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Meeeehhhhh. I completely caved and ended up ordering from RiverTea. 50% off was just too good to pass up. I’m so weak willed when it comes to tea. And now this is two orders within a few weeks of each other when otherwise I didn’t have an order for months. Now I’m just resisting that Verdant order that keeps lurking around the edges at me….and the Whispering Pines one….And the Andrews & Dunham…. XD

Picked up 50g each of these:
Assam Beast of the East
Traditional Yunnan
Golden Yunnan
Golden Himalaya
Sumatra Special
Granny’s Cake

You know, I find it surprising that the 50% off deal is only through word of mouth. There’s nothing about the coupon on the RiverTea website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed.

Sil select said

i thought it was only for new orders – like a first time buys thing but it looks like everyone is able to use it heh

Cavocorax said

Sneaky! I never saw the original ad, so I wonder if it was just supposed to be for new accounts, but then we leaked the code?

Not sure. This was actually my first order with RiverTea, even though I opened the account back in February. But I definitely didn’t receive any promo emails about it either.

yyz said

I received an email. But the sale wasn’t highlighted as the main topic.

That’s odd! I got a few e-mails from them in the past week about 50% off. They did mention that the discount is somewhat connected to “first orders” but they were doing it a little vaguely… This was my second order with them but they never said anything about the coupon not being valid for me. Also, they had a banner for it on their website when I was ordering and I am pretty sure it didn’t restrict the coupon for new visitors / first orders.

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Cavocorax said

I placed my first Taiwan Tea Crafts order! Sil reminded me that if you only order the 25g samples and spend $25 or more you can get free shipping with ‘freeship25’ as the coupon.

I ended up grabbing 25g each of:
Yuchi Wild Mountain Black Tea, Lot 242 -$8.50
Sun Moon Lake Premium Grade Assam Black Tea, Lot 269 -$7.50
Alishan Mi Xian Black Tea, Lot 229 -$11.50
1982 Sun Moon Lake Aged Black Tea, Lot 220 -$4.25
Family Heritage Charcoal Fired Oolong Tea, Lot 265 -6.75

which added up really quick, but I’m excited to delve into these fancy unflavoured teas!

Also, I had a glitch in my cart when I tried to checkout, so they said they will also throw in 25g of a new Spring 2014 Assam that isn’t on the site yet! Wow. I’m impressed! I only hope this isn’t one of those companies that require a signature on delivery because that means automatic tea jail and I want this yesterday. Haha. :P. Ok, time to calm down and drink tea.

Sil select said

YAY! and the packaging is so pretty..i’m excited for you. also dibs on trying the assam! haha..and maybe the charcoal oolong :)

Cavocorax said

Of course! I’ve added you to my spreadsheet. :D

Every time I get on their site to place an order I get overwhelmed. I want to order EVERYTHING. You have a great list to start with I might just have to place a duplicate order:)

Sil select said

teatiff… keep it to 25$ with 25g sizes.. free shipping… then place another order after you’ve tried a few…

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boychik said

Today is my lucky day because in a couple of days i will be reunited with Two Tigers and Finbarr’s Revenge. Terri HarpLady sent me many samples, but these two were exceptional (for me). I was sad to learn that Two Tigers were retired but AmazonV made them come back in very limited amount.

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apt said

just went all out on my first and final Origin Tea order (RIP)

Got the Alishan, light roast Lishan, dark roast shui xian, a 1999 puer, and a 2003 liu an. this should last me a while until my friend goes to taiwan and visits some farms. he let me sample an alishan which was great, and he also gave me an excellent aged oolong, so I cant wait to see what he brings back.

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Upton is in the red zone for dangerous now that I receive their catalog (I really like looking through it…). At least I introduce a tea-loving friend to their African teas.

Hibiscus Flowers 125g
Traditional Masala Chai sample
Golden Kenya GFBOP/TGFOP (2) sample
Livingstonia Estate Tanzania GFOP sample
Kaimosi Estate GFBOP1 sample
88th Night Shincha sample
Formosa Oolong Choiciest sample
Shan Tuyet Snow Green sample

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Cavocorax said

So Dexter was kind enough to let me know that Adagio now has reasonable shipping to Canada. As in, starting at $7, instead of starting at $28. FINALLY.

So I grabbed 3 oz Loki, Thor and Kaylee! :D


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Myssy said

Yet another Mandala order:

Black Beauty (!)
Flowering Black Tea Cones
GABA Black
Dian Hong Black Tea of Fengqing

Black tea happiness :)

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Because reward points are fun, I ordered some black and oolong samples from Teavivre. They keep having things I want to try.

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Arshness said

I ordered from Adagio today.
I have been saving my reward points for a long time. I had $41 credit. :)
Here’s my order:
3 storage tins 4oz – sky x2
3 storage tins 8oz – sky x1
pu erh spice 3oz
vanilla oolong sample
almond oolong 2oz
gunpowder 4oz
decaf earl grey sample
amber sugar crystals sample
lapsang souchong sample
5% off coupon
foxtrot sample
pu erh chorange sample

Total: $66 – $41 credit – *$25 actual*. :)

Not bad at all, I’d say. :)

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Dexter said

There is a little (?) company that I don’t really know much about that the wonderful ifjuly introduced me to. What I do know is that I LOVE their spicy pear tea. So craving pear tea tonight I placed an order with Joy’s Teaspoon. I placed the order about 7:30PM (my time) and got the usual auto emails – order confirmation, paypal receipt of payment. What I didn’t expect was the email that I got an hour and 20 minutes later stating that order had SHIPPED. I understand that my package isn’t “in the mail”, but I’m sure it’s packaged and in the outgoing mail slot. That is incredibly quick!!! Like to pay compliments when they are due. Good Job!!!
I ordered:
Almond Cookie – Tea Packaging : 2.5 oz. Bag
Jack Frost – Tea Packaging : 2.0 oz. Bag
Spicy Pear – Tea Packaging : 4.0 oz. Bag
Enchanted Forest – Tea Packaging : 2.0 oz. Bag

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