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From Lupicia

Authentic Earl Grey made with Keemun tea. Delicious straight up or with milk.

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61 Tasting Notes

2188 tasting notes

You know, I have gotten to the point with my dissertation that I can actually take the time to write tasting notes again. Turns out that once it’s written and sent off for comments, there’s a lot of waiting around to do.

While I’ve been writing and not posting notes, I have been slowly working on pushing through some older teas and going back to old favorites that I haven’t had in a long time mostly because I get focused on samples and sipdowns. This fits the old favorites category, although it’s not really that old of a tea. A nice morning Earl to start the day.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Woohoo! Sounds like a load off…but I bet waiting for comments is nervewrecking


congrats on getting over a big hurdle!

Joshua Smith

Congrats, I hope you get a lot of positive responses!

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4846 tasting notes

I just got my order a few days ago from Lupicia, but this tea has been calling my name ever since receiving it. So I finally caved in and decided to try it.

Aroma – not surprising – it’s Earl Grey! It is a very strong fragrance, but that’s not a bad thing. I love the smell of bergamot in the morning! (Yeah, it’s 12:30 pm, but, for me, it’s still morning!) The dry leaves possess a stronger scent than the brewed liquor. The brewed tea is still pleasantly bergamot, but the Keemun tea can also be detected in the scent which adds a slightly earthy note to the aroma.

Initial sip – awesome! Lovely citrus notes, hint of floral. The Keemun base is pleasantly pungent. I love the way the bergamot and Keemun play together in this blend.

As I continue to drink, I note that this is a skillfully flavored Earl Grey tea. Speaking from the standpoint of one who flavored teas for many years, Earl Grey was one of the most difficult (if not the most difficult) flavors to create. This is because there is a fine line between not strong enough, just right, and too perfume-y when it comes to the bergamot. This one is planted firmly in the just right position! Well done!

I don’t know if it’s my favorite Earl Grey, but if it isn’t, I don’t know which one is better, either. It’s really, really good!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

The second steeping is just as flavorful as the first! I love it when that happens!

Meghann M

This is one of my favorite Earls as well…perhaps my favorite, they really blended it well!

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558 tasting notes

Glad to have this earl back in my life. The only earl I have ever craved. I could be very happy if this were the only tea in my cupboard. So very happy to have this back in my cupboard.


Wow! High praise indeed to say you could be happy if this were the only tea in your cupboard. It must be magnificent!


This is an awesome Earl Grey!


Ha ha I still can not get past my Hot Cinnamon spice craving, I have been having some everyday… I will soon need to reorder!

Meghann M

Ever since Ricky(I think it was Ricky) sent me a sample of this in a swap back when I started on steepster I have been hooked. I CRAVE this tea. I drink other Earls, but this is the perfect, non floral, non cream earl. Surprisingly I haven’t sickened of it, although I am only on my second 50g bag of it. With cream or without it is my tea.

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985 tasting notes

Tea of the afternoon……

Something about a good Earl Grey is just so relaxing. I actually have been working on a big project…. I am trying to learn to play the cello in my 40s. Turns out, I need to relax a little to improve my playing, so this is what I need right now (since a glass of wine is not really going to help with my accuracy!). I love the bright bergamot notes in this tea. It just makes me happy.

Usual teapot method.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

learning to play the cello sounds like fun!


That is really awesome that you’re learning to play the cello. Good luck, and I hope you build finger calluses fast. :D


Hope the bergamot notes complement the ones you’re making! (I’m hearing Yo-Yo in my head right now :)


Cool. My son has a CD of a 3 piece cello group playing metal. I can hear you riffing on Smoke On The Water. Probably not what you had in mind but that’s what I picture.


Oh, I would love to learn to play the cello! It has such a lovely timbre. I believe I read once that it has the most complex overtone series of any instrument. It tears my heart out and makes me want to weep, sing, dance…


@KS, it was actually Apocalyptica that sealed the deal. While I love some traditional cello, Metallica on the cello was just wonderful….Look for Nothing Else Matters… :D And my son who plays viola and electric guitar has all ready played Smoke on the Water on mine!


Awesome! When you learn to play enter sandman, or maybe crazy train, let me know!

