Sakura Thé Blanc

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From Mariage Frères

Fragile and delicate, the cherry blossom – Sakura is a fleeting expression of nature announcing Spring in Japan.

A Pai Mu Tan white tea with a flowery, assertive note of the sensual, sweet fragrance of cherry blossoms.The collector’s canister features a striking pink cherry blossom with silver-studded petals set against a white ground.

Amount of tea leaves: 5g
Best water temperature: 85° C
Infusion time: 7 min.

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12 Tasting Notes

911 tasting notes

I pretty much adore this tea but I think that it is kind of odd that I do. It smells so sweet! Like little-ball-of-marzipan-candy sweet. And the taste! It’s a light, sweet, floral and slightly earthy tea with faint notes of wood or nuts and then a lovely sweet floral poof at the end and then a chaser of marzipan that can in no way be natural but I still luf it muchly. Just thinking of this tea gives me the urge to sprinkle glitter and candied flowers over everything and dance around a garden in a white gauzy dress.

(The second steep (also at 3min) is my favorite. The marzipan and flowers thing doesn’t change (if anything it may be a little sweeter), it just smoothes out a little compared to steep number one. I still need the glitter, candied flowers, garden and dress to really set the mood.)

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Maybe some cherry blossoms in the hair, too? :)


Cherry blossoms and glitter EVERYWHERE! Whee!!! :D


LOL…I can see it now. :)


Don’t ask me why, I just had a flashback to Wizard of Oz’s Glinda the good witch! The mind works in mysterious ways…! :) But having fun.


Lauren, I was totally thinking of the good queen from Alice in Wonderland!


There you go, then! I wasn’t too far off with my imagery after reading this lovely post!


Though of course, nothing would top a photo (on Flickr steepster group maybe) with Auggy dancing and twirling dressed up in a gauzy dress with flowers galore and glitter sparkling everywhere … hint hint hint, Auggy!


Hah! Well, if I had gauzy dress, glitter and flowers, I might do something like that but I lack all of these things so everyone is out of luck! :P


Hahaha okay Auggy we will let you off the hook for NOW, but for Halloween we want the photo Lauren described posted on Flicker. In other words you already know what you are going to be for Halloween! ;)

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260 tasting notes

I picked this up on a whim when I was in the grocery store the other day. I won’t lie, it was because I thought the box was pretty [but it also helped that I’d had a good experience with Mariage Frères previously].

The dry leaves have a strong scent, reminiscent of the great Marco Polo experience of 2009 [ah, 2009] except instead of smelling like Strawberries on Steroids [coming atcha in 2011] it smells like Cherry Blossoms on PCP. So, delicious.

The scent actually reminds me of a few things. Grenadine, for one. Also, some types of gum. Extra, maybe, or Bubblicious. But most of all, Mr. Bubble bubble bath, which my parents would not let me or my brother have anymore after one of us dumped half a container in the bathtub. [I still maintain that it was him.]

Taste wise, this tea is light, like sugared flowers. That kind of light. It’s sweet, and that stays with me in the aftertaste and pulses in intensity as I breathe in and out.

It actually reminds me of Ludens cough drops, which, as anyone who has them may be aware, can be most accurately called candy. They do not taste like cough drops. I am 98% sure they are just candy and have little to no medicinal value. They taste a hell of a lot better than regular cough drops do as a result [if you like candy, that is] and I would beg my dad to bring some home when I was sick. [He often did, on the condition that I actually ate one real cough drop for every three Ludens or something like that.] Anyhow, this tea reminds me of that, just with the volume turned down a bit.

If I were to sum up this tea in one word, it would be sparkling. It seems to shimmer with sweetness, and has this almost nectar-like quality to it.

Mariage Frères didn’t offer any insight for steeping, so I put it in for three minutes, drank about a third of the cup, stuck it in for two more, and then drank the rest. The three minute mark had more flavor, so next time I’ll try a full cup there and probably continue to play around with some more steep times and stuff. I know that I’m tired because in that previous sentence, I wrote “but so and,” so…I’m going to stop here.

Oh, except to say that this note is based on the 3 minute steeping because I liked the flavor better there.

Okay, but so and good nighting!

160 °F / 71 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I’ve been known to do that too, buy something because the box was pretty. If the contents of the not so pretty box sound more interesting than the contents of the pretty box it can turn into quite a dilemma. I go by the most interesting label too when choosing wine. :)


It is a beautiful tin. How come my grocery store doesn’t carry teas in pretty tins? They don’t have any loose teas at all.


