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  • “You know, there just aren’t enough places in the world you can go to have a good healthy primal scream. A moderate barbaric yawp, even. Work—-well, that’s out; that’s causing it. Home, nope....” Read full tasting note
  • “My Matcha of the Day… I do have five new Matcha that I’ve not yet tried, but, I also have quite a few opened Matcha that I want to use so that I do not have 513 containers of Matcha going at once. ...” Read full tasting note
  • “white earl grey (thanks darby!) and an herbal citrusy lavender from a company I will not name but am PEACING OUT ON so whatever. if you want to know more I have a massively long tl;dr but it’s...” Read full tasting note
  • “Banana Mocha Match! Eat your heart out Starbucks! I don’t think I could have over paid for a better flavored matcha! One scoop Banana matcha – one scoop Mocha Matcha – Milk, Ice, Sweet Cream...” Read full tasting note

From Custom

I have so many little bits and bobs of tea…..and I like to drink it by the pot. You could call it a sample graveyard of sorts. Rather than fill up our database with tons of blends, I decided to create this as a way to track combinations that I like, as well as ones that I don’t.

Feel free to use this ‘tea’ to log your experiments good and bad. This will make some interesting reading for teablenders!

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345 Tasting Notes

514 tasting notes

2 Shoppers brand chai tea bags + half a packet rolo hot chocolate = Caramel Chocolate Chai. Um, yeah. It’s freaking amazing!

Today is not a fancy day. I have to work at 5. Silly evening shifts screwing up my Saturday night party (…not!)

This also works EXTREMELY well with homemade hot chocolate – throw in 2 chai tea bags and go to town. Really yummy. I add a dash of cayenne pepper with the regular hot chocolate, but this one will remain spicy-free and full caramel all the way!


I need to try this!!

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1112 tasting notes

Earl Grey Supreme (Harney)
Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Tea Blend (Teavana)

made as Frugal Fanny iced tea (3 tbs tea, 3 cups water steeped 4 minutes (pinch of baking soda for clarity!), then a resteep of the leaves consisting of 1.5 c water for 5 minutes, added to the pitcher where the already brewed tea is cooling. 3 tbs sugar.)

#$#)$#)$_ you, Teavana. You turned my already lovely favorite Earl Grey Supreme iced tea into a spectacular passion fruity, orangey, refreshing amazement! Seriously, some of the most delicious iced tea I’ve ever made.

I hate you!!!!


200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I’d never heard about the baking soda trick—I’ll try that this summer.


Doesn’t the baking soda leave a yucky bitterness? I can taste it when I add too much to cake.


Mercuryhime – I put literally a pinch. Probably less than a 16th of a teaspoon? I can’t taste it at all.


Hmm… I guess I’ll give it a try! Thanks for the tip. :)


When I was a child my mother made a gallon of Lipton loose leaf black tea a day in summer. She, too, would just take a pinch of baking soda between her thumb and forefinger and toss it into the pot at the end of steeping before she added the cold water. We never tasted it.


Okay, doggone it, JacquelineM!!!! Now you have made me want to buy this Teavana tea. Sigh. My daughter tasted it in the store and liked it, so I will say I am getting it for her if I break down and buy it.


ashmanra – I am ready to not only throw my morals out the window but perhaps even go to the MALL to do so! Ahhhhhhhhh!

We’re almost done the whole pitcher it’s so tasty.


Not to tempt you further, but the salespeople at the Deptford store are very nice and NOT pushy. I’ve purchased tea from them three times now, and each time has been pleasant.


Maybe just get the Wild Orange Blossom to soften the blow to your sensibilities….. That is probably what I would do….and I would probably go to the MALL, too. ;)


Do what I do, and look up the mall’s floorplan online, so you can be sure to take the quickest/closest route to Teavana, then make a quick escape : )


I plan to send my son since he lives close to the malls that have a Teavana. It is over an hour away for me. And he really likes to go to the mall, and often has to take his autistic clients for part of their social therapy.

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1708 tasting notes

I’ve yet to review JagaSilk’s Masala Chai black matcha mix on its own but I wanted to see what it would be like if I combined it with Two Hill’s coconut green matcha mix.

