Earl Grey Supreme

Tea type
Black Oolong White Blend
Black Tea, Natural Bergamot Oil, Oolong Tea, White Tea
Bergamot, Brisk, Honey, Lemon, Earl Grey, Earth, Citrus, Citrusy, Floral, Hay, Malt, Tea, Orange, Smooth, Cream, Brown Sugar, Raisins, Astringent, Creamy, Caramel, Cocoa, Tart, Toast, Rose, Citrus Zest, Fruity
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Bulk, Loose Leaf, Sachet, Tea Bag
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205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec 3 g 12 oz / 345 ml

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  • “I guess my latest mini-obsession is Earl Grey :) Let’s see, I had a very long Chinese obsession, followed by mini obsessions of Assam, then Chai, now Earl :) I threw a sample of this in my cart...” Read full tasting note
  • “You know you have become a true tea drinker when……… …you are sitting on the porch in 80 degree weather drinking hot Earl Grey Supreme. And you are usually hot in this kind of weather. Still, this...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’m finishing up the last of this delicious Earl Grey today – but I think I should have saved it to drink while watching Star Trek! Either way, this tea is great as a tea latte with the citrusy...” Read full tasting note
  • “A sample of this arrived with my recent Harney order. I thought I’d give it a go this morning. I’m not a huge Earl Grey fan…I like it, but it’s a case of I like what I like and don’t often branch...” Read full tasting note

From Harney & Sons

For the connoisseur we offer Earl Grey Supreme, which uses a higher grade of teas with the addition of Silver Tips. Most of our customers never go back to our regular Earl Grey once they taste the Supreme. If you love bergamot and fine tea, this is the blend for you!

Ingredients: Black tea, white tea, bergamot oil.

Details: People just love this tea. Great teas and wonderful lemony flavors combine into something special, something we call Supreme

Dry Leaves: A nice mixture of large black leaves, the brown leaves of the oolong, and silver needles of the white tea

Liquor: The liquor is a lighter brown than most Earl Greys, this is because the higher proportion of large tippy teas and the silver tips

Aroma: Lovely citrus aromas predominate, we put a higher amount of bergamot in this special tea

Caffeine Level: caffeinated

Body: With larger, tippy teas and silver tips this is a lighter bodied tea

Flavors: The lemony flavors are perfectly balanced with the delicious tea base. In comparison to other Earl Greys, there is a nice sweetness from the tippy teas and citrusy bergamot.

Brewing Time: 5

Brewing Temp: 212º

About Harney & Sons View company

Since 1983 Harney & Sons has been the source for fine teas. We travel the globe to find the best teas and accept only the exceptional. We put our years of experience to work to bring you the best Single-Estate teas, and blends beyond compare.

200 Tasting Notes

1112 tasting notes

I guess my latest mini-obsession is Earl Grey :) Let’s see, I had a very long Chinese obsession, followed by mini obsessions of Assam, then Chai, now Earl :) I threw a sample of this in my cart when I placed my latest Harney order.

The thing that strikes me about this one is the TEA! The tea base is excellent. Smooth and flavorful (I took this one with no milk and just a little bit of sugar crystals). The bergamot is subtle and delicious. Very fresh tasting, zingy, but balanced. Not perfumey at all, but citrusy. This is not the one to pick if you want a hit me over the head bergamot experience. This is the elegant one :) I think you can serve this to someone who insists that they don’t like Earl Grey, and have a very good chance of having them like this one (yes husband, I’m thinking of you :)

(an aside – I love getting samples because you never do know if you are going to like something or not, but I HATE getting samples when you wind up loving something and you only have a wee bit left!!!!)

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Have you tried Governor Grey from The Charleston Tea Plantation? It’s another one that’s light on the bergamot and absolutely fantastic.


Mmmmm – no! I haven’t tried any teas from them! I’ll have to put them on my radar!


I’ve got some, if you’d like a smidge. It’s the tea that convinced me Earl Grey’s are good!


Oooh! Let’s do a trade :) Take a look at my cupboard and let me know what appeals to you! It’s up to date and I’m willing to send some of anything. PM me a list :) :) :)


Sounds like a plan! Check out mine and see if there’s anything there that you’d like to try. It should be up-to-date, too.