Steven Cook

I love the apocalyptica verson of metallicas song One


Had to look Apocalyptica up on youtube … wow, have you seen this version? (someone mixed them and James’ vocals)


Gave me goosebumps (Metallica is one of my top 3 fave bands).
p.s. Different instrument (violin), but David Garrett does a lot of rock classics too. Maybe check him out (on youtube) when you get a chance.

Oh (gosh I can’t quit, music is first love, lol) … here is one of his:

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863 tasting notes

I’ve been in the mood for an Earl Grey all day – so it was very fortunate that my Happy Bag from Lupicia decided to come in, because this was inside!

Steeped 2 teabags in 500ml. water in the Breville at below parameters.

The smell of the dry leaf was STRONG bergamot. Like, I held it too close to my nose when I sniffed and was bowled over. It smelled great, though, I just hoped it would not be as strong once steeped because that really would have been too much for me.

Thankfully, the smell mellows out in the steeped tea. This is a fantastic Earl Grey! I’m surprised at the fact this is a Keemun base, because I don’t really get any smokiness – just the strong bergamot and black tea in a great balance with each other. I’m drinking this without additives but I think it wouldn’t be bad with milk and sugar, either – in fact when I make it next I’ll try it that way and compare.

This is the first Lupicia tea I’ve ever tried, and it bodes well for the other teas I recieved in my Happy bag – January is going to be a fun month of new tea!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I so wish the $50 ones were available by the time I got around to ordering……. They must have gone fast!


The only reason I got one is because I stayed awake until 3 AM (since I’m on the East Coast) and refreshed the site a few times. If only I could be so determined in all other areas of my life!

I’ve never tried Lupicia before either, and I wanted to just get a nice sampling (& free shipping… & that monthly magazine) which is the only reason I went with the larger one.

I’m thinking we got a lot of the same teas – but if we didn’t and if I end up posting about something that piques your interest, let me know and I can share. :)

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634 tasting notes

Ahhh, the lovely strong aroma of bergamot. This tea wakes you up with just a whiff of the dry leaves! This really is the best Earl Grey I’ve ever had. It tastes exactly like the tea they serve in Paris. So decadent! So full and well rounded!

This is a completely different experience than the Creme Earl Grey by Element Tea that I just had yesterday. This tea makes that one look like water. The bergamot flavoring in this Lupicia version is much stronger and more flavorful. It’s truly a wonderful and uplifting cuppa. I’m raising the rating a couple points.

And now my whole office smells like a Parisian café. :)

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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251 tasting notes

I like a lot of bergomot. This definitely has a lot of bergomot. I can’t say much about the black tea base, it tastes pretty standard to me, but the bergomot is delicious. (Have I mentioned that I love bergomot? I even wear it in my perfumes.)

It is one of those Earl Greys that stands up proud and strong and shouts to you in the morning. I need that.

If you’re not a fan of Earl Grey, this probably won’t be something you want to try. I’m probably going to purchase some of this after my current supply runs out. Can’t be without an Earl Grey!


I love bergamot too :) Have you ever tried “Honey I Washed The Kids” soap from Lush? Omg….it smells so good. Not too much bergamot, but just a little to give a sweet orange kick.



Oh yes!!! Love “Honey I Washed the Kids”!! I’m out of that, but I need to reduce the soap inventory before I go to Lush’s website. (Or walk in the store.)

At the Florida Mall, which is too far for me to go on a regular basis, Lush is right across the hall from Teavana!


LUSH is awesome! A good part of the reasons for my tri-annual shopping expeditions to Vancouver are so I can visit the store on Robson Street. I especially love their Tea Tree Oil Water and their bubble bars. _


Hehe, I feel lucky now…there’s a LUSH right next to my school! Whee! They have a new limited edition Honey I Washed The Kids perfume that I want to try…

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2816 tasting notes

Traditionally I have NOT been a big fan of Earl Grey. This came in my Lupicia grab bag and it isn’t something I would have chosen for myself but I figured I would try it and I can always give it away to a friend.