@Angrboda I also buy the pretties.


Looks and sounds very pretty! The thought of sugared flowers makes me happy.


I secretly used to love getting a cold so I could eat those Ludens. I’d go through an entire bag at a time. I also used to really like the Celestial Seasonings cough drops, but they discontinued those. The berry ones were really good!

Anyway, glad this one tastes as nice as the tin looks!


Wow! I want to shop at that grocery store! The tea sounds really unique and delicious.


@everyone I’d like to say that I read through all of the descriptions and then make an at least semi-informed decision, but what happens is I start reading everything and then I forget what’s what and I get both bored and overwhelmed at the same time and so I just go “YER PURTY” and grab it if it sounds decent. Plus, Mariage Frères and some of these other people don’t name some of their teas super descriptively. I mean, “Fall in Love”?

I should also mention that I went out to Balducci’s, which is hardly my daily grocer. I don’t roll deep like that. It’s a smaller, frou-frou grocery store that I go to sometimes when I’m in need of something that’s harder to find for cooking purposes. Now I’m going to be going there for tea purposes too, it seems, since they carry a lot of good looking stuff!

@teaplz They’re so good! I don’t know if they still make them this way, but they used to have them in these little boxes with this wax paper bag inside. Something about that felt old to me, so I used to pretend that my stuffed animals were sick too and that it was their medicine when we were “out on the trail.” Except then I’d try to ford the river and our wagon would tip over and somebody would die of dysentery.


But you always have to ford the river, because choosing any of the other options is for chumps.

Also, you always killed way more than you could carry back to your wagon. It’s not your fault you’d see nothing but rabbits for ages and then BAM, bison. I mean what can you do? Really?


I know! Stupid bison.

I also seem to recall a spinoff of OT called Amazon Trail that was essentially exactly the same but with a graphics upgrade. [And also it was set in the Amazon.] I think there might have been some extra mini-games. If I’m remembering correctly, I also got it out of a Cheerios box. I think you got to spear fish in that one instead of shooting stuff.


I always caulked the wagon and floated it. And sometimes it’d be too heavy because I was PARANOID AT THE GENERAL STORE and bought like, 5,000 of everything. And then the wagon would sink. PITIFUL.

There was Yukon Trail as well!


OMG Amazon Trail! When I was in elementary school my class would play it sort of as a problem-solving lesson. I seem to recall a magical black jaguar that sent you on a quest to get things for the Inca King in the Lost City or something. And I remember that we had to take picture of animals and ID them. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a computer class.

And I crashed the boat. A lot. XD


@teaplz I was going to say that I don’t think I ever played Yukon Trail, but then I wiki’d it and I remember it vaguely. I think that ten-year-old me somehow knew that there were talking jaguars on the way and thus lost interest too quickly to play much of it. That, or it might have been right around the time when I became obsessed with Duck Hunt…

@Jillian Holy crap. I remember the jaguar now. HAHAHA. And the picture taking. It was like the predecessor to Pokémon Snap. [Did anyone else see the new HAWP? Oh, man. So disturbing. And hilarious.]

@notarevolution Do it! Watch out for them squirrels!


You lot are inspiring. I had to pay a visit to last night because of you. :)

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1887 tasting notes

Another tea from the lovely Takgoti.

The scent of this tea reminds me of cherries, but not the fresh, juicy sort; it’s more of a candied smell. It brings to mind those sugared blossoms that are sometimes used to decorate cakes.

Taste-wise mostly what I’m getting is the white tea (which is quite nice, BTW) with a hint of something floral and sweet at the end of each sip.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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80 tasting notes

THIS IS DELICIOUS (but lacked in steeping instructions).
Sweet like sugared flowers, or more like flowers made of sugar.

Conversely, the smell reminds me of cherry losanges and I was bummed with the quantity in the tin. But don’t let this put you off from a solid Bai Mu Dan with an addicting flavor.

This is unlike other sakura teas I’ve tasted. In fact, I don’t know what I’m tasting, but it is pleasant. The texture is thick, the taste is fruity. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Me gusta.

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1 tasting notes

what a beautiful taste. its like perfume for the mouth. it has a great smooth, floral, aromatic taste that is to be savored.

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