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I’m into the last of this first order, today. The good news is I’m going to the Path of Tea tonight, so I can pick up another bag.

Although, I’m tempted to pick up the black pearl or the black spiral and see if I find myself relishing them the way I relish this qu hao.

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I finally put my finger on what this tea reminds me of.

Lady Orchid (Lan Gui Ren).

That ginseng coating sweetness, and the floral hints with the roasted oolong beneath it.

This is far more subtle, of course, since it is the natural flavor of the tea itself, but that’s what it is like.

Considering lady orchid is something I more or less never drink, I feel rather chuffed that I was able to make that connection. It only took, what, four tastings? ;-)

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Old school, lazy Western style, today.

Enough leaf for 4 cups of water, three minute steep. I’ll probably only get two, maybe three steeps this way, but that’s still anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon from two tablespoons.

This tea is the precise opposite of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

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Another fine tea sent from Tokyo by Liz. We had a bit of an adventure getting details to log this one.

I’m always amazed at how different gyokuro is from other sencha. A bad metaphor I always think of is the difference (and similarity) of lard to bacon grease.

Perhaps more apt in this case is a plate of steamed spinach leaves versus a plate of steamed spinach leaves drenched in melted butter and salt.

The key word here of course is umami.

This tea produces a downright frothy, brothy cup. Bright, pale green, deeply vegetal and coating the mouth throughout. The texture lingers in the mouth long after one has swallowed.

I believe I will save the rest of this leaf for when I have guests to whom I can serve an informal senchadō.

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I love this flavor…you can almost chew the tea.



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Shortened the steep time and all that powerful bitterness is gone.

I quaffed the gaiwan in two great swallows after an initial tentative sip and the flavor is just rolling around my mouth, tingling and sliding from here to there.

I’m so grateful for what I have learned through Steepster that has allowed me to treat each tea so much more precisely to the needs it has and to look past flavor profile to all the other ways that a leaf proves its value.

Harmony is a good name for this tea.

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First fruits of a wife living overseas.

The dry leaf and wet leaf are exactly what you would expect from a respectable sencha offering. Deep, emerald green color, pungent, riotous undergrowth aromas.

The cup is soothly pale in color, but quickly fades to yellow tones.

The liqueur is intensely flavorful, attacking the palate. Thick, coating vegetal bitterness and fresh pea sweetness.

I may have steeped this 5 or 10 seconds too long, but the flavor is still very pleasant.

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Jim Marks

I can still taste and feel this in my mouth minutes after swallowing.


Do you think she could just pop in to Budapest and pick up some Genteel Lady for me?

Jim Marks

I’ll ask ;-)

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I continue to be impressed with this tea.

But I need to remember next time to do Western length steepings instead of gongfu.

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I have my tea tins in a line in the cabinet and the same variety is in the same spot in “the line up” all the time. This allows me to find tea when not yet awake. :-)

The problem is that if I make a substitution, it is easy to forget.

In the wake of my purchase of Golden Fleece I have been a bit tapped out on Yunnan golden. I need to forget before I can order another dian hong and enjoy it.

Meanwhile, this order of pre-chingming da hong pao is in the tea tin that usually has Yunnan gold in it, and I’ve been avoiding it because I forgot what was in it (the label is on top instead of on the front, which I now know to fix next time I fill it). So, this tea has languished.

I started an argument the last time I said this, but I’m going to say it again anyway. :-)

I really want to enjoy this tea with high quality dim sum. People forget, I think, that “dim sum” is the food, but when you invite people to eat that food, you don’t invite them to “dim sum” you invite them to yum cha — drink tea. The food is an excuse to linger over pots of tea without having to get fussy with gongfu.

There is something about these “in between” oolongs that makes me turn to food thinking that the pairings will help differentiate the various aspects of the tea. Pork fat to bring out the sweetness. Red bean bun to bring out the toasted notes. Shu mai bring out the brothy mouthfeel. Steamed bean curd skin wrapped around savory vegetables brings out the floral notes.

OK… now I have to make plans to yum cha…

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I am at the end of an emotionally taxing week and I needed an uncomplicated hug.

For me, that’s what shou is all about.

I love that it is good for me, I love that there is so much pedantry and history to learn about pu-erh, but at the end of it all, what I really love about shou is that it is strong, mellow, welcoming and quiet.

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I agree! All the talk…just give me the cup!


A Like, and a further (uncomplicated) hug to you if you need it!

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Was at Field of Greens yesterday and opted to eat next door at the Path of Tea. My companion was excited they had lapsang, and so we got a pot.

Every time I have some other lapsang, I get a craving for my black dragon. I’m on my third steep and every deep sip just envelopes me like a huge from an old friend.

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