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From Golden Moon Tea

Tippy Earl Grey is Better Earl Grey

It’s difficult to improve upon a tea so revered as Earl Grey. But we believe we’ve done so, in creating a Tippy Earl Grey that takes the traditional and adds layers.

To start, the base of our Earl Grey contains substantially more tips than others. This requires meticulous plucking, and lends a unending complexity to your cup.

Then, we add not just the traditional oil of bergamot, but fresh, fresh lavender that blends sublimely with the citrus of the former.

All real reasons many open-minded connoisseurs of Earl Grey claim that Golden Moon’s Tippy is the best Earl Grey they’ve ever sipped.

About Golden Moon Tea View company

Golden Moon is dedicated to offering outstanding, whole-leaf teas of the greatest quality and finesse. All Golden Moon Teas are hand-plucked and meticulously crafted to enhance leaf character, aroma, color, clarity, body, complexity, and above all, flavor.

74 Tasting Notes

2978 tasting notes

Inspired by a Steepsterite who recently posted about Earl Grey Lemonade (but I don’t remember who!), I made a mug of this and mixed it into the last cup of or so that was left in my jug of “Santa Cruz Organic” Lemonade. It is chilling now, I’ll probably try it tomorrow. :-)

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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382 tasting notes

Golden Moon Sampler Tea #16
So, when I was reading the description on the sample packet, they referred to the “tips” in this tea as “buds” but, for some reason, at first I read it as “suds.” Obviously, I immediately did a double-take and corrected myself, but I think the whole soap idea stayed with me, because that is what I smelled when I opened this tea. Seriously. Soap. What is wrong with me?

The tea brewed up just fine, a darker red. On tasting it, however, I got…paper. Paper, water, and soap. What. As I drank further, I eventually isolated the paper down to the kind of peppery taste of the lavender. I got nothing about the soap though, I think it’s just imprinted on this tea now, which is a shame because…Earl Grey!

All while drinking this, I was unable to convince my brain that I was drinking tea and not papery dishwater. Oh Tippy Earl Grey, I want to love you, as I love most of your kind! But I don’t think it’s meant to be. Lavender is, apparently, just not my thing, and I have no idea what the hell kind of brain fart has made me unable to let go of the soap thing, but I think I’m not gonna be able to rid myself of it.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Mmm…papery dishwater. “Ralphie! What happened to you son?!?!” “It was…the soap.”


This sounds so delicious Ewa, I can’t wait to try mine. Lol.


I’m truly sympathetic – I hate having a bad tea-experience but – have to admit it, your post has me laughing, too!


I keep reading this as Tipsy Earl Grey!


OMGoodness – LOL- poor Charlie (i.e., Lord Grey) he’s turning over in his grave when he hears us casting aspersions on his good name – tipsy, indeed! hehehe!


Hmm, do you think pouring vodka in it might help?
Morgana – well hopefully just reading my post won’t imprint the soap thing on you. If it does…sorry!


Don’t worry about it. At this rate by the time I get around to trying this one it will be next year, anyway. And my short term memory these days is…. dang, what was I saying?

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1206 tasting notes

Golden Moon sample No. 25 of 31.

I was hoping this would blow me away with it’s “claming aroma” (typo on the sample bag label), and that I would have found another staple Earl Grey.

This isn’t terrible, but it’s not among the better Earl Greys I have tried. The leaves are nice looking with their light colored tips, and there is a strong bergamot scent that, while it isn’t oily, is definitely heavy. I couldn’t identify lavender in the scent of the dry leaves. And I wonder why I’m supposed to, since it isn’t listed among the ingredients.

After steeping, the bergamot fragrance becomes milder. I’m still not smelling lavender, mostly what I get underneath the bergamot is a malty, black tea scent. The liquor is fairly dark orange/brown.

There is a hint of bergamot in the taste, which is what I prefer. I don’t love very strong bergamot in the taste, as when it is too strong it can do a number on my stomach. But this was perhaps too subtle even for me. I still can’t find lavender anywhere. But the other taste I do find is something odd. It’s a sort of a flat taste that hints of bread, but not in a delicious way. I’m wondering if it is what the tea tasting books refer to as “bakey” or over fired? If it is, it would make sense as there is a baked feeling to it but not in a tasty way. Like the stuff that sticks to the bottom of the cake pan and is heavy on the baking powder.

In any case, not a success in my further attempts to populate my Earl Grey stable.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec
RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Darn I was really hoping that you would like this one. Had high hopes for when I received my sample. Maybe I will have better luck. :-)


That was the typo I’d seen back when I did this sample and had forgotten what tea had the typo or what the boo-boo even was! Oy, that had been bugging me. Thank you so much Morgana! :D

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1220 tasting notes

Oof. Adagio needs a social media makeover….whoever’s on their Facebook page thought it’d be great to call Teavana the “Enron of tea” and this is so beyond tacky it amazes me someone tried to defend the comparison. Swindling billions out of your employees via fraud is so like people choosing to work in a high pressure sales position, right.

