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  • “I feel like I needed this tea today. I feel like nothing else would do. Thankfully I have it on hand. Maybe it’ll snap me out of this funk. ETA: It did. It snapped me out and I feel more like a...” Read full tasting note
  • “It’s dreary, rainy, and cold, but what do I care?! I’m on Mount Gray! As soon as I saw this offered, I knew I had to jump on it — I’m am Earl Grey Fiend and I loved what A&D did with their last...” Read full tasting note
  • “I used to enjoy an occasional Earl Grey over ice. Then I didn’t. I didn’t really like it hot either. The bergamot seemed acidic, I don’t know what happened, really. For a long time I didn’t like...” Read full tasting note
  • “I had a cup of this tea this morning at work and it was awesome as usual, but I’m mostly writing this to say I am getting a kitten, and I am super excited about it!! A Siberian, because I am...” Read full tasting note

From Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea

Welcome to Mount Gray!
Long a cherished landmark, Mount Gray is truly monumental. Since its discovery in the early 19th century, generations of adventure-seekers have been drawn to the dense woods which blanket its gentle slopes. Breathtaking heights abound with lush, fragrant vegetation, and scenic trails offer surprises for even the most frequent visitors. Mount Gray was formed by a geological process involving black tea from Asia and citrus oil from southern Europe, a remarkable combination which continues to delight visitors of all ages.

Planning Your Visit

Visitors are welcome year-round, but will find Mount Gray most crowded during the dreary winter months and on rainy afternoons. We recommend you pack plenty of boiling water, mugs, and spoons.

Regulations in Brief

Milk, sugar, honey, and lemons are all permitted. Steeping is allowed without a permit, but should be restricted to 4 minutes.

About Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea View company

Andrews & Dunham knows that nothing beats a perfect cup of tea, and a great tea needs no explanation. We love the romance of tea. We love that tea might just be the healthiest thing you’ll ever drink. But if the tea you’re drinking doesn’t taste fantastic, you’re missing out. Only a few teas meet our mysterious, rigorous standards and we’re proud to offer them to you. We’re always looking for that perfect cup, so you don’t have to.

72 Tasting Notes

1328 tasting notes

This one was sent to me by Auggy along with a bunch of other different EGs, one of which I have to admit, we already had. No matter though. I must also admit that out of all the flavours with which to flavour tea, bergamot is among my least favourite. I don’t dislike it as such. I just don’t find it very interesting. So, I suspect Auggy is going to try and convert me. Taste Twins, after all. Very well, I trust her, so I will step up to the challenge.

I was drinking this cup while cooking, and that is not the best sort of environment to go into a lot of detail about individual notes and aromas and what have yous, so this will be quite superficial.

One of my problems with EG is the fact that bergamot often strikes me as a floral kind of flavour. All dusty and grey, like an attic nobody has bothered to look into for a few decades. If the tea is very heavily flavoured with bergamot, this is the sort of impression I get of it. Like licking a dusty shelf. It reminds me of a time when I helped clean an attic such as the above described and even though we were all wearing protective suits over our clothes and masks to protect our lungs and all that, it still felt like the dust got in absolutely every where. This was where I learned what dust tastes like. It tastes… dusty. So, naturally, I tend to not like a heavily bergamot flavoured tea.

This particular version, however, is quite mild. It’s only slightly dusty and floral, but I can still clearly tell the bergamot is there. In a line-up, I defintiely think I would be able to pick out the EG if this was the one representing the flavour.

It has a certain creamy feel to it too, all thick and milky. I find that this happens frequently with EGs even if they haven’t had any other flavouring added to enhance it. I suspect it might be a quality of bergamot in general. Heavily flavoured EGs tend to lose that for me, so for me that creamy feeling is very much a plus. If I am to drink an EG, I want it to feel like this. This is very pleasant (for an EG).

In other news, I think it may be a sign that I’ve been listening to too much Cabin Pressure, when I heard Douglas’ voice dictating parts of my post to me as I write… (Also, sometimes, Arthur. Brilliant!)


Ha! Would you believe that our taste twin powers are not out of sync as I am not a huge Earl Grey fan either? I end up with so many because the husband is a fan so I’m learning to appreciate them.

