Honey Orchid Black

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From Golden Moon Tea

One of the best teas we have tasted. It is so rare that it is actually its own varietal without any flavorings or scenting. The honey flavor literally explodes on your front palate with a subtle finish of fresh orchids. .

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Golden Moon is dedicated to offering outstanding, whole-leaf teas of the greatest quality and finesse. All Golden Moon Teas are hand-plucked and meticulously crafted to enhance leaf character, aroma, color, clarity, body, complexity, and above all, flavor.

21 Tasting Notes

6768 tasting notes

I received this one today from Marcus! Thanks!!!

I had to jump right in!!! First…I will say that the aroma of the dry leaves smell like a honey-buttered whole wheat bagel I often have from my local coffee shop here. YUM!

The color of the liquor after infusing is quite light for a black! WOW! It’s surprising! BUT…it’s NOT light on flavor!

I guess the honey comparison comes into play because it IS smooth like honey and it has that natural sweetness of REAL honey…not that fake stuff! I really like the smoothness of this.

There is a chewiness to this tea as well…I REALLY REALLY REALLY like that little characteristic!

I would say the Orchid/floral connection would be just as you move the sip from the front of your mouth to the back of your mouth right before it ‘goes down the trap’…so to speak! The floral notes are subtle and refreshing in a way I have never tasted before!

As this cools it seems to become juicer – I think this is an interesting touch – as well!

This tea is more complex than I was expecting and I LOVE that! Marcus wasn’t kidding when he said he’s been putting more thought and stepping up the quality and standards for Golden Moon Teas! WOW!

Another thing I noticed with this tea is that the leaves are screaming for a 2nd infusion and I am going to do just that…stay tuned…in the meantime I am LOVING this tea!!! Thanks Marcus!


This is making me consider buying the single leaf club! (But I already have so much tea >_<)


I am glad that u loved it as I also thought it was fantastic. Now I know my taste buds are not off…

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431 tasting notes

Bumping up because I have been craving this everyday since I had my first cup. Absolutely an amazing cup.

Thanks again Marcus!

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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4843 tasting notes

OMG! This is so good.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this tea, and thank you to Marcus from Golden Moon Tea for sending her some of this tea so that she could send me some! And thank you to the tea tree for growing these amazing leaves so that I might partake of this amazing tea.

I love this. I absolutely love this. If for some reason I could only have one black tea for the rest of my life, I would probably choose this. Yes, it’s that good.

The aroma is amazing, the flavor is sublime. I am mesmerized by how good this tea is. SO GOOD!


Must have! The teas I have sampled from GM have been good!


I am hunting this tea down. I hear so many good things about it! :) Love your review, by the way. :)

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187 tasting notes

Oh man, is this YUM.

As you all know, I heart Golden Moon. Hard. GM pretty much jump-started my tea education with their sampler (the number one thing I can recommend to ANY tea novice). And now they’re pulling out the big guns, offering fresh and new varietals. Let me tell you, the excitement ensues!

Honey Orchid Black is a beautiful tea. When I opened the packet, I nearly squealed at how gorgeous the leaves are. These are huge. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black tea with such full and gorgeous leaves. It’s kind of gnarled, kind of ancient-looking. Twiggy, leafy, and just full. Expensive-looking as well. This is no CTC. No these leaves look like they were carefully plucked from a tea bush with able, loving hands, and dried with the highest of care.

There’s a faintly sweet scent coming off the leaves. And when it comes time to steep this one up, I’m pacing around with excitement. Because as soon as the hot water hits the leaves, a delicious honey-like aroma floods my nostrils. It smells delicious. It smells like clean hay fields and honeyflowers.

I don’t think there’s a such thing as a honeyflower.

Maybe honeysuckle?

ANYWAY, it smells good. Great. Fabulous. And then the timer goes off and it’s time to drink!

The first thing I notice is how unusually colored this one is for a black. It looks more roasted-oolong (or an oolong on the darker end of the scale) than black. The color is a deep honey, nothing at all similar to the ambers and dark browns of a lot of black teas. I take the first sip and YES. This is what tea drinking is all about.

It tastes less heavy than I expected. This tea doesn’t assault you with its flavor. No, it’s subtle and smart. It coaxes a little smile out of you. It elicits a contented sigh. At the beginning of the sip is a delicious sweetness, honeyed deliciousness mingled with a light black tea flavor. Not at all roasty, and entirely smooth. Then there’s this floral component, a JUICY floral component, similar to the way jasmine has juiciness, but not at all the same flavor. It’s softer. Like gauze. Or gossamer wings. It’s lovely.

Then comes the delicious endnote, a whisper of sweetness that lingers and lingers and lingers.

It’s great.

I can’t wait to see how a second steep will go for this one!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Hi nice steeps yet randomized, I feel so so randomized now

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1015 tasting notes

First of all, thanks to threewhales for sharing this tea with me. This is really awesome! I couldn’t believe the smell of the dry tea: very floral and sweet. After pouring water over the leaves, the honey aroma exploded and I seriously stood over my teapot enjoying the aroma for the entire steep time. This tea is a very rich, honey color, but not at all what you would expect from a black tea. My first sip made me think I was dreaming. This tea couldn’t possibly be that delicious, right?

No, actually it is that delicious and perfect. I love this tea. As others have mentioned, this tea is naturally sweet and light. The taste of orchids is present throughout the end of the sip with the honey sweetness taking over at the beginning. I love that there seems to be a texture to this tea, almost biscuit-like yet smooth. This is certainly a treat and I’m looking forward to subsequent infusions.

