Lapsang Souchong

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Black Tea
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Burnt, Campfire, Smoke, Ash, Dirt, Smoked, Sweet, Cedar, Cocoa, Cream, Honey, Malt, Maple Syrup, Mineral, Roasted Barley, Tar, Wood, Pepper, Salt, Tobacco, Whiskey, Pine
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Bulk, Loose Leaf, Sachet
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205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec 6 g 14 oz / 423 ml

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  • “I’ve had so many lapsangs lately but I thought I would give this one a whirl too, to see how it stands up to the competition! The aroma is very smoky – woo! This tea certainly packs a wallop. The...” Read full tasting note
  • “My cup has been cautiously sniffed. Lots of nose-wrinkling and backing away followed. I can therefore conclude that cats don’t like LS. Good thing I’m not a cat, then. slurp” Read full tasting note
  • “It has been a while since I had this in my teapot. I’ve certainly missed it. I love how bold this tea is. It is the perfect wake up tea when you know you are going to have a long day at work.” Read full tasting note
  • “I didn’t actually drink this, but I’m logging it anyway. Harney & Sons (the store) really went above and beyond the point of generosity. Emeric sent me some teas they decided they didn’t care...” Read full tasting note

From Harney & Sons

An ancient and much loved tea from China. Large leaves are dried over smoky pine fires. As you might imagine, the tea develops a distinctive smoky flavor. Give it a try when you want a change of pace.

About Harney & Sons View company

Since 1983 Harney & Sons has been the source for fine teas. We travel the globe to find the best teas and accept only the exceptional. We put our years of experience to work to bring you the best Single-Estate teas, and blends beyond compare.

65 Tasting Notes

2816 tasting notes

I’ve had so many lapsangs lately but I thought I would give this one a whirl too, to see how it stands up to the competition!

The aroma is very smoky – woo! This tea certainly packs a wallop. The aroma is definitely that of a campfire I would say. The aftertaste is definitely not as sweet as some I’ve had so I’m missing that a bit, this is more like liquid smoke all the way!

I thought I would try adding some soymilk to this but I accidentally got vanilla soymilk at the store instead of my normal plain. Could not resist the urge to try it with this tea, it actually isn’t too bad… ha ha

There’s something about a lapsang that seems strong and fortifying. I thought this was pretty good but there’s a few I like better right now.

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec

Woman after my own heart!


The only straight LS from Stash many years ago-and it reminded me of this review-campfire & liquid smoke, but I seem to remember quite a bit of sweetness. I really liked it alot at first, but put it aside for months. When I came back to it something had changed! I ended up drinking half of the 2 oz sample, and threw the rest out. Maybe it was stale. ://

Anywhooo, I suspect Bonnie may be sending me a LS sample or two, so I’m getting back on the LS horse. Speaking of horses, I can’t forget about the Belmont this Saturday!

Amy, next time you order from Upton Tea, I think you would enjoy their Baker Street Blend:


I just ordered my LS, waiting for it eagerly now :)


Scott – i have had the Baker Street and it’s nice. I am still partial to Hu Kwa and also the Lapsang from Mandala tea.


I’m looking at a Fall order from Mandala, so I’ll keep that in mind. To me LS teas are more for Fall…….however, the whole smokey, campfire thing is a summery activity. What am I trying to say?? WTH!!…….It can be enjoyed anytime of the year.


Well, in San Francisco the foggy summers make it feel like winter anyway. :)


I know, yesterday it was 92 here…….I was wondering about SF and you had a high around 62 and a low of ?? like 49. Cool nights to be sure.

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1353 tasting notes

My cup has been cautiously sniffed. Lots of nose-wrinkling and backing away followed. I can therefore conclude that cats don’t like LS.

