other half takes the subway/bus to york for school lol just saying..


Aurora is beautiful. Growing. Pretty affluent. I don’t know about train, I don’t do train. I get around, as nature intended, in a car!


You could always come visit before you decide. I know this great 4 bedroom home where you can stay. One of the owners started drinking a lot of tea recently but she is severely allergic to cats.


Thanks for the offer but we’ve got my Sister-in-Law in TO, so he’ll have somewhere to stay. I guess he’ll be there for 3 weeks doing Math Camp stuff at York and looking for a place, while I stay home, drink tea and pack! Hahah. (I’d rather pack than look for a place).

How long does it take him to get to York from where you are Sil?


Also, what does he do at York? (curious)


He’s doing computer networking technology thingy whatever lol. This is like his third degree so that’s it! He’s cut off after this one so that I can have babies ;)

He says it takes 40mins tops to get to school from where we’re at…which can be a bit long if you’re one of those people who hates a commute. Me on the other hand, as long as its less than 60 mins I’m good. It’s book and tv time :)


Hah. I have a Math BSc, from York! Yay York :)

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1442 tasting notes

This tin of rooibos is one of the “originals” from my initial first purchase at David’s Tea. Age has not weakened its resolve to invade entire rooms with its “stench” whenever I prepare it- it may even have made it stronger!

Despite owning this for over year I still have yet to figure out if I love it or merely tolerate it. Coconut and monstrous lavender carry both the scent and flavour profile. Sometimes that comes off as yummy creamy, floral, and mint-like, other-times it simply makes me nauseous in a soap and perfume guzzling way. I wonder what would happen if I bathed in this olfactory titan.

Although I have mixed feelings on the taste, it never fails to make me nostalgic of my first days of loose leaf purchasing. Back then I bought 100g tins of everything and was on a mission to obtain every tea and tisane that even mentioned coconut. If it weren’t for my obsession with coconut, the whispers of a delicious coconut tea at Murchies, and the continuous “sold out” status of said tea, I would never have begun exploring in the first place. My love of coconut and tea are deeply connected to each other.

Today, I find myself enjoying this rooibos blend. When it’s like this I always wonder why I don’t drink it all the time. I’ve yet to try other lavender blends but this one has always made me curious to try more.

Still unsure about this tea but it would feel so wrong not to have it around after our long history together. It’s odour would always be noticeably absent. :(

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Coconut is what lures me, too… I had to try it!


I never really thought about how the lavender could be such a terrible thing!


It slowly seeps into everything you hold dear and utterly defiles it. Lavender is a herbal sociopath (and I kind of like this rooibos too).


Hahah. Herbal sociopath. Best description ever!

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141 tasting notes

I don’t have a lot of experience with lavender as a flavoring component so I was going into this one blind.

The fragrance is strong of coconut and very subtly minty. Since mint isn’t listed as an ingredient, I’m guessing that’s how I was interpreting the lavender.

When prepared, there was a faint slick at the top of the cup which I’m guessing was coconut oil. There was a creaminess to this and the coconut flavor was very strong. I picked up a very faint wintergreen or peppermint note and a tart-floral finish. There’s a lingering coconut aftertaste.

I received a sample of this with my recent order. It definitely isn’t something I would have selected on my own but I was pleasantly surprised by how good this turned out.

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec
Michelle Butler Hallett

Thanks for the post, Paul. I’ve been considering this tisane for a while, but the coconut made me hesitate. I’ve enjoyed the effect of cococut in David’s Cocoa Paradiso, so I might try Jessie’s next.

Michelle Butler Hallett

I find some red rooiboses, especially when super-fresh, give off a slight mintiness.

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160 tasting notes

So this is pretty great. The rooibos taste is strong enough that I know it’s a rooibos but slight enough that I can taste the coconut. I don’t notice much lavendar, maybe because I wasn’t looking for it. I made it hot a little while ago and it was soothing, now I’m picking up the remainder of what’s left (cold) and it is AMAZING cold!! I guess when I really pay attention to the details, the lavendar is there, but to me it’s much more of a simple soothing flavored rooibos, which I can seeing loving at bedtime or post meals (especially BIG meals). I would order this for sure, and with my tea club card that came with my steeper, I think I will once bills are straighened out!

Aimee Popovacki

mm i like this one too… even though i’m not a huge rooibos fan

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813 tasting notes

made my breakfast and lunches for the week! feels good and healthy.

TRYING to decide on a book to read – Ninety Days, Devil in the Details, How Should a Person Be?, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, A Field Guide to Getting Lost, Gone Girl, and Songs and Stories of the Ghouls.
i’m really good at reading the first few pages of each and then not deciding on one. and i’m freakin pissing myself off.
don’t worry, it’s my own burden and i do it to myself.

this tea is not very lavender i don’t think. i say that because i don’t really like lavender. but i loooove myself some coconut.

(i will say that i always have a hard time picking this tea because i made the mistake of listening to the songwriter and song the tea description mentions and the thought of it makes me hate people)


Read them all? Personally, I would eeny meeny miney moe to choose what order and then just dig in.


ya right? like just discipline and turn off the doubting brain and just keep reading one. i’m gonna number randomizer it!


I love the number randomizer.


it generated 2, Devil in the Details it is!
thanks for the nudge.

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171 tasting notes

My coworker RAVES about this tea, so I decided to give it a try as a cup to go. I enjoy rooibos, quite a bit. I’ve found recently I also enjoy coconut. Apparently not that much though. This is an experience that I liken to drinking a cup full of the worst bad breath you have ever smelled. Not for me, that for sure.


I agree. I also think the lavender in this blend is wayyy too strong. It’s good to use in the bathtub though!


I will keep that in mind!


lol… I’ve never tried a tea with lavender yet. I would like to although I’m a little scared it could be overpowering. I love lavender, I grow it in my garden, I have it in my soap and the incense… But how would it be with a tea? I’m going to have to find out I guess…

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