Being my first shu, I can’t really rate this by any measure, other than my general impressions. I have to admit, to me, this actually tastes simular to a dark roasted oolong, or black tea, except that it has an earthy, sedimenty… something. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it when I first smelled it. But thankfully, it doesn’t taste like it smells. I can deffinately see why it’s an aquired taste. Although, I do find it enjoyable. I can totally see why people like shu. Again, I can’t vouch for this one in particular, being my first. However, I can say that I like it. I chose it as my first, mainly because it was sent as a sample in a plastic baggy and exposed to the light. So, I worried about its shelf life. Also, I figured it would be the least popular out of all the shu samples I received, and I didn’t want to spoil myself, and give it a prejudiced rating. I never read anyone else’s ratings, or reviews, and so I can’t compare it to what other people’ve said. I thought I’d go the unbiased route with all of my samples from Verdant. As good as this one is, I’m looking forward to trying the others. If they’re any better, then I’m certain I’ll enjoy them, too.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec

I’ve been getting into shu, and it’s a pretty marvelous world…have fun!

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I’ve been getting into shu, and it’s a pretty marvelous world…have fun!

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I’m relatively new to loose teas; started about 9 months ago. Already, it’s becoming an obsession.

My favorite is Japanese tamaryokucha sencha & kabusencha, from Mellow Monk. I really enjoyed a recent pu-erh, from Verdant Tea. Their oolong is quite delicious, too. So far, Verdant’s teas are the only ones which even approach the flavor complexity, intensity, refinement, and versatility of Mellow Monk’s. Both, have excellent customer service.

I love using my kyusu, because it’s quick and easy. However, lately, I’ve began experimenting with gongfu-style preparation, using a gaiwan. I’m making some progress, but I still have a lot to learn. I’m always open to suggestions, or advice. So, feel free, and don’t be a stranger.

I’ve tested this method with my favorite Mellow Monk teas, and was simply blown away. The more teas I try, the more I keep coming back to the Monk. Also, the more things I compare it to, the more I find to enjoy in it. It took me a short while to acquire a taste for it, but now that I have, there’s simply nothing to compare it to.

Lately, I’m falling more in love with a bold, and intense grassy note, and have been adjusting my steep times & temps accordingly. This is another one of the many benefits of, and testament to, the versatility of Mellow Monk’s fine teas.

I’ve been receiving some interesting suggestions from other reviewers, and I’m looking forward to trying these other teas.

So far, everyone on Steepster has been very kind, and welcoming, and I look forward to participating in the community.


Tulsa, OK

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