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Tea Companies donating to Japan Relief Efforts

If you know of tea companies contributing/donating to the Japan disaster relief efforts, let us know here so everyone can offer support as well.

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Jason select said

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Bingleys said

Bingleysteas.com as of the morning of March 14
With our hearts and sincere concern, Bingley’s Teas, for the next 60 days will have a Not-for-Profit suggestion of the Japanese Sencha in our line. Please consider connecting to part of the art of this wonderful country through their excellent tea and we will share 100% of the proceeds of your purchase to a relief group to Japan. Please share so we may be of as much help together as possible. Thank you!

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Chi of Tea said

ChiofTea.com is coordinating with Japanese Tea Company Kyoto Obubu to support their local fund raisers. Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations plans on announcing a fund raiser tomorrow to help in the search, rescue and recovery for many tea partners, family and friends in North Japan.

“things are getting scarier in japan….By tomorrow, I’ll be announcing an effort to fundraise for tea-related people (Obubu’s customers and partners) that were hit in the region. We still can’t get in touch with everyone yet though.” ~ Ian from Obubu Tea

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Jason select said


Among the generous supporters of Obubu in Japan, tea lovers who have helped us pursue our dream of spreading tea and tea farming around the world, we are announcing the From Tea Lover to Tea Lover Donation Campaign to help the 50 customers hit by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan.

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Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund

The Japanese cultural and heritage organizations of the Philadelphia area, known as J7, have joined together to support the people of Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

We have many friends and families in Japan and are waiting for news of their safety. In the meantime, our organizations are preparing to begin the work of organizing a collection for the recovery of the people of Japan.


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Vitalife Matcha, a UK-based tea company that specialises in a Japanese green tea called ‘matcha’ has announced that it will be donating 25% of its profits over the next 4 months to help with the Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

The Managing Director of Vitalife, Gavin Edley, 24, says ‘although our farms haven’t been directly affected by the earthquake or tsunami, we’re doing everything we can to help the relief efforts. We may only be a small, independent company but every contribution helps and we’re encouraging visitors to our website to donate to the cause too.’

Vitalife have now dedicated a page on their website to helping the relief efforts and enabling people to donate to the cause. ‘The response has already been tremendous with people from around the world donating and vowing to help in every way they can. Our contribution may not be an enormous amount, but if everyone takes a similar sort of action, we can help Japan to bounce back from this terrible catastrophe’ says Edley.

Edley then goes on to explain, ’it’s times like these when you really see the good in people. For us, the disaster was a little closer to home than most people – given our dealings and relationship with the country, but the generosity seen amongst people from around the world has been tremendous. It has made us want to become involved in other philanthropic projects in future.’

The earthquake and tsunami hit the East coast of Japan, north of Tokyo, on Friday 11th March – claiming an estimated 10,000 lives and destroying livelihoods.

Japan’s architectural infrastructure is one that is designed to handle earthquakes – and apparently it did just that, with minimal damage being caused by the quake. However, it was the tsunami that was to follow that caused much of the damage and loss of life.

Rescue efforts began just hours after the disaster struck with the Red Cross and various other organisations working hard to save lives and rebuild the towns and cities that were affected.

Global Giving, the organisation that Vitalife is using to donate their profits, have already helped to raise over £200,000 to the cause.

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EMIRO said

Untill the 1st day
A Other Initiative online from a french Tea’house – donation and solidarity with Japan :
For more information on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/MAISONTHEODOR

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Jason select said

Pearl Fine Teas: "If you follow us on Facebook, you already know about our pledge to donate 20% of sales from our Japanese Green teas to the American Red Cross and searchdogfoundation.org.

Given the magnitude of the crisis, we will increase our donation to 40% from now until April 30, 2011. And, if you spend $25 or more, you’ll get a $5.00 credit towards shipping. Just enter code JAPAN5 at checkout to receive the discount." http://tealove.wordpress.com/2011/03/15/where-theres-tea-theres-hope/

website: http://www.pearlteas.com/

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teapages said

I’m trying to keep on top of this on my blog. I have a running post – http://www.tinyurl.com/teapageshelp

I included Tea Happiness’ piece and most of the ones mentioned here. Also:

East Pacific Tea will contribute 25% of Japanese tea sales.

Tea Classics (www.hanchatea.com) is contributing 20% of all Japanese green tea sales through the end of March.

Samovar is donating 10% of Japanese green tea sales.

twiggles said

Thanks Teapages! I’m trying to keep my list updated as well (teahappiness.blogspot.com)

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Uniquity said

David’s Tea posted the following on their facebook page today:

Japan needs help. Proceeds from our Japanese senchas and gyokuros are being donated to the Japanese relief effort this week.

Our hearts go out to them.

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