Anyway. This tea relates to neither companies obviously but that is seriously bothering me right now.

Typically I am not a big fan of Earl Grey because I think it smells like cleaning solutions, but this smelled a bit different from the lavender, so I figured I might like it.

Without milk, no, it’s too much bergamot for my liking. With some coconut milk added, it’s much, much better. (And seriously I love using this stuff, no coconut flavor detected!) I do like the floral note added by the lavender, it makes it a bit different, but I still don’t care too much for Earl Grey.


Adagio, your tea is boring. :)


so are some of their customers. one just graced the comments with the opinion that everyone complaining is a baby. which probably means he is a baby and has no idea what enron did.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Adagio sucks! horrible customer service, sorry i just had to say something about them too.

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558 tasting notes

Another sample De-cupboarded this morning:) Finally went back to some of my Golden Moon samples from the sampler I purchased 8 months ago. Have 8 or 10 different samples to knock off my list.

I really like this Earl. It is a lightly sweet Earl, with a upstanding Bergamot flavor. The flavoring isn’t perfumey, it’s nice and citrusy floraly sweet. Not as sweet as the vanilla and cream earls, but lightly sweet, not bitter or tannic. This may be my favorite Earl as of today. I’m so happy I tried this tea today!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 15 sec

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367 tasting notes

Wowsa. Orange Pledge dusting spray. That’s all I could smell when I cut open the sample bag and the bag was nowhere near my face. I just couldn’t believe that smell was coming from that tiny bag. So I did a tentative sniff and it was confirmed: Orange Pledge dusting spray. ::shudders::

I really hadn’t thought much of this sample until I read Ewa’s review and my curiosity was piqued. I mean, perhaps I could balance out that review since I’ve only smelled Earl Grey whilst preparing its bagged version for others. I am now trusting Ewa’s tastes in all things Earl Grey.

I woke up a little stuffy, but that smell did assault my sinuses into waking up a bit more. But I think that my stuffiness adds to the difficulty of my reviewing this one. It’s black tea-ish with fake orange smell, and something else that I couldn’t identify until I reread Ewa’s note: papery lavendar. Bizarre, but true. I’m on my second steep (yes, I’m sadistic) and I’m getting a teeny-tiny bit of sweetness – but lordy, my throat is starting to feel really rough. It’s like the astringency is going from the back of my mouth all the way down my neck. You know that unpleasant tingly feeling the underneath of your tongue gets that happens right before you blow chunks? Well, I’m actually getting that specific sensation, but without the fear of the usual followthrough. I’m not going to finish this second steep. Ick. GA

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Second steep!? I applaud your bravery.


Bravery? Thanks, but it’s more Scrooge-like tendencies/insanity when it comes to tea. I spent money on it and by golly I’ll get every last steep outta these suckers. Unless they are horrible. And this one went to a new level of nasty on the second steep (thus the tossage). :)


Yep, that Tippy (“tipsy”?..ha!) Earl Grey..people either love him or hate him. :)

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237 tasting notes

Wow, quite an aroma when you open up the packet! Pungent – it’s the bergamot without a doubt, but the lavender is really prominent, making the whole thing much more aromatic. The leaves look nice; it’s gratifying that they seem to be using good quality tea as their black base.

After five minutes, the liquor is medium-dark brown, and is just about as fragrant as the dry leaf. Lavender is still muscling its way to the front of the room, with bergamot trying to get a word in edgewise. Taste, I’m getting the same dynamic – I’d probably call it lavender tea with the addition of bergamot rather than the other way around. Not sure if I’m a huge fant of lavender tea however – it’s an aroma I associate with perfumes and potpourris rather than consumable items, so this one is probably a bit too much for my taste. Interesting to try, though.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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15 tasting notes

Well this was definitely better than the bagged Earl Grey I had at a conference this morning. Not as good as my Damn Fine Tea Earl Grey, although that could be because I was distracted and made it with a little too much water. So yeah, it seemed weak but could have been “brewer error” :)

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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251 tasting notes

I’m not thrilled by this one. I really , really like Earl Grey, but I’m not liking the lavender in this blend. I would drink this if it was served to me, but I wouldn’t seek it out. The bergomot gets kind of lost. It’s as if you planted a citrus tree and a field of lavender grew up around it. IMO, the lavender just doesn’t belong there.

Other people liked it a lot. I just don’t “get it.”


I’m guessing you really like EG? That might be the difference. I can tolerate it, but I’m not fond of it.


I think it really depends on if you are a solid EG fan…or if you are looking for something different. If one thinks it’s evil to mess with standard EG I can totally see why someone wouldn’t be impressed! :P It all depends what you want to ‘get’ from your cuppa! :P CHEERS!


I’m pretty much a solid Earl Grey Fan.


Well there ya go! That explains why you don’t like this one as much as others.

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432 tasting notes

I find this to be a very flavorful tea. You can equally taste the bergamot and lavender but I will say they both appear to be fighting for first place. This is not a tea I could drink everyday but if I did have the urge to raise my pinky I would reach for this cuppa.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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