Russian Caravan

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Black Tea
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Malt, Smoke, Smooth, Wood, Tobacco
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Typical Preparation
Use 8 oz / 233 ml of water
Set water temperature to 205 °F / 96 °C
Use 2 g of tea
Steep for 4 min, 15 sec
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“I discovered an old tin of this while I was clearing out some of my clutter. It was almost full! I have no idea when I bought it, but I know it hasn’t been available in the States for a long...” Read full tasting note
“I was in the ED today and found a box of this in the breakroom. It swells smoky dry. I used water from the zip kettle so it was boiling and maybe even a little superheated. I brewed it for...” Read full tasting note
“I’ve been drinking this quite steadily at work these past few days. The mornings have got pretty cold, and this is just the tea I need to get the day started once I arrive. I know there’s some...” Read full tasting note
“Twinings Russian Caravan has been my everyday “quaffing” tea for many years. It has a smooth but robust flavour that is perfect for any time of day. It doesn’t leave your palate feeling bitter,...” Read full tasting note


Russian Caravan tea is not in fact a tea grown in Russia, but a Chinese tea. Until the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 the way of tea from China to Europe had been long and arduous. Tea could be shipped by sea, which was a four month trip with an inevitable loss of quality. Alternatively it could be taken by land, which could take up to 16 months across Middle Asia with much less loss of quality.

Russian Caravan tea originated from the land journey on a camel caravan and in the process the tea would become scented by the nightly campfires. Historically, Russian Caravan tea was the most important drink after vodka in Russia and was the blend cherished by the Russian aristocracy!

Twinings Russian Caravan tea is a fragrant blend of Keemun and other fine China teas producing a delicate nutty flavour that is easy on the palate.

As a robust, full bodied blend, this tea will serve you well after the silly season as a filling tea to drink instead of snacking on left over Christmas cake. Also, how appropriate at this time of year that Russian caravan pairs well with your barbecued meats, as it shares the same lightly smoked characteristic.

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