226 Tasting Notes

drank Dragonwell by Wegmans
226 tasting notes

Just a generic green tea: a generic pleasant smell, the taste of umami and grass. Will not buy again.

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Inoffensive, good for blending or some mindless drinking but does not stand out in any way. So far it was my impression of all Nilgiri teas I had tried.

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drank Houjicha by Wegmans
226 tasting notes

This tea is probably produced by roasting kukicha: quite a few of stems and stalks are plainly visible. Nevertheless, it is a pleasant unassuming tea. The aroma has the notes of spices, vanilla and baked bread. The taste is less complex but comforting: sweetness and roastiness on top of a customary kukicha/bancha taste.

It is perfect for a before-the-bed cup of tea, with a low caffeine content coming as an added bonus.

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The good news is that it is a better balanced tea than many souchongs: the smokiness is not excessive and does not overpower the taste of the tea itself, which clearly comes through. The bad news is that that tea is not of a good quality and the taste is quite blah. Will not buy again.

Update: actually I changed my opinion after the second session. I guess I was conditioned by super-smokey souchongs to expect the bomb of a taste.Here you can actually taste the tea itself and the tea is not bad: large leaves, pleasant taste. The tea also has a nice lingering aftertaste. So, as a result I am increasing the rating from 63 to 78.

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The best “non-tea” tea I ever tried. The taste is much richer and less medicinal than any pure rooibos I tried. It is also tastes much more natural and less contrived than any rooibos-based mix. I will certainly buy it again. Highly recommended.

P.S. Don’t forget to steep it for a while – no less than 5 minutes.

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A solid but unremarkable daily drinker. The aroma is pleasant but not very strong. The taste is not particularly long lasting and rather uncomplicated: dry autumn leaves, some sweetness. It is OK for a daily drinker or with milk/sugar and is very affordable but there are way better teas at Upton if you are ready to pay just a little bit more.

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I like to drink teas to recreate a specific mood, or just to take a break at work. The world of tea is so endless, patiently waiting for exploration and rewarding you in many ways big and small.

I am looking forward to years of playing with tea leaves, gaiwans, cups, and YouTube videos.

My ratings:

90 or more – a very good/excellent tea, I can see myself ordering it again.

80-89 – it is a good tea, I enjoyed it but not enough to reorder.

70-79 – an OK, drinkable tea but there are certainly much better options even in the same class/type.

60-69 – this tea has such major flaws that you have to force yourself to finish what you ordered.

<60 – truly horrible teas that must be avoided at all costs.



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