Links to get FREE Samples

List any links you find where you can ask or obtain totally FREE Samples (no obligation/no purchase necessary)

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On you can get a free catalogue and get a free sample. On you can sign up for account and points and you start with 2 points and thats enough for some sample such as black night.

Cofftea said

Does ROT give you a free sample w/ every new catalog that comes out? ;)

Danielle said

i just ordered tea from there last week. already got a catolog and my free sample!

I believe they do…at least I get one each time

Thanks for the links :) but yes I agree links to tea sites would be really cool.

Pensador said

Samples are always welcome when you don’t know many teas—thanks!

Cofftea said

just registered for mine, will I automatically get one the next time it comes out or do I have to reregister constantly? If so, how often do they come out? I don’t want to miss a single catalog or sample.

Janefan said

I just got my RoT catalog today with a sample of their “Comfort and Joy” holiday black tea.

TeaGuy19 said

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Suzi said

If any first-time shoppers want a $5 gift certificate, l can send it to you if you give me your e-mail address! Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to do that as a link yet – if I figure it out (or someone else knows how) I’ll edit this to fix it :D

Danielle said
Pensador said

Yes, please :)
pensador1982 at yahoo dot ca

Suzi said

Saulo, Danielle – look in your inboxes for the gift certificates :D

Pensador said

Much obliged.

Cofftea said

New Adagio customers can enter coupon code 5317306917 expires Tues. Dec. 1 at 10:20am CST.

Danielle said

what would the address be in my inbox??? theres a chance i put the GC in the trash!!!!

Danielle said

Never mind…i went and found it :) thank you so much cant wait to use it!!!

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aurateas said

We announce monthly free tea samples on our facebook, please follow our facebook page:

This month we are sending 6 samples: 4 different Tie Guan Yin, including 3 green Chinese TGYs and 1 Muzha TGY (traditional roasted), Muzha Bai Hao Oolong (Oriental Beauty), and Wuhe Honey Black Tea.

We are considering to carry 1 or 2 green TGYs, if you’d love to receive the samples and help us with some of your openions, please leave me a message~~ We send out samples almost every month, the only thing we need is your feedback, blog reviews, reviews on our website or steepster would be appreciated.

Here’s our website:

Now a fan on FB, left comments, and sent you an email…thanks!

seule771 said

Fan as well and joined your site and sent email for samples. Thank you.

darky said

liked on fb and going to send a message there aswell

Looking forward to trying some great looking teas, and fingers at the ready to review, please follow so I may PM with more info:) thanks again for such a great opportunity!!

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Cofftea said

Tavalon gives you a free sample w/ every order.

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Cofftea said

“To introduce our fresh, quality teas, we have assembled a Green Tea Sampler for Novices. The Sampler contains samples of our best selling items: Loose Leaf Tea – Sencha Fukamidori, Genmaicha Extra Green and Houjicha Gold, and Gourmet Tea Bag – Sencha and Genmaicha. Additionally Den always picks one extra seasonal tea to enclose for you. To help with brewing the loose tea, we include convenient tea filters and brewing instructions. The Sampler also contains an informative booklet about tea and its substantial health benefits.
This is a great starting point if you are just learning about Japanese green tea or if you are interested in expanding your sources for quality tea. The price of the Sampler ($3 US) covers shipping and handling and will be refunded on your first order over $15 (excluding S&H). We hope you take advantage of this special offer.”

I just got my box from Denstea last week, it’s a great deal to get you hooked on their wonderful teas. :) I"ll be placing my order once I try everything in the box!!

Cofftea said

Isn’t it awesome? Meccha is my new fave I think. They have a tea of the month sample as well=D

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If you want free tea, bookmark our website. We are getting ready to have our first “Free your Tea” giveaway contest next week. Plans are in place to do a giveaway about every other week right now with an eventual plan (more of a hope right now, really) to give away free tea to one lucky soul each week.

Stay tuned for details…


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Cofftea said gives you a free sample of any two blends you create.

Meghann M said

created two today and we shall see. It’s $1 for shipping but that’s not bad!