Good thing I’m not a cat, then. slurp


Lapsang Souchong is the tea that made me fall in love with tea


It’s one of my favourite types too, although this particular brand was not my favourite. I’ve been lucky enough to have found my perfect LS being sold by a danish company. Not only fully within my reach, but not costing an arm and a leg on shipping either. :D


while I don’t enjoy this raw cousin of the smoking process, if you ever get a chance to try a quality Bohea (Tao of Tea offers a ‘mini tin’ about once a year), its amazing and lovely- mostly because the smokiness is subtle and part of the flavor and not a dominate part of it. However, you can’t beat Lapsang Souchong for cooking…good for making tea eggs, oven or dutch-over poor man’s smoking, steeped into cream for ice cream, added to Asian stews for stock, poaching white fish, or event marinating scallops….yum…but lock it down..the smell can take over the kitchen


Best review ever. <3 cats!

Ashley Bain

I always thought I was a cat in a past life. But I absolutely love lapsang souchong, so I may have to rethink my conclusion. haha :P

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108 tasting notes

It has been a while since I had this in my teapot. I’ve certainly missed it. I love how bold this tea is. It is the perfect wake up tea when you know you are going to have a long day at work.


I haven’t tried this one, but I love how sweet and chewy Wuyi Shan Lapsang by Harney was. Yummy! But very smoky!


This one isn’t sweet. It is very smokey. But WONDERFULLY smokey. I would best describe it as a smokier Queen Catherine. It is a smooth flavor, but bold.


Sounds wonderful!

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865 tasting notes

I didn’t actually drink this, but I’m logging it anyway. Harney & Sons (the store) really went above and beyond the point of generosity. Emeric sent me some teas they decided they didn’t care for and not only did they not want anything in return, they sent me a sample of one of their senchas and… LAPSANG SOUCHONG CHEESE! I completely flipped out when I saw this.

I decided to christen my taste buds w/ a simple grilled ham and cheese so I didn’t over power the cheese w/ a bunch of other flavors- a thin layer of mayo on each side of the bread, cheese on each side of the bread, and one piece of ham on good french bread and toasted in our George Foreman machine.

I think this is the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had. Honestly, I’m not too thrilled w/ the cheese right from the wedge because the cheese itself is a little strong for my personal taste (I have no clue what kind they use), but when melted it’s perfect. Both the taste of the cheese and the tea (although I wish they’d use a little more) hold up to the sandwhich instead of just being a glue that you can’t really taste. Normally the only cheese I put on grilled cheese is pepper jack so I think next time I’ll add just a pinch of red pepper flake to my sandwhich. And maybe some cooked red peppers. I normally put roasted red peppers (the kind in the jar) on it, but I think the brine would be too much. I served this w/ a 2nd infusion of maple sugar black tea and it paired wonderfully w/ not only the smokeyness of the lapsang souchong, but the flavor of the cheese itself. I’ll wait til I can actually rate the cheese individually, but this cheese gets a 100 in my book!=D


Amazing! I plan to visit the tea room in upstate NY this spring – I have yet another delight to look forward to – tea cheese!

Robert Godden

It’s another planet there, isn’t it? Bacon tea, LS cheese, etc.
I’m not much of a cheese fan, but I do love it melted. I think that this product would be quite brilliant. I’d try it with on grilld tomatoes, I think.


Robert, I’m not a cheese fan either- only on hot sandwhiches, mac n cheese, pizza, and of course fried! I saw a grilled egg plant, zucchini, tomato, and basil sandwhich on tv I want to try- this’d be killer on it.


Argh, LS cheese… sounds lovely. I can almost taste it. They don’t have it in their online store! :-(


Mmmm….everything in this tasting note sounds wonderful! Truly wonderful! I need to get in good with H&S like you!

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2028 tasting notes

I feel the need for some smoky tea.

