Madagascar Vanilla Matcha

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Tea type
Matcha Tea
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Vanilla, Cream
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Typical Preparation
Use 13 oz / 394 ml of water
Set water temperature to 160 °F / 71 °C
Steep for 5 min, 30 sec
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“Yum yum yum. So I am trying (and often failing) to live a dairy free lifestyle, as dairy wreaks havoc on my system. But around this time of year, a mystical drink is brought out from shrouds of...” Read full tasting note
“The only milk we had in our apartment today was Vanilla Almond milk and given the snow storm outside, I did not feel like venturing out to get some regular milk so today I used almond milk to make...” Read full tasting note
“Made icing with this Matcha! Madagascar Vanilla Buttercream. I almost wept! There is no bitterness at all when you make this into an icing for a chocolate cupcake. Just saying – if you want to try...” Read full tasting note
“Thank you Kittenna for sharing some of this with me! Now all I want to do is place an order with Red Leaf Tea and get some other yummy matchas! I was looking at their site and there were so many...” Read full tasting note


Our amazing Madagascar Vanilla Matcha Tea combines two wonderful ingredients. With pure vanilla from Madagascar, this Matcha Green Tea tastes fabulous and is all-natural. There is nothing artificial about our vanilla addition. You may not have already known this, but vanilla is healthy for you. Pure vanilla – which we use in our Vanilla Matcha – has antioxidants just like many dark berries do. As you may know, antioxidants kill free radicals roaming around in your body and help create a healthier you. From the vanilla bean, our natural vanilla also helps alleviate anxiety so many of your cares and worries subside.

We have made vanilla just a little bit better too since we have added it to our high-quality Matcha Green Tea. Matcha Tea comes from the highest quality of Green Tea leaves available. It is specially processed to put into powder form. One special thing about our powdered Matcha is that the way it is processed does not affect any of its natural health benefits. What can Green Tea do for you? It helps keep your heart strong, has cancer-fighting properties and also detoxifies the blood. Matcha Green Tea also helps you burn calories so you can stay fit and healthy even while living a busy life.

This tantalizing combination of all-natural vanilla and Matcha Green Tea will keep you coming back for more of it and also for more of our many other amazing Tea combinations. You will be amazed at how many different tea varieties we have and at the options from which you can choose to satisfy your tea drinking needs. You will not find a more comprehensive collection of Matcha Tea or any other tea elsewhere. We have the highest quality of teas that are unmatched by anyone else. Try us and you will never go back to store-bought or any other tea again.

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