Cofftea said

I gotta remember to do this. I wonder if they keep your address on record so you can only do it once. So excited to read about your blends!=D

Tabby said

This site is dead, unfortunately. I think I’ve tried it twice over the past few years and never got anything.

The site is back up, but shipping is $5 now.

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We’ve officially begun our free tea giveaway… 8 oz. of a selection of black teas…entries into the giveaway are accepted until 9 December.

Check our website 4 details….


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Cofftea said

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds as if samples can be requested NPN from The Jade Teapot:

“Free Samples will be shipped for free at your request. Please fill out the Contact Us form, or if your placing an order you can indicate free samples at the comments section at checkout.
Please indicate the teas you would like a sample of. Sample sizes will be no larger than 1/4 oz. Sorry only 5 free samples will be sent at a time. Blooming teas will not be sent out as samples.”

Meghann M said

Let me know if you try it. I see where the contact us is, but feel weird just asking them to send samples of tea.

Nice find. I’ve gone ahead and filled out the form. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ve got an email saying that the samples will ship on Monday! Awesome.

Meghann M said

I filled out the form, we’ll see if I hear back as well. What are you sampling Zeitfliesst? If you don’t mind me asking. I asked to try: chocolate mint mate
italian blood orange
starry night
japanese cherry
liquid jade

Meghann M said

PS-they just emailed me to let me know they would go out tomorrow. Awesome. Plus samples with every order, what can get better than this if this tea is good?

I asked for Assam Gold, Starry Night, English Breakfast, and I think Caramelized Pear and Peach Oolong. They all looked pretty good.

Hello everyone. This is correct.

Free Samples are provided on request in accordance with the policy on the web. We believe that providing free samples is very important not only for the tea drinking public but also for those wondering what it tasts like prior to investing money into tea. We believe that the free samples should be just that FREE. free from complicated means to request, free from shipping, free from any charges. Free. You dont need to sign up on the website to receive your free sample. Any informaiton you provide me will be used to send you the free sample, (also to follow up that you received it, thank you for trying and also ask if you liked it)

They are packeaged to be air tight and also protected from light:-)

We have several promotions going at this time.

for those living or playing the NH lotto. Don’t toss those tickets that did not win. go to the NH Lotto replay program site and put in the information to have a chance to win a $10 dollar gift card for The Jade Teapot.

Purchase discount program. You dont need to go and locate coupons for The Jade Teapot. We give them to you up front. orders $30 or more have auto discount of 10% orders of $60 or more receive auto discount of 15%.

Our goal is to carry products and services you require and want to see. If you think that there is something missing please by all means let me know.

Thanks and Enjoy!!
The Jade Teapot, Inc

Cofftea said

Steven, your company is amazing! I’m looking for a small (2-4oz) yixing and will definitely keep you in mind.

Thank you so much Cofftea, I have several things on order I am very excited about. Any information I can help you with a Yixing teapot let me know. I will be happy to help you in any way. I want you to be excited and happy about your tea and teapots.

I will be adding a new topic monday that will be fun and very exciting.

Erin said

I requested Starry Night and Pomegranate Blueberry White last night. They sent me an e-mail and said they’d be shipping them out on Monday! If this turns out to be good, I’ll definitely order more. Thanks, Jade Teapot!

Cofftea said

That’s exactly why I think free samples are great. It increases sales of the samples we love and cuts down on disappointed customers by letting us try small amounts (better yet at no cost) before commiting to large quantity. The only bad thing about tea is if I don’t like it and can’t find a place to rehome it I either can’t return it or I can but it has to be thrown out for sanitary reasons. I’d rather drink tea I don’t like than waste it. Can’t wait to see what you have for us tomorrow!=D

Stephanie said

@Jade Teapot: Thank so much for this free samples offer! I’ve browsed the store and so far have choosen to try out Earl Grey Green and Starry Night. But I was wondering, a lot of the teas look similar to what Teas Etc. offers (including the product pictures). Are you a reseller of theirs or vice versa? I was just wanting to know because I’ve ordered from them and I don’t want to choose any duplicates as my samples. Also, which blends are yours exclusively? I’m always on the lookout to try blends I can’t find elsewhere. Thanks again!