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790 tasting notes

Wow, this is a way bergamotty EG. A really good tea. Strong and in your face but not harsh. Thanks, ifjuly!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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612 tasting notes

It seems I never logged this despite having it maybe a week or so ago, oops. From memory: I was really surprised and bummed to find I don’t love this! It has the same thing that the Upton Natural Bergamot EG has, I suppose um, natural bergamot. Weirdly, it turns out I don’t like that! It has, yeah, the smell of bottles of cheap orange blossom water you get at the Mediterranean grocer, an aroma I go to great lengths (and maybe impossible ones now that A. Montaux has shuttered its orange blossom extract business :( ) to avoid when cooking and making cocktails. I guess the closest I can come to describing the distinction is that those bottles of orange blossom water are more floral in a kind of jasmine-y way (and I dislike jasmine), and the bergamot I like is cleaner, soapier, brighter. At the risk of sounding sexist I would say EGs like this and Lupicia’s feel more like feminine perfumes while the ones I like best are more like masculine colognes/aftershaves. Weird to discover when things have better/more natural bergamot I don’t care for them. Oh well.

This wasn’t bad, and that smell wasn’t as strong as it was in the Upton Imports Natural Bergamot EG. I could drink this again when/if I had to (I’m probabably going to send this to my tea buddy though, as a whole 4.4oz canister is an awful lot of tea for something you don’t adore!). But it’s definitely not a favorite. Again, I was very surprised. I have a feeling if you like the popular Lupicia EGs you’d probably like this one too.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

That’s too bad you’re not crazy about this – I enjoy it but I’m not an EG expert. I didn’t realize it had natural bergamot – I just know that some teas taste like perfume and then I don’t enjoy them, and that this one was smooth enough.


Oh, I’m not EG expert either (or any expert at all, ha). I just know as a teenager I had an affinity for zesty sparkly clean smelling EGs, and that’s the smell I associate with bergamot…but it seems there are different types maybe, or perhaps there’s some other element common to most EGs I respond to and have erroneously thought was bergamot all along (I believe someone on Steepster discussed this briefly with me in my notes months ago when I was puzzled about Lupicia EGs as well). Not quite sure. But anyway, it makes sense it’s such a popular blend—I’ve adored every other A&D tea I’ve had, so it’s a real anomaly I’m not all over this as I like them and I love EGs. Mystery!

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1812 tasting notes

Thanks to Terri HarpLady for this sample!

Andrews & Dunham have a knack for coming up with some of the most creative names in the tea industry…and turning tea time into an adventure! In particular, their Earl Grey blend, dubbed “Visit Mount Gray” is described as containing “Black tea flavored with Bergamot Oil, Mountain Air, Golden Sunsets, and a Lifetime of Adventure.” That description causes me to want to undertake an adventure. Time for tea!

The bergamot scent of the dry leaves was nearly overwhelming. When I opened the package, the heavy aroma wafted to my nose and shocked me with its strength. Whoah. In the past, I have consumed Earl Grey blends, where there was so much bergamot oil that it was sickening. Thankfully, that was not the case with “Visit Mount Gray.” While being heavy, the bergamot aromas were not too much.

A teaspoon of dry leaves joined eight ounces (or a bit more) in a cup for four minutes (or a bit more to balance the extra water). The result was not a cup of tea that reeked of bergamot. Rather, the bergamot scent had settled into the overall blend, for which I was thankful. Eagerly, I awaited the cup being just slightly cooler, so that I might taste the adventure!

I took a small sip and the flavor underwhelmed me. Hmmm, perhaps the small amount of extra water was not totally balanced by the small amount of extra time. Back into the mug goes the strainer with the leaves. Another two minutes pass.

The smell was still the same smooth blend, but the taste…the taste had blossomed! Blessedly, it was not overwhelming with bergamot, either. In fact, wow, the bergamot was actually complementing the black tea, as it should in Earl Grey! Clearly, my concerns about the amount of bergamot were unfounded. The smooth flavors of bergamot and black tea slid over my taste buds, leaving trace aftertastes of bergamot, pleasantly resting on the palate.

If Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea “Visit Mount Gray” is not the best Earl Grey blend that I have ever tasted, then I am not certain what is better. Well done, Andrews & Dunham. That was an amazing cup. Not too strong, not too perfume-y, but with enough strength and kick to cause you to wake up and take notice, all the while enjoying every smooth sip. On my personal enjoyment scale, I would rate this tea an 89/100.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec
Terri HarpLady

Yay! Glad you like it!
I’m not a huge bergamot fan, but felt that I should at least give it a try.

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4847 tasting notes


I love this tea. I’ve been drinking it at least once a week over the past few months since I got the tin, and now it’s nearly gone … and this is my first tasting note about it. Like I said before, I’m behind! So this one note shall serve as about 15 – 20 tasting notes in one.

The bergamot of this Earl Grey is a softer bergamot – not an in your face bergamot taste. This allows me to enjoy the fruitier qualities of the bergamot. Not at all soapy or perfume-y … I like the way the bergamot is represented in this Mount Gray.

The black tea is rich and pleasant. Overall, the cup is smooth, slightly acidic from the citrus, and very flavorful. I like this one!

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6770 tasting notes

This is from the “Here’s Hoping” Traveling Tea Box I just received and opened today! I had yet to try this one from A&D so I was very excited to try this one when I first saw it! YAY!

This is a very satisfying EG – nice and vibrant – strong and eager to please – and it DOES! There are lovely little woodsy notes in there that are surprising yet appreciated!

This is delightful! I really like this!

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315 tasting notes
from the teabox

Fresh, citrusy tasting earl gray. Definitely has that “fruity pebble” aroma, but the flavor is fine tea and bergamont.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

What s your favorite EG?


I haven’t tried too many, but out of what I’ve tried think this is my favorite :)

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584 tasting notes

1.5 tsp for 300mL water @100C, steeped 4 minutes, drunk bare.


I don’t drink a lot of Earl Grey, because I’ve had so much crappy Earl Grey, stuff that tastes like it could be furniture polish (Twinings), or just tastes stale, or uses a crappy tea base (again, Twinings). Damn Fine’s Earl Grey, which came with in a set with Caravan and Jasmine, was lovely. I think Mount Gray is even better.

The black tea base seems to be a China tea: light body and a slightly sweet finish, no malt. The bergamot is beautiful. Not harsh but deeply fragrant. I brought some Mount Gray to my worklace, and I can smell it through a sealed Ziploc bag. The mineral finish works very well with the bergamot, which does not overpower the tea. All in all, an excellent, and vert refreshing, Earl Grey. Once again, Damn Fine lives up to their name.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec
Michelle Butler Hallett

Wash your cup or pot thoroughly before making a siffernt tea in it. I’ve got some Double Knit here now with a serious Mount Gray hangover. My entire desk is redolent with bergamot.

Michelle Butler Hallett

I’ll be blending this with some Caravan Resurrected when I get home.

Michelle Butler Hallett

Sorry — siffert = different.

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330 tasting notes

Bear with me Steepsterites, I’m logging a teaful day. Got lots of teas recently, so I’m going through and trying them all.

I love A&D’s design sense, and adore the Mt Gray magnet that came with the tea. Even though I had a hard time finding the tea on here since as far as I’m concerned, they spelled Grey wrong :D

I made a latte with Mt Gray this morning, and it was all right. I think I’m kind of tired of Earl Greys, there’s so much else to explore. It’s decent though. But I have so many other EGs and love my Kusmis, so I kind of wish I’d gotten the trio with Russian Caravan instead of this.

I’m sure I’ll drink it though, and probably make a few for my hubby.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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299 tasting notes

Whoops, I wandered off while steeping this. No matter, still good.

Boiling 8 min or more

Hahaha. Did you add anything to it? Not sure if I could drink 8+ min steeped Earl Grey without a bit of milk to tone it down!


no, i thought it was really good

ehehehhe but then, I love earl grey (i ttly just wrote earl GREAT and had to backspace)


hahahah. Earl Great is TOTALLY valid.
I should send you some of the Kenyan Earl Grey I’m sampling from Justea. I swear it was almost lemon custard-y, although I don’t know how I managed that. It was great!

If I had monies, I’d totally contribute to their campaign: http://www.justea.com/#!/mainPage but you might be able to snag a sample if you email them.

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