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Day 15 tea from Numi’s Christmas-Countdown calendar

This tea does not move me. Weak and bland. No thank you.

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Day 13 tea from Numi’s Christmas-Countdown calendar

You know, it’s not so bad. I can see this becoming an acquired taste for me. I haven’t been too fond of rooibos blends in the past – but I’m just picky about blends. Solo rooibos might have to join my cupboard for an extended test run. As for this specific version, the flavor is strong, though I don’t know that I can credit Numi so much as the bold character of rooibos.

Flavors: Cedar, Earth, Wood

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Day 9 tea from Numi’s Christmas-Countdown calendar.

The white tea base tempers the floral top note nicely. Mild, but not in a bad way. It’s a little weird to drink what smells like a posh hand cream, but could be an acquired taste.

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Day 6 tea from Numi’s Christmas-Countdown Calendar.

Am I the only one who gets smoky notes from this? I’m not getting the raisin and malt as as other reviewers have. It’s a good tea. I’d drink it again, but with so many other preferred blacks, I probably won’t seek this one out.

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Day 5 tea from Numi’s Christmas-Countdown calendar.

I can’t recall if I’ve had honeybush before. I’ve probably had it in a blend, but not straight up like this. Maybe I have. My early tea-tasting days are a blur now. At any rate, I like it better than Rooibus. But then watch me try the Rooibus coming up in the calendar and suddenly like that too. The first few days of this Numi calendar have shown me that my palate might be changing. Or maybe I never gave the teas I thought I didn’t like enough chances by exploring different brands and sources.

Though I might acquire some Honeybush for my cupboard after this cup, I probably won’t be buying the bagged Numi version. As with the Numi Gunpowder Green that I tried yesterday, I found the flavor too mild. Perhaps two teabags could solve this, but I’d rather just get it loose.

Flavors: Honey, Oats

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Day 4 tea from Numi’s Christmas-Countdown calendar.

Underwhelming, but not unpleasant. I’m not keen on Gunpowder greens, but I can drink them. I wonder, though, if a stronger flavor wouldn’t have made this less tolerable to me.

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What a heartwarming and earthy sip! I don’t recall having tried a turmeric tea before, but I’m loving this one. I’m not big on rooibos, but all I taste here is earth and spice. This is a winter tea, a root chakra tea, a recharging-after-a-long-day-out tea.

Flavors: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Spices, Turmeric

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Pretty standard-issue immune-support tea – an herbaceous sip followed up by a sweet aftertaste. I didn’t detect the ginger, which is a good thing for me, since I don’t like the flavor of ginger. I can’t say that I’d reach for this tea over any other comparable immune tea, but I’d drink it again if it was the one in the cupboard when I needed an immune boost.

Flavors: Herbaceous, Licorice, Sweet

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I haven’t had an earl grey in years, decades even. I didn’t like the first cup I ever tried and never gave it a second chance. I have vague memories of trying a tea with bergamot since then and only confirming my dislike of bergamot. But my mother purchased me Numi’s Christmas-Countdown tea calendar, and I told her and my father (who is especially fond of Earl Grey) that I’d go in with a beginner’s palate. And what do you know? I don’t hate it. Is Numi’s version so good and the others so bad? Or has my palate evolved? Or is it the magic of the holiday season making things taste better? xD

The first couple of sips come on powerful, like I’m ingesting an essential oil full strength. This is part of what turned me off from bergamot in the past. But it didn’t turn me off this time. As I continued to sip, the flavor mellowed out as my taste adjusted to the experience.

All in all, a worthy tea to kick off the month of December

Flavors: Bergamot, Honey


It will be interesting to see if you like other Earl Grey now! I do not like Earl Grey on a high grown Ceylon base. The natural lemon notes plus the bergamot are too sour for me. But I love bergamot with Keemun or low grown Ceylon. The base might make a lot of difference for you, too.


Yes, I shall have to see if I like others too!


I think Numi’s teabags are quite good, usually, though I don’t think I have ever tried an Earl from Numi.

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Name: Shelley Lorraine Limegrover
Location: Livingston, MT

Hobbies: Learning, reading books, math, physics (have a degree in it), literature (have a degree in it too), anthropology, traveling, piano, and drinking TEA, of course (^o^)

Favorite teas: Kukicha, Green teas in general, aged oolongs, charcoal roasted oolong, taiwanese oolongs, Assam . . .

Don’t like: Genmaicha, Earl Grey, Darjeelings, ginger, coconut, smokey teas (even mild ones), nut flavors, overwhelmingly strong floral flavor (esp. Jasmine), most della derra and adagio teas. . .

My Rating System

100 My happiness absolutely depends on it

95 Will definitely repurchase

85: Might repurchase (teas that depend on my mood)

75 Won’t repurchase (but I would drink it again if offered).

65: meh

45: I reluctantly finished a cup.

15: Couldn’t finish a cup.

I simplified my ratings to single numbers rather than ranges because I can’t precisely compare so many teas with a system more detailed than this.

An unrated tea is most often one that I recognize as having significant notable quality, but that does not suit me personally. Sometimes, I leave teas unrated for other reasons, such as I am undecided or I brewed it wrong, etc.

Note: Boiling temp. barely reaches 200 where I am (and a few times it sticks at 195, I assume due to unexplainable shifts in altitude or the position of the moon. . .aliens?. . .).





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