It’s weird, it’s kind of like wanting a cigarette, though I can’t imagine that now after having quit about 14 years ago. I wonder if there’s nicotine in lapsang souchong. ;-) Golly, I hope not. It’s scary, because breathing in the smell of the dry leaves in the sample packet is rather like taking a long drag. It’s calming. They’re very smoky. A little salted meat smelling as well. I feel like I could tap my cheek and watch a chain of tiny O’s float skyward after inhaling this.

After steeping, the aroma is significantly calmer. Much less like smoked meat, or even smoked wood. There’s a piney, woody smell that is mellower than pure smoke. The color of the liquor is somewhat lighter than I expected. A light to medium amber.

The tea is gently smoky, not intense or tarry. It’s been a while since I had the GM lapsang, but this is similar in feel and character to the way I recall the GM lapsang being. It’s pleasantly sweet at the finish and in the aftertaste as well. There are woody, piney tastes and something bread like at the end of the sip.

Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in today, maybe it’s just been a long time since I had lapsang and was craving it, but I’m loving this right now. It’s really hitting the spot.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

Nah I just think it’s the similar flavor. I can see where this tea could be a stumbling block for ex smokers lol.


Congrats on being an ex-smoker for such a long time! ::high five::

As an ex-smoker myself, the only way I was able to quit (almost a year now) was using the scary Chantix. I had a great Dr. who had perscribes it regularly and of all the scary side effects listed she said that the only consistent and common was nausea. I can confirm that. I couldn’t even finish the starter pill set. And you know how they say that you can smoke the first week of being on it? I made it 4 days before I wanted to throw up (nearly did on my final one). The thought of cigarettes turns my stomach still to this day.

All that’s to say that I have absolutely no problem with smoky teas. :)


Campfire is very different from cigarettes. I LOVE the smell of campfire (not so much the taste in tea though), but puke at the smell of cigarettes.

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150 tasting notes

I have the wonderfully generous and beautifully kind QuiltGuppy to thank for my sample of this tea.

We all know that Lapsang Souchong teas are smokey, but the aroma of this tea dry gives my smoked salts some seriously smokey competition. The smokey aroma lessens a bit as the tea steeps. At first sip this tea is, you guessed it, smokey. This develops into a slightly peppery and far less smokey body, and then to a nice savory finish. The black tea is very smooth and not the least bit bitter. This is a very good tea, but I have to admit that I’m not a huge Lapsang Souchong fan in general. However, I do find myself wanting to marinate shiitake mushrooms in it. Add some diced shallots, olive oil, a splash of mirin, a little tamari… yum!

On a side note, my puppy really seems to enjoy this tea. I’m having a weird busy morning, so I decided to have leftover yellow curry for breakfast. Leftover yellow curry and a cup of Lapsang Souchong makes for a dicey breakfast combo at best. Well, I left my questionable breakfast unattended for a moment and my puppy apparently figured out how to jump onto the cocktail table. When I returned, he had eaten a few big bites of curry and lapped up a good 1/4 cup of my tea. I called my vet, because I worry, and he’ll be fine. BUT my afternoon may prove to be very interesting… I can hear his belly gurgling now :/


Silly tea Puppy!!!!!!


I know! Buckley is a dachshund pup that had a very hard early life. When we adopted him he was malnourished and lethargic, but now he’s healthy and rambunctious. I should know better than to leave food out anywhere near a hungry hound :)


I’m so glad he has a loving home now! I grew up w a Dachshund and he was an amazing friend dog. He loved his food too! Used to steal the lunches that my grandmother packed me, opened the paper carefully as a person and eat them holding between his paws! He would also go into purses, get gum, unwrap it, and sit there and chew it like a person!!!! Not swallow it but spit it out after it had no flavor!

We adopted our Beni Beagle at 9 mos old – malnourished and unsocialized – and now he is almost 14!!!! Such a loving good dog. I can’t understand how his previous owners could have mistreated him.


I used to have a bloodhound named Pluto, who could stand on his hind legs and easily reach ANYTHING left on the counters or kitchen table, which meant that as soon as food was cooked, it had to be consumed and not left to cool on the kitchen counter. (Lesson learned many times over. He especially loved my challah.)