6g of Masala Chai + 10g coconut matcha + almost two cups water + some half and half.

And I’m left with what I was crossing my fingers for: LIQUID KHEER. I was hoping for that since this chai is heavy on the cardamom.

This is really great, perhaps better than how both taste alone. The creamy coconut smooths out the milled spices, which I’ve found can sometimes be a little harsh if you don’t get the water to mix to additives ratio down properly.

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300 tasting notes

Call me crazy but I just made Wild Strawberry Genmaicha and it was delicious! These two teas by Tea & Bloom came by way of the 12 Days of Christmas day six from tattooed_tea. She had mentioned fruit and cereal (Genmaicha) and I was inspired. The sweet and savory work well together and this reminds me of Kashi with strawberries or flavored rice cakes or drizzled popcorn balls. Yum!


It’s actually Tea & Bloom ;)
Glad you are enjoying them.

Autumn Hearth

hah, not sure how bird got typed, thanks!

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1258 tasting notes

I did this last night and again today with good results

1 part loose chamomile
1 part loose peppermint
2 parts DavidsTea Creme Brulee

The result is a creamy, relaxing, caramelly, slightly minty tea!
And again, I’m chilling out, crocheting a blanket, watching Boys Over Flowers. Occasionally squealing “OPPA!” to my confused husband.


I’ve managed to get my roommates to watch Boys Over Flowers with me! It’s a bit of a weekend tradition now. If only I could get them into tea as well

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1719 tasting notes

Teavivre Lapsang Souchong + Empire Tea Services Earl White. My plan was an uptown cowboy earl – rhinestone earl? lol :) Yeah, that was the plan. It smells lightly smoky and bergamot. The taste is kind of too little of everything. I steeped 3 minutes. This shouldn’t happen. It is like the two teas cancelled each other out. Both teas are very flavorful on their own but the combination is less than amazing. I be sad :(

Terri HarpLady

I’ve been experimenting with some lapsang combos lately, & a lapsang earl was in my mind, but I haven’t tried it…yet! The London tea room, here in St. Louis, has a blend called The Churchill, which is a blend of smokey black tea & bergamot. Perhaps I’ll try it on my next visit.


Others have combined smoky with bergamot with great success. I think ETS’s bergamot is just unigue enough it doesn’t work.

Terri HarpLady

I think it’s a worthy experiment!

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148 tasting notes

I’m in the home stretch! Only 3 weeks until winter break, and then Rayn and I head to Utah for 6 days to see the in-laws.

We love peppermint tea in this house. Right now I’m sipping on a combination of Peppermint from Adagio (good all by itself) and catnip from an herb shop here in SF (not that kind, tsk tsk, I mean HERBS). I read that catnip is calming and can also be good for tummies. I’m happy to report that unlike when my cats have some catnip, I am not attempting to travel as far as possible simply by rolling, nor have I slapped or bit Rayn yet. ;) This is a pretty nice bedtime/happy stomach tisane.

And if you want a quick laugh, here’s a short video of my kitties hopped up on the ’nip:

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

cute kittens!

Bear With Me

mint and catnip is the perfect combination for soothing angry tummies!
But hasn’t anybody told your kitties to make love, not war? haha!


They’re normally nice to each other (they’re sisters) but catnip brings out the slap fights!

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169 tasting notes

Awhile ago I saw a tea by Kusmi that made my heart skip a beat.
It was a Smoky Earl Grey.
I immediately envisioned my rough around the edges Earl but perhaps with a tinge of saddle leather and camp smoke.
Maybe the Earl went a little cowboy?
Anyhow, this tea is out of my budget for a bit.
So, after yesterday when I had Smooth Earl by Compass Teas, I decided this morning to rough up the smoothness a little on this guy, give him five o’clock shadow or something.
So, I added a bit of Lapsang Souchong by Harney and Sons (if you follow my tealogs, this is the LS that I thought was a little too rough)
I thought I could smooth out the rough LS and rough up the smooth Earl.
I smell mainly the LS but there is definitely bergamot in the background.
Taste is the same, LS right up front and then the bergamot.
Not bad, I think achieved a Cowboy Earl.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec
Jim Marks

The Earl of Deadwood.

