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Hello everyone,
First of all, thank you very much to all reviewers for trying our new collection of flavored matcha tea and rating them.
The newest review from Azzrian gave me an idea for a new contest. She has posted a long 856 words review. I loved it so much that I would like to offer extra small size matcha, value $15.99 to those that can beat that record. Let’s put a time frame – end of September. What do you think?

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Azzrian said

Excellent Idea and I will refrain from being in the contest since I was graciously awarded a nice surprise already!
Wow end of September gives plenty of time for everyone to get in on this!

No exceptions! No one is exempt! LOL

Azzrian said

LOL okay arm twisted!

Question… does the review have to be published here? I do publish shorter notes here, my full-length reviews I publish at SororiTea Sisters … would that work?

CupofTree said

LiberTEAS – I wanted to message you but you’re not following me.
I’m not sure if you just get too many comments to see mine.. but I was still wondering about that cinnamon tea you posted about. :)

My notices has been all out of whack, I imagine I haven’t been getting many of my comments. However, this is not the right forum to address a different tea (don’t want to hijack the thread!) so, I will follow you and you can PM me.

CupofTree said

Yeah sorry about that, would delete it.. The contest is pretty cool. Must get into matcha.. :)

Yes it would. As long as it is a food related site.

Is this good for one review that breaks that word count or is it per review? Meaning…if someone were to review 10 matchas would they receive 10 matcha samples? Just double checking. :)

WtFGoD said

shouldn’t reviews be about quality vs length =)

/hater >.>

Azzrian said

Ahh let the man have some fun. The review I would think should be both quality and length. Quality of course is in the eye of the writer obviously but I would think that each and every review has something of value in it. I mean many of us, myself included post tons of short snipit “reviews” but for some its more of a tasting LOG rather than review. I don’t see anything to worry about with this. Unless someone just posts a ton of gobbly gook but he does REVIEW the reviews too! :)

This miiiight just convince me to finally allow myself to order a matcha. I’ve been swooning over everyone’s reviews of their delicious sounding Red Leaf Tea matchas, and I love a challenge!

Azzrian said


I’m in, MUHAHAHAHAHAA! Just need my matcha to arrive

Azzrian said

So what did you get? Flavors that is.

just caramel, didn’t have enough money for other flavors right now.

Azzrian said

Hey that is an excellent place to begin! :)

Babble said

So as long as you write a review that is more than 856 words, you get an extra 15.99? Or is this just for whoever writes the longest review?

Sil select said

I’m in as well once I get my matcha!

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