This is my FAVORITE Earl Grey!

Meghann M

Definitely will have to order a sample of this next order with Harney. I know how you feel about hating samples that you end up loving…I’ve been there so many times!

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985 tasting notes

You know you have become a true tea drinker when………

…you are sitting on the porch in 80 degree weather drinking hot Earl Grey Supreme. And you are usually hot in this kind of weather. Still, this is a nice relaxing cup, and it is now on my shopping list for the next order to Harney’s, even though I have about an once and a half left. Resteep at 6 minutes.

How did you know you had become a true tea drinker?

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I realized it today as well, as I made my way out of my office, into 90 plus degree heat, to get hot water then back to steep at my desk. Good thing I didn’t see anyone, they would have thought I was crazy. It is iced tea month and all, but I just want it hot, then to experience that natural cool down process in the cup. TTD-True Tea Drinker for sure.


when I started getting eye rolls from people as I started to talk tea! this is a true obsession, taking over my life… but in the best way possible :)


The eye-rolling…yes, yes, I have seen that. Also, referring to friends who get hooked on tea as “converts.” And ordering one pound bags. And refusing to let the people at Barnes and Noble make my tea, taking my bag home with me to prepare it myself. :)


Oh yes…the eye-rolling. And I have totally turned into a tea snob, too! When I go to Panera for my knitting group, I pay for hot water and bring my own tea. Kind of crazy!


you have a Panera where you are?! we have one that I know of nearby, that place is fun! ahhh yes, when people get a peek at my desk drawer at work, and I tell them this is maybe a tenth of my stash… well they kindof back away haha. I’ve been known to make my own bags and get hot water from wherever I am as well. The stares of disbelief are entertaining in some ways…


Yeah I know about the eye-rolling – my boyfriend does it all the time and calls me a hard-core tea addict. :D


My hubby keeps threatening to schedule an “intervention.” He also threatens to call the authorities when I start weighing leaves to split pound bags with friends…


Two things stand out- one is when I switched to loose leaf 10 (12? 15? I’ve lost track!) or so years ago, and it became second nature/ritual. I think of it as the most natural thing in the world (and think tea bags are a little strange!!), but guests/coworkers always comment how fussy it seems! I enjoy it immensely – very soothing to go through all the steps.

The other big one is when I discovered that I loved Chinese teas without cream and sugar. That was pretty recent – just about a year or so ago!

Oh, oh! I think I have one more! When I started having tea in work and not coffee like everyone else. I got my own electric kettle and little brew cup and have been happy as a clam in tea land!!!


Intervention… lol! :D That’s great. My students think it’s really cool how I figure out how much tea I use. They prefer to watch me use the brewing basket than the t-sacs, but I only have one travel mug with the basket, so I tend to use that with a tea I know I can use for multiple infusions throughout the day.


ohhh the interventions… my Mum has tried those on several occasions, in regards to my excesssive tea! Dad has no interest, but she tries to drag him into it to. Good fun to watch :)


all I have here at work is a hot water “tap” that comes out of the coffee maker. So primitive!!! lol

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1015 tasting notes

I’m finishing up the last of this delicious Earl Grey today – but I think I should have saved it to drink while watching Star Trek! Either way, this tea is great as a tea latte with the citrusy bergamot gently announcing his presence while not overpowering the beautiful tea base. This Earl will be missed!

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421 tasting notes

A sample of this arrived with my recent Harney order. I thought I’d give it a go this morning. I’m not a huge Earl Grey fan…I like it, but it’s a case of I like what I like and don’t often branch out. Well, I may have to branch out after drinking half the cup! It actually reminded me of Fruity Pebbles in taste which in this case is not a bad thing. I really used to love Fruity Pebbles when I was little so this brought me back to a more carefree time in my life. That is one thing I love with Harney & Sons teas, they always and I do mean ALWAYS evoke a memory of some kind for me. The Bergamot was a little stronger in this tea, but it was mighty tasty. I did add a hint of sweetener to this one, but not too much so as to take away from the tea. Look out only other earl grey in my cabinet there is a new sheriff coming to town!


