I’m going to be starting a new blog project soon, so I’m trying to build up a good collection of winter teas for it. We live closer to a Teavana than anything else, so we decided to brave the salespeople to pick up one of their new winter teas.

The experience reminded me why I avoid malls – it was absolutely packed! – but I did have a bit of fun at the salespeople’s expense. Three of them had actually formed a barricade between the crowded entrance and the rest of the store, and when I asked if something was wrong they scattered like startled birds, their aprons flapping in their wake.

When we finally were able to blaze a path to the counter, the very frazzled young lady (she may have been new, because she seemed very overwhelmed) presented us with this tea and their pumpkin tea – well, there was an apple tea, but as soon as I mentioned my allergy she whipped it away with an amazing speed. No, really. It nearly vanished she moved it away so fast! Like being around a sealed tin was going to send me into anaphylactic shock!

It was actually kind of sweet.

But on to the tea! I chose this one over the pumpkin because I was more curious about it. The white chocolate and peppermint dominates the dry flavor, and once I steeped it I discovered that it holds true in the flavor as well. I’m not picking up the rooibos’ caramel notes at all, but each sip is leaving me with an encompassing peppermint tingle in my mouth. The oily film on top of the tea may play a role in this. So far, that’s the only real drawback to this tea… well, except for the price, but with Teavana that’s pretty much always a given.

All in all, I’m really enjoying this and glad that, this time at least, my damnable curiosity didn’t get me into too much hot water… just enough to steep in!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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Feel free to browse my cupboard if you’re interested in swapping, but all the mate and pu-erh in our household is my husband’s.

For swapping purposes, please note the apple allergy. Thank you!

I tried to limit my cupboard to teas that were 1oz or larger, but that was a gorgeous failure in terms of swap communication. It’s all going back up.

Okay, I just feel wrong trying to grade things without a rubric – it’s too inconsistent! So, here is the grading breakdown:

0-50: Dump it!
50-60: I might finish the cup
60-70: Possibly finish the pot
70-80: I may keep this on hand
80-90: Cupboard space guaranteed
90-100: Poetry may be involved!


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