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66 Tasting Notes


So, I am OBSESSED with this tea. It’s a problem. It’s what I almost always drink.
And now I find out that Zhena’s sells this tea loose leaf?
I’m gonna cry—there goes all my spending cash! ;) It’ll be worth it.
$22.80 for a half pound. I’m seriously contemplating this.


I love this tea too! I think the half pound is totally worth it, plus you get way more for your money with loose leaf :)

Cory Ostermann

That’s what I was thinking! I’m waiting till the first of the month, but then I will have all the coconut chai I need.

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I’m adjusting my rating for this one, in this case, higher.
I’ve been brewing cups of this very carefully, because for some reason I seem to have a lot of trouble making a decent cup of darjeeling—especially this particular one. I usually take this in the morning to my classes in my Teas Etc. mug—always gets looked at, and with this particular tea cannot be mistaken for pond scum. (The way green teas can sometimes look.) It’s smokey, and it wakes me up in the morning. The leaves are very distinctive in the mug. It’s also what I usually offer to people who have never really looked into tea and have instead be drinking (gasp!) coffee.

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drank Genmaicha by Argo Tea
66 tasting notes

Made a cup of this before I headed into my new studio (it’s TINY) to finish my painting. It really made my afternoon that much better, with the sunlight streaming in from three walls as I painted. I’m glad I brought this tea from home. Tasty—adds to the experience of studio work.

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I’m trying to ward off a cold with this tea. I’m on the last bag in the box! This is a pretty tasty ‘medicinal’ tea, of which I’ve had few that I’ve liked. However it’s too sweet for what I usually like to drink—so I drink it every now and then, or, if I’m coming down with something, taste buds are ignored and I drink half the box. Between this and miso soup for the rest of the day, I should be back on my feet in a couple of hours.

8 min or more

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Meh—this tea is just fine. It’s my roommate’s tea, and we’re celebrating the return of her cat! Now I can do my homework again instead of posting fliers and running around, worried. Things are getting much better around here.

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Using this tea to distract myself. My roommates’ cat is missing—and we’re not allowed to have a cat in our apartment complex. We’re all very nauseous and worried—so I made tea. The vanilla is helping me calm down. We all need the ‘calm down effect’ right about now.


Aw! I’m praying for the kitty- and you guys too! Hope to see a celebratory tasting note soon!=D

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So, I really like this tea.
It’s my dessert tea. Or rather my “I’m a poor college student, I don’t have money for anything except the basics boo-hoo no dessert” tea. It’s been cheering me up as I read and draw and do everything I love to do, except on a much more accelerated schedule. I’m making another cup of this so that I have enough ‘oomph’ to get down and build a canvas from scratch today. (I usually do this, but I know it’ll take an hour or more to get it just right…)
Mmmm. Coconut. I placed this in my cupboard next to a bag of shredded coconut (a friend’s birthday is coming up and I’m making vegan coconut macaroons for her birthday) and the entire kitchen smells really tasty. I love this tea.

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I just picked up a tin of this on my last Whole Foods run. While I’m sitting on the decision to purchase the Adagio Tea chai sampler in the next week (as a treat for starting classes in Bmore) I had to have something to tide me over.
The coconut in this tea is the top note that I can detect and kind of overpowers the chai, even though I can taste the chai spices. This is perfectly fine with me because I love cooking with coconut milk, but however due to the high calorie count and its amazing ability to go rancid in a matter of hours, I don’t cook with it often. This tea solves my coconut conundrum. It has a very smooth mouthfeel.
With mine, I sweetened it up a bit, and in an attempt to pull the chai notes out a bit more, I used a touch of almond milk to bury the coconut, as well as a little sweetening from liquid stevia. Incredibly tasty! I’ll be drinking this all week until I can supplement it with the Adagio Tea chai sampler.

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A favorite of mine. Yeah, I finally figured I should announce it—my tea-ball is broken with a space between the two hinges as they meet. While I’m waiting to get a new tea-ball, I’ve been drinking all the teas that come in handy little sachets—all my tea bags! This was soothed me last night as I was finishing up a painting and feeling a tad bit overwhelmed. The vanilla is very calming, to me.

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I had some of this last night, partially because it was the only tea bag in my collection that I could stomach after a day of crazy running around. I managed to sneak it into the theater with a mug of hot water to go see Scott Pilgrim. Pomegranate Tea in the theater? What a treat!
Not my favorite, but still a nice treat.

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I’m a student artist and unruly feminist, having recently moved to Baltimore to attend school. I have a particular fondness for tea, cats, painting…and vegan food. :)
I love most teas—especially chai.
Teach me your ways, tea people, I’m here to learn! :) )


Chicago, Illinois, United States



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