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drank Kenyan Black by Justea
46 tasting notes

Love this tea! The leaves have a malty, mushroomy, yet fruity scent. The brew tastes super malty, along with cacao nibs and barley. There is a sweetness in there too though, and it seems to get sweeter as the tea cools down. It’s a bit astringent which I enjoy. A great morning tea!

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drank Nina's Paris by Nina's Paris
46 tasting notes

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I really enjoy this breakfast tea. It’s almost exactly what I look for in the morning. Smooth yet bold. It is strong enough for the morning, but also smooth and subtle enough for an afternoon sip.

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(trying to get back into Steepster!!) tried a sample of this tea last night. I don’t usually care for flavored teas, especially those with bergamot. But I did enjoy this one. It was surprisingly smooth and the citrus was subtle. Definitely vanilla as well. Not something I’d reach for, but I can understand why it’s so popular.

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first post in awhile! anyway, I actually like the bitterness in this tea. I prefer less vegetal green teas, so this one works for me. It doesn’t have a huge amount of flavor, but it is slightly vegetal, bitter, and punchy.

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this is a nice tea for the current chilly early spring weather. the floral aroma gets me excited to see spring flowers. the dry leaf and brew have a very strong jasmine scent, but the tea is only subtle in jasmine flavor.A little bit of the grassy green tea comes through. The package says to steep for 5 minutes, but that was too long. the tea was too bitter. i’d say don’t do more than 3 minutes. A simple and refreshing tea.

3 min, 0 sec

Hey Twiggles! Good to “see” you! Haven’t heard from you in a while! Glad you’re back!


thanks! I’m still only here now and then. working and kids has kept me very busy :)

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
46 tasting notes

I think this tea is adorable. I got a complimentary cup at the new NYC location. I’m usually NEVER a fan of flavored, or gimmicky tea, but this one just struck me the right way. It’s fun, and sparkly. The flavor is mostly cinnamon, with a bit of orange, and I think I detect some vanilla. Definitely not something I’d have around the house, but it would be great for a holiday party. The cinnamon has a nice warming effect, especially on this cloudy NYC day.


I really wanted to try this for the novelty. — However, I have lots of cinnamon spiced teas so I will pass. It just sounded so cute!


It definitely is fun! not something I’d probably get for myself, but since it was a free cup, i just had to try it. Could make a fun holiday gift.

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This is very roasty, and bold! Smooth and not a hint of bitterness. very nice.

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This tea is soothing and delicious. I’m definitely tasting that dreamy incense flavor, as well as dark red wine and cacao. there is also a pleasing floral note. I’m also getting a flavor I can only describe as ‘leather’, one that I’ve had before in similar black teas. Truly, it’s ‘leather’ in the best possible way! This is a quality cup.

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wow, i love this chai! I’m very particular with my masala chai- i find that most mixtures usually taste only of cardamom. this one is just right! it’s peppery, gingery, clove-y…sort of like a strong gingersnap cookie but with cardamom. i added it to hot milk and a little sugar. lovely!!

The DJBooth

peppery, gingery, clovey….I like it!

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busy, full time working mom, tea lover. partial to robust, strong black teas, nothing floral, or heavily flavored. I love discovering new teas, and tea shops in the NYC area. I blog about all things tea at http://www.tea-happiness.com/


Brooklyn, NY



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