Pure GuShu tea sessions from left to right:
Left (3rd session):
BingDao (冰岛) LaoZhai (老寨) which means Old village of BingDao. 
Bitterness just appears in a blink during every sip. 
Astringency is very minor. 
Salivation comes firstly than HuiGan and alongside momentum.
Chinese word 舌底鸣泉(she di ming quan) describes Salivation springs up like a spring hided under tongue. 
Now I can find a place to use it without hesitation. 
Then HuiGan(sweetness from aftertaste) and Salivation comes in turn. 
ChaQi is the strongest during the 3 kinds of tea tasted this afternoon. The most obvious body feeling is smoother and broader breath and clearer head than before.
Middle (1st session):
DiJie (地界), another sub-village of BingDao village. 
The taste is very different to LaoZhai.
Soft, sleek silk like or even oil like tea liquid with roundness in mouth. 
Both bitterness and astringency are not so obvious near very minor. 
The most easy to be remembered character is candy sugar like sweetness emerges on the front and wide surface of tongue and stays very long. 
Also felt throat was widened and soothing feeling.
Right (2nd session)
BangDong (邦东), a place near XiGui(昔归), with around same altitude and along the river, so it gets another name BangDong JiangBian(邦东 江边). 
Very strong aroma emerges from dry tea leaves. Like FengHuang DanCong of YuLanXiang flavor. I still don’t know the reason and assume there maybe some similarities on minerals from soil or others? But also mixed with classical puerh tea flavor especially appears in LinCang area. 
The most impact or irritation to mouth during the 3 kinds of tea. 
Ever bitterness or astringency is strong but very different from tea of MengHai tea region. 
Also another character of Rock flavor called YanYun(岩韵) in Mandarin. This word is usually used to describe the unique flavor of WuYi YanCha directly translated as Rock Tea or Cliff Te a because this rock flavor. Take a look on the photos taken from BangDong JiangBing, very less grass and other brushes plants compared to luxuriant brushes in MengHai tea region in spring. Many places are naked soil and large or small rocks only. Is it the reason? Or other reasons, I still have no idea before having confidential evidences.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 8 tsp 150 OZ / 4436 ML

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A tea seller from China.
A FQA of our price and authenticity. (Others are on my site https://www.kingteamall.com/fqa/)
Q: Why your prices are lower than many others especially on factory tea like DaYi, XiaGuan and etc?  You are selling fake tea or unknown resource tea?

A: Mainly we set our product price according to price from our suppliers including dealers of each factory and sub-dealers who can supply us tea on wholesale price not on retail price.

e.g. DaYi tea’s price is open and frequently updated on site of DongHeTea(东和茶业).  Most these prices are just wholesale price of carton(件jian).  2018 year 1801-7542’s retail price set as RMB 198/pcs by DaYi. The wholesale price on DongHeTea is RMB5700/ carton. It means  wholesale price will be around RMB135.7/pcs.  If we can get this tea on cost of RMB150, then our gross merit will be RMB48. But if we can get this tea from our wholesaler on RMB160/pcs, and we still resell that on our site as RMB198, then we can get gross merit of RMB38.

We call it gross merit because there are others costs including paypal commission of near 5% and packaging materials cost etc.

Also we are supplying “Point and Reward”, so our customer can get nearly 10% discount on every order. So what we can get on every tea is nearly 85% of the price.

But we insist that reasonable service should be supported by reasonable merit. So we are trying our best to keep our price on a good level both to customer and ourselves then we can keep our business going forward and live a life of our family. 

*sub-dealers are main wholesale tea traders in market. They can’t get tea directly from factory but also they have freedom to purchase which tea from dealers of each factory. Some of them just purchase and resell tea on carton(件jian) and don’t supply tea general consumers. But some others don’t just purchase and resell tea on carton but also resell tea to general consumer or other retailers like us.

Looking forward to communicate with you here or other places as below:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/john.kingtea
Twitter: https://twitter.com/john_kingtea
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/john_kingtea/
VK: https://vk.com/kingteamall


Guangzhou city, China



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