This tea does remind me of the Honey Orchid Phoenix oolong from Tao of Tea, but this tea from GM is MUCH, MUCH better! Wow, I just can’t believe how delicious this is!

3 min, 0 sec

I think this needs to be my next tea purchase :) Sounds so good.


Can this tea be purchased through Golden moon? I could not find on their website.


This is a tea that was part of the Single Leaf Membership.


Kristen – Here it is!


You can purchase it in various sizes – not sure which I’ll spring for yet!


Cool thanks… I read some other reviews on this and have been wanting to try it! Thanks for posting…I couldn’t find it for sale on the site. :)

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328 tasting notes

Whoa~~I have been experimenting w/gong fu blacks, Shangs fermented white tea converted to black, yunnans, keemuns, Ruby Black, and Hawaiian Oolong….. This is the most delightful, naturally sweet black tea I have had yet. This is the first selection in the Golden Moon tea club and I am glad that I joined. Marcus of GM mentioned in the forum about GM’s renewed dedication to quality and I would say that he did not disappoint.


Sounds lovely!

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51 tasting notes

Just gorgeous. I’m watching the last episode of Downton Abbey and felt that I needed something a little special to drink this morning. Still on my black kick, I pulled this one out of my treasure chest. A huge thank you to Rachel from Iheartteas.com for sending this to me. I cannot recommend her products and services enough. I love being able to try out so many different teas without purchasing full bags. Please do check out her online shop :)

Ok, back to the tea. I love honey. And, I also love orchids. So it seemed to me that this should be a good match for me, right? YES! Most definitely!

Dry, this tea is sweet and mouthwatering, and the leaves are really big. Brewed, I was quite surprised at how light coloured the liquor was. Much lighter than I had expected, especially for a black tea. I began to wonder if I messed up the water to tea ratio lol.

Once I poured it into my cup, I took another sniff – still honeyed sweetness, but also a very light floral was emanating. Very alluring! To taste, this tea is smooth and light, but still full of flavours – in fact, it is quite complex. On the tongue, I can taste the smooth honeyed notes, and then the floral makes a complementary appearance, finally completing to a smooth, sweet finish. Honestly, the whole experience is a delight! I haven’t even tried adding anything to my cup, as it is beautiful straight.

It is a decadent tea that deserves a fine bone china cup, and I’m pleased to have chosen an old Double Warrant stamped Paragaon, decked out gaily in blue and gold. I’m going to finish my pot, and I already have the Golden Moon website open to place an order for more of this fabulous tea.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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1353 tasting notes

Lowest rating on this one is 84 points! GOSH! This must be some pretty awesome stuff then.

I will admit, it had me at the word ‘honey’. If I sweeten my tea at all, which is rare, liquid honey is usually one of my first thoughts. Especially if the tea itself already has a natural honey note to it.

Orchid… Not so much. I don’t really do floral. I’ve found some things in which it works, but I’m quite picky about it and it tends to be a detractor for me.

So I’m left with a cup of equal parts ‘Oooh!’ and ‘Meh…’ I wonder if it’ll come out neutral, then?

I’m sorry to say it does rather. The aroma is all thick honey and delicate flowers, but the flavour is… well… to be honest, it’s a bit weak, really.

It’s sort of top-flavoured. Imagine the sip of tea being layered on the tongue. Then the bottom layer is just water, the middle honey and the top tea. And that’s it.

Thin and watery, no substance that I can find. Considering the other posts about it, I have to say I’m disappointed. And surprised. How can my experience be so different from theirs? I used plenty of leaf, probably could have steeped it longer, but again, plenty of leaf, so longer than 1 minutes steeping is almost always bound to end badly.

As it cools a bit to a more drinkable temperature and the cup develops a little, the orchid comes out more, and it’s reminding me of the floral aspect of the orange pu-erh from Chi of Tea which also has some sort of flower in it. Floral works for me in that one, and now that I’ve found it here, it also works for me here. Surprisingly, considering my troubles with the other flavours of the blend.

The honey is putting in a proper appearance here as well, and it doesn’t feel so layered anymore. Or at least, we’re down to two layers. The actual tea itself still keeps to the top layer. It feels a little less weak and thin at this point, but I’m still nowhere near the experience everybody else has had with it.

Further development sees the honey and orchid take a step back again and the tea really come out. It tastes like a Chinese or south Indian type with a wooden note and some strong cocoa as well, but then that may just be the flavouring masking the base. I didn’t really find any of these notes in the beginnin when it was so top flavoured.

I don’t know… I’m definitely not seeing the same things in this one that others were, so I suppose I’ll have to resign myself to being contrary here and providing the lowest yet amount of points for it.

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247 tasting notes

I’ve had this tea for a while, but wasn’t thrilled with it the first time around. Since that first attempt, I’ve learned how to lightly brew my black teas, which has resulted in a much more favorable outcome. Case in point, Honey Orchid Black.

The dry leaves smell lightly like pepper. They’re very long and light and it’s hard to get them measured unless you have a scale. I’ve been using 3g per 6 oz. of water. 195/1 min.

Now, the tea smells lightly of tobacco. I’m not certain where that’s coming from as I expected more of a sweet floral scent as per the name. The taste is lovely. It’s lightly sweet, yes, there is a hint of tobacco in the flavor, but there’s an aftertaste of something floral. Overall, it melds together quite well and I’ve enjoyed several steeps of this one, all of them very pleasant.

195 °F / 90 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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142 tasting notes

Definite notes of Laoshan black! If only I hadn’t found the Laoshan first, this may have been a winner for me. But if you’re looking for a lightened up version? This is your tea.

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