This is one of, if not my favorite Earl Grey. :))

Daisy Chubb

Sounds like a winner! Super tasty :3


Oh yes, I think I just heard my wallet weep from my purse. :) A few friends and I are planning a trip to the shop and possible factory tour in the near future…adding this one to the list!


My fave Earl! And Diamond Jubliee tastes like a milder version of this, with an extra flavor added that does not come across as grapefruit to me, which is a good thing. Two grapefruit haters drank it with me and liked it.


I really like Earl Greyer from Republic of Teas, but this one may just have topped that!


I like EG Supreme better because I can taste the base tea and the bergamot is not too much. Earl Greyer is really good iced I think. :))


I’m feeling like that might be the case. I might have to do a side by side with them soon… perhaps this weekend! I’ve never tried the Earl Greyer Iced, but I will now!!


I used 2 Earl greyer teabags when I iced it using a 10-12 oz mug.


What would that translate to for the loose tea version?


How many ounces is your cup??


Depends anywhere from 6oz to 12oz


The general rule is 2 x as much for iced or cold brew teas. I would start with 5-6 grams of loose tea, and adjust according to taste.


I just put in a order for this today… :)

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735 tasting notes

This is back in my tea stash thanks to Kaliskaa, who went to Harney Fest and picked me up some goodies. <3

I’ve reviewed this tea a couple times already, so I’m not gonna go into detail. But five years after first trying this, I still have never found an Earl Grey that could top it.

Flavors: Bergamot, Citrus Zest, Fruity, Lemon

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec
Cathy Baratheon

I agree, this is absolutely the best earl grey!


Stash makes a very good regular (not their Double) Earl Grey-I get the teabags. Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme, for me is really my favorite too. The tea base and Bergamot, are perfectly balanced & smooth and I remember no bitterness when steeping.

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2201 tasting notes

Happy Record Store Day! I am exhausted after a day of buying limited edition records. Mid-morning we stopped at a coffee shop in Columbus and I was surprised to see they had a bunch of Harney teas on offer. All tea bags, and none that I am very much a fan of, actually. I decided to go with this one, even though I don’t like it all that much, because any Earl Grey is better than no Earl Grey.

Oddly, they served me the tea in a heavy glass beer stein. So the paper taste in this was definitely from the tea bag… Blech. Ah well. Anyway, I never liked that this tea was very light on the bergamot and I didn’t like its base blend. Now I don’t mind those flavors (evolving tastebuds), but this still got old fast. Halfway through the cup I decided I wanted to sugar it a bit (there was a hint of bitterness for some reason even though I controlled the steep time), and then I decided I wanted a touch of milk. Of course, the milk pitcher was f-ed up and drip drip drip SPLOOSH! So I had a lightly bergamotty cup of milk after that. Oh well.

3 min, 0 sec

oh, record store day! I hope you found a bunch of awesome music!


We got all the limited records we wanted except one, so it was a pretty good RSD!

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3311 tasting notes

Since Jacqueline loved this one iced so very much, I decided I just had to try it exactly the same way she made it. I made it last night. I couldn’t wait to try it, so before refrigerating it I poured a little over ice. It was good, but got better when it had cooled on its own on the counter. Before bed, I put it in the fridge.

WOW! I wondered why Jacqueline wanted to know how to keep it from getting cloudy. A little cloudiness never bothered me, and my mother always used to add a pinch of baking soda to her tea pitcher if it clouded a bit, but I have never seen anything like this before. This isn’t cloudy, this is…well, it looks like a whole lot of milk added to some tea!

It tastes good, though, and I read somewhere that it used to be considered a sign that your tea was high quality if it clouded and was desirable. Wll, this must be the best!


My hot golden monkey clouded too! I have to try that baking soda trick. I heard that the more tannins the cloudier it gets.


If I remember correctly, my mother added the baking soda to the pot of boiling water after she added the leaves. She made a gallon of sweet tea a day. I remember her fascination when Dad discovered and started buying tea bags! (My dad did ALL the grocery shopping, got us up for school, made our breakfast. Mom was spoiled! But she deserved it!)


I will try that!