~lauren. said

Thanks for posting this, Cofftea. @Jade Teapot – thanks! I ordered some samples, too!

I think the purchase discount program is a great incentive for those willing to make a purchase!

I love The Jade Teapot. I requested my five free samples with no shipping charges. Got them, loved them. Placed an order on 3/3 and got my teas on 3/6!!! You can request up to five free samples with each order. You cannot beat their customer service. Steven is super nice and willing to answer newbie tea questions. The Jade Teapot is now my favorite tea retailer!

Hi Stephanie,

You are correct I do resell other tea companies blends. I try to bring all the best in one location to make it easy for customers to shop, (ever get tired of going to 20 places for one type of thing?). My blends are currently in test groups. I use diffrent approach to bringing tea mixes to market. I create the blend and test it with groups of diffrent people from diffrent backgrounds, I keep updating the blend to make it great. Using these groups I can match and make notes on the tea that will better describe it so you can taste it with the words. As you know this process takes time, more time then I wanted, but I wont sell it until it is perfect. I have some exciting new stuff comming, I will always be a mix of a reseller as well as making my own blends. Currently my blends are not on the market yet and only avilable to the test groups for refinement. Once complete will be the first to get samples only prior to official sale.

A bit of history of The Jade Teapot so everyone knows where it came from.

The company is built on the idea of customers wanting more. To bring the feeling of a small teashop where you can ask a question and get an answer. If I dont have the answer I have my answer guys in China to get it right. I wanted to bring all the best of the best to one location, I am not always the best thus the reason I will always be a mix of both. (do I have all the best? No, the list of the best of what I like and others keeps growing all the time, it will never end.)

I wanted to bring service, value and quality to one place. I was upset going to some stores retail (in the mall, but not naming I dont down anyone they are all great.) and getting charged large amounts of money for a small amount of tea, then getting charged more for a tin with their name on it. Why? So I can advertise on my counter? I thought it was wrong. My partner said stop talking about it and do something, If you dont shut up! So I did, The Jade Teapot.

What does this mean to customers. You can find your favorate blends from all over the web in one spot, pay one person once, one delivery charge, receive one box in the mail, life is simple, from a trusted source.

But more over my goal is to bring some wonderful stuff to market non stop that is either hard to find, does not exist yet or you always love. This year 2010 will bring many new changes to my company. My company is here to bring you cups of smiles.

Healthy Choice – Great Taste.

Stephanie said

@Jade Teapot: Sounds wonderful! Yeah, while I do like “the hunt”, it does get tiring to order from so many different tea sites sometimes (especially when you factor in the shipping costs or minimum order requirements). I’m glad to know that the best will be whittled down for us to buy in one place. I am really looking forward to your blends! I totally understand the need for perfection, so please take all the time you need— I’m sure the end result will be fantastic! :)

Skittlefox said

Dear Jade Teapot,

Do you ship to Canada too?

I currently can’t take international credit cards, my merchant does not allow it at this time. But if it lets you, the shipping part is easy, and I will. I am sending out a package of samples to Canada today.

Skittlefox said

Yay! Thank you. I’ll give it a shot.

Cofftea said

Stephanie, I agree- That’s why I stuck w/ adagio for so long. And sticking w/ one company tends to keep you from spending a lot more- I’ve seen my tea habit shoot up in cost since varying my tea companies! =D

Erin said

I got my free samples today! That was quick! They threw in a sample of White Peach as well, which I’m excited to try. Thanks again, Jade Teapot!

Garrett said

I got mine today as well! I can’t wait to try them, they all smell so amazing.

Glad you received them already. Be on the lookout for an e-mail followup next week. (it is our policy for any order free or not to followup) Erin I remember your e-mail I saw the word white after all the teas thought it was a spelling error but did not want to upset you and thought it could be white peach so I tossed that in too for good measure. :-)


Just put in my “contact us” form, I can’t wait!! Found some great choices…now I wait!

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I am wondering where do you put your sample choices?

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