I’ve never had a specific breed of dog before, and it’s so interesting to see how deeply breed traits run. I always knew that hounds had good noses, but WOW are they ever food focused. We now have two doxies under the age of three and they’re total partners in crime! Our beloved 13 year old mutt is not amused.
JacquelineM, I can’t understand how people can be so cruel either. The way I see it is that we don’t have to include children or pets in our lives. But if you choose to include either, you had better damn well take the best possible carre of them. No exceptions or excuses.


Amen, Jenn!


Thank you, sistah-lady-friend :)

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294 tasting notes

I cannot think of a better tea on a rainy day with the exception of a fine Shu. Smoky and wild. Perfect for lifting your spirits on a dismal day. I know this tea is not for everyone. Those who love it adore it. I brewed it western style and the results are glorious. Happy Holidays To All….

Jim Marks

For a time I was making my own blend of shu, lapsang, Yunnan golden and wuyi. I blame lots and lots of dreary autumn, winter and spring days in New England.

Charles Thomas Draper

I like the sound of your recipe

Jim Marks

It was a good one, if a bit cruel to high end tea to make them commingle.

Charles Thomas Draper

It’s sounds like Verdants Imperial Breakfast.

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158 tasting notes

Mmmm. Liquid campfire. Perfect for the coming of fall. Added a touch of brown sugar and maple for a super yummy treat. :)

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

I have a tin of this. I will have to try it with those additions. Sounds intriguing.

Ashley Bain

You must! Reminds me of when I candied (with brown sugar) some smoked maple bacon. Mmmm.

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259 tasting notes

This is an excellent Lapsang Souchong. Good, strong, stick-to-the ribs heartiness. I’ll reorder. It might be the best LS I’ve tasted thus far.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

I was just going to drop you a note to see if you were home from your travels! I hope you had a wonderful time. I’m going to pop a package into the mail next week for you :)


If you would like to try their Wuyi Shan Lapsang, I would be happy to send you some!


Oh, Doulton! I haven’t seen you around in ages! I hope you are doing well.


Welcome back, Doulton! Good to see you here again.

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169 tasting notes

When I was younger I had a very nasty Lapsang experience.
I only recently started purchasing them again, because it was a tea that my coffee drinking husband had shown some interest in.
I purchased this and then a Lapsang from Mountain Rose Herbs.
I enjoy the polite or elegant Lapsang from MRH over this one.
This one seems a tad rough or harsher to me.
I am glad I started with the other Lapsang though, because I can appreciate this tea and enjoy it when I am sharing a pot of it with my husband (who declares this tea..“Now this is a Manly Tea!”)
I just noticed that the smokiness in this tea almost tasted a little bitter compared to the last tea which the smokiness was smooth.
I feel rather silly doing this review since I have only three Lapsangs to compare too, and one of those was over 10 years ago and terrible (or my taste buds hated it at the time, maybe it was not all the tea)
But, this is not a bad Lapsang, maybe not one to try right away as a beginner of Lapsangs.
To all those Lapsang Lovers out there, I am supposed to ask you if there is any stronger Lapsangs than this one from H&S…apparently if there is a more manly Lapsang out there, my Hubby wants to know about it. (long suffering sigh inserted here)
Brewed in my Bodum for 4 minutes.
The color is a beautiful amber.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Lots of folks like Black Dragon from Upton, I love Baker Street Afternoon from Upton but don’t know if it is really stronger than this one but it is soooo good. I thought Russian Country by Harney was stronger than this one but it was too strong for me. How about Manteas from Frank at 52teas? Some of the maple bacon ones might appeal to your hubby. And coffee drinkers often love puerh!

Hesper June

I will look into these.
I have not tried any Puerh’s yet, I hear y’all talking about them on here, but it is not a tea I have explored as of yet.

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