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I ordered chawangshop’s Wu Yi lineup, and I must say all of them are at least very good. This one is top notch. It is the smoothest Wu Yi oolong I’ve had. It’s a deep baked handmade oolong, done exceedingly well. The roast is deep but not upfront in the flavor profile. It is spicy and zesty, with hints of fruit. The broth is silky. Great stuff. Chawangshop is an underrated gem. Don’t be put off by what appears to be high shipping costs, once you place your order and they send you an invoice, the shipping is usually much less than it first appears.


Did it last many steeps?


I got 2 good steeps and 2 weak ones. It pretty much fits my prior encounters with rou gui. Does that make sense?


Totally! I haven’t good longevity either, even from an expensive one ( only tried a few, mind)

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I’m drinking the 2016 Spring version. I really like this tea. It has a wild flavor to it. It is sturdy and can be brewed multiple times. Hard to describe the flavor, it is not too roasty, kind of wild and mildly sweet. An excellent everyday oolong.


I had a Wuyi Shan Lapsang once that was absolutely amazing…

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This is an outstanding tea. The vendor, Tealife Hong Kong, is one of our own in the Steepster community, who is making some unique Hong Kong teas available to us. I purchased 4 oolongs. Today I sampled the first, the Hong Kong-Roasted High Fire Three Stamp Shuixian. I am a big fan of roasty oolongs, so I was excited to try this. On the website, the picture of the brewed tea looked like shu, and it was described as having an uber roast. All of this made me very interested…

The website description of this tea is spot on. The first steep was like thick chocolate soup, with a touch of astringency that was perfectly balanced. It tasted of raisins and cinnamon. Velvety smooth. The roast is all about bringing out new and interesting flavors rather than creating a roasty flavor. You can tell this tea was roasted by a craftsman, it is a deep dark brew. Very complex flavor profile, it already tastes almost like an aged oolong in some respects. This is going to be an excellent tea to store for aging. The tea energy was popping – I am so wired right now after only two steeps that I had to put it down and wait until I calm down a bit. I’m posting this in the meantime so I don’t know how this will steep out, but the description says I should get maybe 4 good steeps. This is a big tea…

Liquid Proust, I bet you will enjoy this one…

I will be purchasing more to age. I’m in love…


Thats great news, I was looking at this website with interest. Looking forward to the rest of your reviews. I really like good roasted oolongs


Thank you for the review! Raisins and cinnamon is not something I’ve noticed myself, but I’ll look for those flavors the next time I drink the Three Stamp!

I actually sell aged Three Stamp on the site for only slightly more money—if you click through to the Three Stamp page, the aged stuff is sold in Hong Kong taels (37.8g). Five years of aging make the tea much smoother and the roaster states it is more aromatic, too.


Cool, I may give that a try as well.


I wonder how his HK raw compared to 90s HK from white2tea :)




Try it! :) I haven’t tried any of W2T’s teas yet!

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I found this tea to be good, though not great. It is a zippy and zesty young sheng, with lemony undertones and light bitterness. The flavor on the whole fell kind of flat. Very strong in the caffeine department.


I think I have a small sample of the 2015 version of this. Wonder if/how it differs.

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This is an excellent oolong from Yunnan Sourcing. It is very smooth, with a medium roast. No off roast flavors, it is quite velvety. Later steeps have that defining orchid flavor, just a touch. Well balanced astringency. This is one of the best oolongs I’ve had in a while, and it’s not expensive. I found that short steeps with lots of leaf worked well.


I loved this one. Mellow and thick. Even when it cools down it tastes great.

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A bread and butter Dayi ripe. Solid little plantation cake that you can’t go wrong with.

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I purchased this in hopes of finding a substitute for Verdant’s, since I won’t purchase from them anymore due to their deceptive marketing. This was quite similar to theirs – tiny curled leaves, and a rich malty chocolate type brew. I found this to be a bit lighter and fruitier than what I recall from Verdant. It is quite good.


i think i like the classic grade a tiny bit more from Yunnan…and it’s winning so far against the verdant teas i have in stock atm.

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drank Toufen 1963 by Camellia Sinensis
206 tasting notes

Thanks, unnamed tea trader, for sending me this sample. I found this tea really interesting. It is older than me! Not by much, though. It brews like a cross between shu pu-erh, hei cha, and aged oolong. The broth is thick, with notes of must, tang, and a strong astringency that works well. Big tea buzz. Very unique, and close to a dollar a gram, so not an everyday pleasure for most of us. But well worth trying to experience such an old and unique gem.

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Dug this one out of my shu bin today. Wow, it is really good. The first couple steeps had some fermentation funk, but that gave way quickly to a deep bittersweet chocolate flavor. An excellent shu.

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I don’t know whether I got a bad batch of this, but this tea fell totally flat for me. It had none of the typical Taiwan oolong aroma, or flavor for that matter. The leaves looked fine, but it tasted extremely bland.

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