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Sil select said

Ordered from Verdant even though i have 2oz of Laoshan Black currently in my cupboard at the moment. Picked up another 4oz and a couple of samples!

What is Laoshan like? I’ve never had it.

Sil select said

It’s one of my favourite black straight teas. It’s malty with cocoa notes. It’s my friend in shitty situations. It’s not a tea for everyone, but it IS a tea for me :)

Like malt chocolate in tea form? Sounds interesting.

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Tealizzy said

I was really worried that my beloved Ceylon Star From DavidsTea was going to be discontinued, since it was 48% off with other web special teas, that looked like they weren’t that popular, so I went for it! 250 grams! That’s a lot of tea! But I probably could drink that tea every morning, I like it so much. I also ordered another cute white elephant perfect mug at 40% off, since I love the one I have and thought it would be perfect for tea for two, or leaving one at the office and one at home. I also picked up two purple tins, since the web special teas don’t come with one. :)

Good call, I did that with my beloved banana dream pie :)

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chadao said

I bought 75g of some really nice green tea from Seven Cups. Green tea does not stay fresh for very long….

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Made an unexpected order today since I found out Della Terra is discontinuing Apricot Carousel. So bummed because it’s the only tea I’ve found with that combination of fruits that didn’t also include mango (which I’m horribly allergic to) or coconut (which I’ve started to really hate in tea). I couldn’t resist buying some up.

Apricot Carousel 2oz & 1oz
Try Me Pack – Cafe Vanilla, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Wonders of Kashmir, Caramel Creme, & The Perfect Pear

The 4oz Apricot Carousel was already sold out and there was only one 2oz so I had to get creative. Lol. I hope they don’t end up emailing me to tell me that someone got to the 2oz & 1oz packs before me.
And I figure that because lately I rarely make repeat orders to companies (unless I adore something) because there are so many new places I always want to try first, I figured I might as well get a try-me pack again.

Nice selection.

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tperez said

I hadn’t ordered any tea for a while, but I just broke that hiatus with a pretty tall order from Yunnan Sourcing:

Sheng Pu:
-2011 YS “Autumn Xi Bang” raw cake 400g
-2013 YS “Ye Sheng Cha” Wild tree purple tea of Dehong 500g
-2011 YS Jing Gu Mini cake 100g
-2013 YS “Wu Liang Ye Sheng” sample
-2013 YS “Ai Lao Mountain” sample
-2012 YS “Autumn Mu Shu Cha” sample

-Feng Qing Gold Needle Dian Hong Black tea 100g Spring 2012
-“Hong Yun” Yi Wu Mountain Wild Arbor Black tea cake 180g
-Wu Yi Shan Rock Tea “Classic Rou Gui” Oolong 100g
-Jing Gu “White Pekoe Silver Needles” White Tea 100g
-Feng Qing “Ye Sheng Hong Cha” Wild Tree Purple Var. Black tea 50g

Used the YZY10 voucher and loyalty points

I’m pretty sure I overdid it, but I really can’t wait! :)

Sil select said

Sounds amazing!

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and another Whispering Pines order, I’m loving it

The Sleeping Bear Blend
Campfire Blend
Painted Paradise Tea
Cherokee Mint
Blackburnian Tea
Coconut Chamomile
Breath of Life
Jasmine Coconut Green Tea
Imperial Shou Puerh Toucha

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keychange said

Guys! Just placed my first order with butiki teas! (and got to speak to Stacy on the phone!)
I ordered:
-caramel vanilla assam
-Taiwanese mountain black
-premium taiwanese assam
-maple pecan oolong
-cantaloupe cream
and a few samples: premium chai, another assam, and I think the rose violet calendula!
Oh my god I can’t wait. I know absolutely nothing about the different kinds of black teas (darjeelings and their flushes; how Indian blacks differ from Taiwanese/Chinese blacks, what a yunan (sp?) even is, and oh so so many questions. We need to have an “ask the experts” session!). Anyway, so so so psyched.

Sil select said

Fantastic order! I think you’ll really be happy with those ones from Stacy :)

That’s a great first order! :) The best way to distinguish between the types of teas, regions, and flushes is to taste quite a bit of them. You will be able to tell the differences rather quickly. Yunnan is a province in China. Some great teas come from that area, including puerhs, bi luo chuns, yunnan gold, etc. On the phone I had mentioned that our Hattialli Golden Lion has a similarity to the Yunnan Gold teas. Yunnan Gold teas are some of my favorites.

ifjuly said

that is a really great intro order, most of my all-time butiki faves, yum!

it’s not the only good source for info by any means, but to get a better handle on the zillions of types of teas by region and type i recommend the harney and sons book on tea. it’s available on kindle too. it helped me a lot when i felt totally overwhelmed at first about chinese and taiwanese teas, oolongs in particular. again, it’s not one-stop, but it can help you get a general grasp enough that you can then do further research with some sense of what you’re looking for.

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keychange said

Thanks sil! I suspect you’re right. Now it’s a matter of biding my time until they arrive. I want to like them so badly.

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keychange said

Thanks Stacy. I’m really looking forward to trying it. actually, one of the reasons I ordered an assam and a black were so as to be able to make actual real-life comparisons, because although I can read about them a lot, it’s all fairly abstract until it’s in a cup in front of me.

Exactly. Have fun experimenting and trying different teas! I Remember when I first started really trying different types of teas and comparing them. It was so much fun, though I still get excited today hunting down and trying new teas.

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I’m not even sure how I found but I must have signed up for their mailing list. I love Japanese greens! A few weeks ago they emailed me and said I had won some sencha, all I had to do was give them my address! So I got 1.76 oz of free sencha, YAY!

So then this week they sent me another email with a coupon for $10 off ANY purchase! SO GENEROUS! So today I ordered a 4 types of gyokuro (SQUEE!) sampler pack and some salted sakura blossoms. Only $3.50 including shipping with my coupon! I love it when free tea falls from the sky like that <3

Thanks Yunomi!!!

OOH! Yunomi is offering free tea for reviews (on steepster or otherwise!)

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