My husband does the groceries, but that’s because the store we like (Trader Joe’s) is right on his way home from work. He does the shopping, I come home from work, get the dog and cat fed and walk the dog, get dinner ready, and he usually gets in with the groceries as dinner finishes cooking, and we put them away and sit down to dinner.

My grandfather used to do the shopping too. I don’t know how because my grandmother was a terrible speller and her lists were indecipherable! I guess they were married so long he knew her secret code!

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66 tasting notes

Was delish. I made ice tea with a squeeze of lemon and mint. Very refreshing and tasty.


Harney’s Earl Grey Supreme is one of my favorite Earl Grey teas. I’ll post a review, hopefully in the near future. Mint? Did you say mint? I love mint!! :))

Anna Vu

I did say mint. I got a tin with tea bags in it which I find pretty awesome for ice tea. Brewing a strong cup of tea with 2 tea bags and tossing it over a cup full of ice and shredding some fresh mint into it makes the tea absolutely lovely. While mint is a necessity, lemon and sugar are optional. :)

Ashley Bain

I would have never thought about adding mint to earl grey; that’s a great idea. I’m obsessed with mint.

Anna Vu

It’s something I picked up from this coffee shop I like going to. Their version of tea has some fresh mint, soy, and sugar and thus started my love affair with earl grey.


I think mint is awesome. This Summer most of my iced tea has been peppermint or spearmint! I tried blending spearmint and peppermint 2 to 1, but the ratio wasn’t right.

My sister bought me a loose leaf Earl Grey with lavender years ago, that I really enjoyed!

Anna Vu

Did the lavender make it quite floral? I am iffy about Earl Grey that is too fragrant since it reminds me too much of soap (to the point where I start tasting soap).


I’ll have to think about that and comment later. It also makes me want to at least sample another Earl Grey with lavender to try to understand “soapy”. I’ll check in later.


Anna, it was so long ago that I’ve had this Earl Grey Lavender tea, and I do not remember the brand. I may be able to post it as a Lavender Tea in my tealog, but since we were talking about it earlier, I’ll post a short review here.

I believe I got it as a Christmas gift from my sister. It was my third loose leaf Earl Grey tea, and first and only one blended with lavender. In those days I added sugar to nearly all my teas, but did try it without sweetener a few times. I remember the bergamot being very fresh and citrusy. The lavender was blended very well & overall very complimentary. The dry aroma of the bergamot and especially the lavender was fantastic! I couldn’t stop sniffing the tea! The lavender did make it quite floral—in the cup as well! I would say that even though the lavender to tea ratio was sparse by comparison, the lavender aroma and flavor was very noticeable. The bergamot was quite noticeable too, but thinking back, the lavender seemed to slightly mask some of the bergamot & tea qualities/flavors. Yes the lavender was floral but not too overpowering. At least that’s how I remember it.

A nice blend overall—Rating:70-75.

I think I’ll have to try another brand to see if I can detect any soapy qualities, as I can’t remember any from this tea.

I am making mental notes for Harney & Sons Apricot tea, cupping it iced and hot. I hope to have the review later today! Take care. Tue 08/09/11.

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6768 tasting notes

The Purrfect Cup sent me some of this one! Thanks so much! And thanks for the awesome envelop!!!! WOWZA!

With all the teas I have drank – I’ve had very little Harney & Sons considering how many teas they offer. Same goes for Upton, really.


I NEED MORE BLACK TEA! Today is turning into YESTERDAYVERY hellish!

This is a darn good one! It has a nice, strong, chewy, bakey black tea base with an even-medium EG flavor to – certainly NOT over done. I do like this one because I can taste how wonderful the black tea base is!!! The EG Flavors are just on the assist…not overly loud.

Yup! This is a winner! I like it very much! Thanks The Purrfect Cup!!!!

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1719 tasting notes

The label says four black teas, SILVERTIPS and bergamot. The bergamot aroma when I open the envelope is nice. The tea in the sachet is very finely cut – almost powdery. That surprised me a bit. It may not be normal, as who knows what sat on top of it in the post office. I steeped this for 3minutes in just boiling water.