Upon opening the bag there is a very strong but pleasant bergamot aroma. I am hopeful although I’m not a huge fan of keemun either so it isn’t a good sign overall. :)

This is pretty good however. I am trying to rate it based on its merits and not my own personal preferences. I decided to add soymilk to it and the bergamot is very strong and citrus-y. I don’t know why but keemuns always taste muddy to me so that’s the least enjoyable part of this in my opinion but it does make a good contrast with the bergamot and is pretty unique. It’s definitely a lot better than most EG’s I’ve had though. I think my favorite is still Lord Bergamot from Steven Smith.

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

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125 tasting notes

Sample package label: “5201, Earl Grey”

Per: http://www.lupiciausa.com/product_p/13355201.htm:
“Water Measurement: One 5.0 fl.oz (150ml)-cup
Water Temprature: Boiling water
Brewing Time: 2.5-3min.”

5-oz water with total dissolved solids (TDS) of 27 ppm, heated to 212*F, 3 min.

1 tea sachet, without sweeteners, milk or cream.

Introduction: Most Earl Grey teas are light- to medium-bodied. While my wife loves the aroma and flavor of a well-balanced EG, she typically does not find them to be strong enough. To compensate, she will increase the amount of tea leaves and/or the brewing time. However, you can only increase those two parameters so much.

Fragrance: This tea has a fresh lemon Earl Grey fragrance combined with the scent of the Keemun base without any hint of artificial additives.

Dry leaf – Dark brown leaves

Liquor – Clear & coppery

Impression: This is a smooth, well-balanced Earl Grey with a fresh mild pleasing lemon aroma combined with a mild classic Keemun aroma. Since I very much enjoy Keemun, I found this EG to also be very enjoyable. Finally, an EG with more body! There was no hint of bitterness or astringency. As the cup cooled, there was a hint of tartness. This Earl Grey resteeps well at 5-6 min.

My wife enjoys Keemun and also enjoyed this tea but didn’t find it to be “The EG” she’s been seeking. To her, it wasn’t special or unique enough. After all the excellent Steepster reviews and recommendations for this EG, I had high hopes this would be “The one”. At this point, it has been 9 Earl Greys & counting! (I’m not including EG cream teas.) Since this tea has a full-bodied Keemun base, I guess she didn’t find the EG aroma and flavor to be sufficient. She is looking for an EG that will make you “sit up and take notice.” A full-bodied EG on Steroids!

Thanks to Lupicia for providing this free sample.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 5 OZ / 147 ML

If I might suggest, I’ve found Lupicia’s EG Grand Classic definitely fits the “sit up and take notice” bill, on my EG quests! Good luck on your own continuing EG quests!


Thanks for the suggestion! At $82/lb, I imagine it’s very good. But, a bit much for an everyday breakfast tea.


Yes, definitely not everyday material for both price point and smoky, exotic character – although it does re-steep well for an EG (3 times).

If you two are particularly interested, I can send you a small sample to try, since 50g is the lowest that Lupicia sells, and it’s a very love-hate EG, I think. (‘u’-)


Thank you for your offer. That’s very sweet of you! I’ll ask my better half.

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358 tasting notes

I’m finally getting around to this lovely little sample from one of the book club swaps. I don’t know what black tea base Earl Greys are usually made from, but I can tell that this one is going to be unique from the aroma from the dry leaves alone. They smell of sweet bergamot, with an almost sugariness to the scent. The brewed tea has a perfumey black tea scent from the Keemun, with just a hint of citrus. The flavor is very smooth in the mouth, and has a lightly malty flavor with a sweet orange finish. There is a light and sweet floral aftertaste. This tea is definitely not overwhelming in the bergamot department, I’m actually not getting much of the traditional bergamot flavor at all. It is more of a floral perfumey black tea with a little sweet orange thrown in. I added milk and sweetener, which brought out more of the citrusy flavor, but it is just as good without it. Thank you, CK, for this sample!

-Dry blend has small black tea leaves and twigs.
-Dry leaves smell of sweet bergamot. Tea liquor aroma is of perfumey black tea with a hint of citrus.
-Tea liquor is a clear dark brown color.
-Smooth lightly malty flavor with a sweet orange finish. Light sweet floral aftertaste. Velvety mouthfeel.
-Milk and sweetener optional.
-Good tea. A unique and perfumey Earl Grey. More sweet orange flavor than bergamot.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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