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A pleasent flavor profile that reminds me of over-chewed banana flavored bubble gum. It has that kinda-fakey xylitol sweetness that you can get in bubble gums these days, I rather like it. Pungent wet leaf aroma that reminds of worm compost and wet logs in the forest. I also rather like this.

Value it’s pretty good at 20 cents a gram…now I have to decide if I want 500 grams of it. I probably won’t get this just because it’s not sold in lesser quantities.

For comparison purposes, I feel like its closer to some of the ripe pu-erh I have had, but it doesn’t have that same ripe pu-erh ‘warming’ aspect.

Acquired sample at

Additional brewing parameters: 6g leaf, 100ml gaiwan, steepings 1-4: 20 seconds each, 4-7: 20-45 seconds each.

Flavors: banana, Wet Wood

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DaXueShan (DXS) tea is a favorite of some and I include myself in this group. This one is particularly good. Most of the DXS teas we hear of are from the Mengku side of the mountain. This particular cake is from the Yong De side.
Made of decent material (reported to be gushu), now with six years of proper aging. Many intact whole leaves used to make the cake. Deep golden, clear soup. Sweet yet complex taste (mix of stonefruit, wood and leather) giving it a pleasant thick body. Active mouthfeel providing a nice feeling in both the mouth and throat. Many might detect a small amount of bitterness but I think it quickly becomes sweetness and then a nice cooling effect emerges. Solid depth and good Qi found in this sheng.
I have picked up several aged cakes from FinePuer and I have been very happy with each one. However, I must say that this is definitely one of my favorites due to the pure enjoyment of drinking a cup and the surprising thing is that it is the youngest of all my FinePuer purchases. I like this one a lot and I highly recommend it to those looking for fine puer. If you have not done so already, check out James’ comments on TeaDB.

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 4 OZ / 110 ML

Good review. Big fan of this one (I picked up five)! I feel like it is very undervalued for the quality.


FIVE – you are a tea hoarder, James. ;-)


I know right? After my initial two, I tried it three more times (all excellent) and talked myself into buying at tong-quantity!


Have no fear, you are in good company my friend.

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I have grown quite fond of shengs from Mengku and YongDe. This “DaXueShan” tea does not have too much age on it but 5 years is worth something for decent sheng leaf in terms of development. This is an appealing tea – very smooth; many whole leaves; thick soup; decent body; pleasant sweetness. I should clearly note that there is a bit of lingering bitterness although this is light. In my opinion, overall mouhwatering tea with a pleasant aroma and an enticing kuwei which adds to the complexity. I quite enjoyed this cup and now I’m anxious to see how the profile improves in another 2-3 years.

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 90 ML

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good results with this tea using about 2 grams directly in mug steep for a few minutes and drink.

pleasant fresh dough aroma, almost like chocolate cake.

smooth, slippery texture.

flavor is sweet and mild.
flavor could be more rich and strong. perhaps in a couple of years…

1 min, 30 sec

This one sounds like a pleasant treat specially when cold out.

Asaf Mazar

I have made it sound better than it is. a bit too mild. yet is it smooth and with a pleasant aroma. I think the best shu I have had in the past few months is this:
and this:

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review is baased on 2 5gram tasting notes.
once in yixing pot second time in gaiwan.

Well, here it is: the LEgendary Red Mark, with almost 10 years of age.
Volumptuous, mostly intact leaves brimming with vitality, when rinsed, relase a satisfyingly strong prune-plum aroma and flavor.
In the yixing session : unsurpassed thickness of tea liquid, leaving prominent oily coating in the mouth.

Still a bit too young and cold on the stomach.
Certainly worth a try at only a few bucks for 10 sample.
An important educational experience.
I find it much easier to asses quality of puer after drinking this.

The leaves are impressive, perhpas this is what old arbor leaf is like when not over picked. Very simmilar leaf on the xiaguan 2004 blue mark that I got with the same order. the blue mark was darker and more aged, Less fruity, more coffe-like in a way.

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