I had read the reviews before hand and kind of knew, how this tea gets interpreted depends on what level of bergamot one finds pleasing. On the one end of the bergamot scale I put Tazo Earl Grey, which I can’t detect the bergamot at all. On the other end I place Empire Tea Services Earl Green, which is highly flavored and very floral. In fact I had to cut it with another tea the first couple weeks I had it to tone it down. Halfway between these two extremes I put Twinings EG. It is bright and citrusy. Ahmad EG has just slightly less bergamot but a nicer base flavor profile. On the same scale, Ahmad No 1. is halfway between Tazo and Ahmad EG. Harney and Sons EG Supreme I place just below No 1. on my bergamot scale. Confused yet?

Let me simplify – You can taste the bergamot, especially as the cup cools, but you have to be paying attention. If you are looking for that citrus blast, then this tea will be quite disappointing. For that reason I wish H&S’s would have left Earl Grey out of the name and just called it Supreme. As a lightly flavored black tea this is really good. It is rich and malty. The bergamot actually supports the base instead of the other way around, and it does an excellent job of it. I do find this slightly astringent, like and Assam, as it leaves me with a bit of a dry mouth feel.

Earl Grey? Not by my bergameter scale. Wonderful lightly flavored black tea? Absolutely. I am scoring this based on the black tea aspect.

This was a gift from Ashmanra. Thanks for sharing.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I wish Harney would make an extra strong bergamot Earl since I love their other teas so much. None of their Earls have enough bergamot for me unfortunately (and I dislike the base too, which seems fairly different than some of their other bases)


That actually sounds good for when I want an Earl Grey, but don’t want that blast of citrus. Which is why I haven’t been drinking my Earl recently.


@MegWesley, for half the price the Ahmad No. 1 is lightly bergamot scented and worthy of giving a try unless you are putting together a large Harney order anyway.


Dinosara, have you tried their sachet Imperial Earl Grey? It might be strong enough for you.

KS: I have never had this bagged, only loose. I checked my tin and the leaf was not really that small, so either they use smaller in the bagged area or the post squished it, especially since they returned it to me even though it weighed less than an ounce and should have gone. Glad you liked it!


I actually haven’t! It would be interesting but I don’t have high hopes because I dislike something in the base they seem to use to all of their Earls.


Send me your addy and I will send a sachet. They are not super fresh but you could get the idea! Not sure when I bought them. You can also get them by requesting bags only at Barnes and Noble. They will sell you two tea bags for the same price as a large hot tea, but you get to make it at home and not taste burned leaves and paper cup!


I will check at my local B&N, and if they don’t have it then I’ll definitely take you up on that offer!


@Dinosara, I really liked the base tea in this one, but I can see how it could be interpreted as having a touch of dirty sock taste by anyone who did not care for it. I do not know my black teas well enough that I should be guessing but I thought maybe one of the four teas used in this was a Yunnan and that added what I considered the interesting element. Apparently, I like a higher number on the bergameter, just as you have a lower tolerance on the Ewww meter.

@Ashmanra, I didn’t know I could buy just the sachet without buying a whole tin. Definitely be checking this out next trip.


I actually emailed Harney about the base a while back and they told me it was a Keemun, Ceylon, Assam, and Oolong (just a tiny pinch of oolong) base, with the main tea being Keemun. Which is odd because I don’t think I dislike Keemun, but there you go. I also found out that the base for Paris and Tower of London is almost identical except one of the main teas is Hunan.


See I told you I shouldn’t be guessing. I can’t imagine which is adding that extra touch to this. Interesting.


KS: the first time I bought it that way I told them I wanted to order tea but I wanted them to give me the bag, not make it, and I would make it at home. (The only time I had tea there it was AWFUL! I tasted nothing but paper cup.) they were perplexed for a moment and then said they could charge me for a large, or whatever their fancy pants name is for it, venti maybe, because it takes two bags to make one and they would just charge as if they made it. They will put it in a brown paper bag for you ( I LOVE teeny brown paper bags! Why? )
or in a cup. I think it was about two dollars. That is ow I first tried Tropical Green which is really good.


Bergameter scale! KS that was genius! : ) I am still calibrating mine…

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