Hesper June

I like it, Jim!


The smoky EG is lovely! I’ve got lots and generally try to keep it around, so if you are interested I can send you a sample. PM me if you are. :)

Hesper June

Oh, Goody! I sent you a PM;)


Have you tried The Earl of Harlem by Ambessa (by Harney and Sons)? It is very nice! I would say five o’clock shadow, unbuttoned white dress shirt, enjoys the opera, but can still keep his seat on a spirited horse even though ot really a cowboy.

Hesper June

I have seen The Earl of Harlem and it is on my list to buy.
I love anything Earl Grey-ish and so always on the look out.
This one sounds intriguing;)


Hesper June: I might have a sachet or two left. PM me your addy. If I do, I will send one on for you to try.

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119 tasting notes

A backlog from my lovely Memorial Day dinner! It’s the same mix as last time (Sencha Jade Reserve from Teavana, Fresh Green Mate from Mate Factor, and Fusion Tea Room’s Orange Grapefruit). I used 1.5-1.5-1 in terms of measurement (respectively) and then I poured it over ice.

Yumm! So tart and then there’s the grassy flavor of the sencha that provides a nice contrast. Yummy!

In other news, this three day weekend was quite rough. Saturday was very busy in a not-so-pleasant way (between marching in a parade in a full suit in 90 degree weather to then rushing to an improv show to then going home and doing chores in the hot weather) and then on Sunday, we had to put my poor kitty down :( Well, not really a kitty, as she was older than me, but still! I’ve come to terms with it now, but it is a weird adjustment because I’ve literally had her my whole life and it’s weird that she just isn’t here anymore. However, it was her time and she was in pain so I’m glad we were able to put her down and send her to a better place without any misery on her part!

For those looking for a visual, here’s one from quite a few years ago, though she doesn’t/didn’t look any different (she was quite……. large to say the least :P): This was the only image I could find :( It’s not very good but that black one is our other cat who is now larger but still a kitty


:( Sorry to hear about your cat – that’s always tough. I went through that with mine a few months ago, and although we hadn’t had him my whole life, he had been around for 16 or so years of it.


sorry, losing a pet is never easy…. but it sounds like your family made the right decision.


Aww sorry to hear about your dear kitty. It is always hard. I say a tea session in honour of her is needed =)


So sorry :(


Sorry for your loss, it’s very difficult to loose a furry buddy.


Losing a pet is not easy. So sorry to hear that Ian :(

Scott B

Sorry to hear about that. We had to deal with the same thing with one of our dogs last Memorial Day ourselves.

Invader Zim

Sorry for your loss, I understand having gone through the same thing a few years ago.


I’m so sorry… I hope you are doing ok! It is heartbreaking…


My sincere condolences to you and your family. May your kitty rest in peace. :(

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3283 tasting notes

It’s been a beautiful Spring day in St. Louis, but unfortunately with the beautiful spring weather, we have tree pollen. Allergies always make me feel irritable & overly sensitive: physically, mentally, emotionally. Today I’m feeling sensitive to tastes, light, colors, pretty much everything! Add to that, I spent a few hours working on my taxes, & although I’ve made progress, I still have plenty to do before they are done. That’s enough to make anyone grumpy, right?

Most of the flavored teas I like don’t taste as good to me today.
I wanted something natural.
This is a combination of 2 teas, both Black dragon Pearls:
One is from Mandala – Thanks to Azzrian
The other is From Praise Tea – from our dear Ms Bonnie!
I didn’t have enough left of either one to make a cup, but combined together they are doing the trick!
Plus I get to claim a Double Sipdown!!


Aug allergies do the same thing to me! I have been very testy today. Taxes when testy dang girl that is the last thing I could focus on lol.

Terri HarpLady

I know…I’ve been in an avoidance pattern regarding the taxes, & I really need to get them done, not only because the deadline is looming, but also because both of my sons are in college & we gotta get their FAFSA done too.


Yeah I am waiting for our FAFSA to link from the IRS for my daughter BUT due to us PAYING and not getting a refund it takes longer for the IRS to get it posted online or whatever it takes to link it all.

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